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  1. Can only comment on the spells: They don't use any kind of 'mana'. Some spells can be used a certain times 'per encounter', or 'per rest', and I believe there was a 3rd kind? 'Per day' perhaps? Though Ciphers (I believe) use some kind of soul energy which they first must gather before using spells.
  2. Ok I'm reporting back that when the game is set to english, leveling up works.
  3. Is there a way to change to the english version on steam?
  4. I played with the german version. First try I used a chanter, second try a fighter.
  5. Same problem here. I attached the log file. output_log.txt
  6. I can't play the game because I get crashes in 3 places: When trying to start a new game, before entering the character creation, but after the initial loading screen with the image, I see the movement cursor, then the hand and then the game crashes with an 'Oops' message. Sometimes this doesn't happen and I can enter character creation. Then the game freezes and then crashes with an Oops message again after I press a seemingly random key. For example changing from fighter to wizard can possibly crash the game or clicking on 'next'. It seems it can be any of the keys. In Build 333 I once managed to get into the game. I still have a savegame from the start location from then. Then and now, Often when entering a building or coming out of a building, the game crashes with an Oops message. I added three error reports, first one is from when I left a building, and 2nd and 3rd one are from trying to start a new game. I tried about 9 times now, but I can't get into character creation anymore, so this one's missing. I added Dxdiag, as well. I have Vista 32-bit, that shouldn't be a problem, right? error reports and dxdiag.zip
  7. Will magical weapons work the same way as in the Infity Engine games? (+1, +2 etc. and some unique function)
  8. Will there be a big difference in fighting strength between beginning level characters and leveled characters near the end of the game? Will the combat be very tactical from beginning levels on?
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