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  1. Furthermore, if you continue to save/load, you can repeat the process and sometimes even remove the suppression on the bonuses. I think that Obsidian should seriously review their save/load processes and perhaps even move away from Unity's preprogrammed approach (if that's the thing they're using). I believe there are many many bugs that are based from this persistence issue and they will continue to occur until a fresh, clean approach is used (if possible).
  2. Further information: This is actually more of a persistence bug. That's right folks: save/load issues continue to abound. The step to recreate are thus: 1- Cast any sort of buff or bonus on your party. Beer works sometimes but it's easier to reproduce this with priest type spells. For example, Holy Meditation. Once cast, you will get a countdown timer next to the bonus. 2- Save your game at this point. 3- Now reload the same game. IT doesn't matter if you reload from save game or exit and reload. 4- When you reload, you will notice that the countdown timer is now no longer working. Furthermore, some of the bonuses might be suppressed, completely disappeared (this happens when drinking beer for example), but quite often the main character continues to have his/her bonus without a countdown timer. What should happen: All state information should be saved so that on save/load the bonuses remain, but their countdown timers should also remain and should continue to countdown. Furthermore, the state suppressions should be reconsidered as they are sometimes suppressing bonuses for no good reason.
  3. There are a bunch of Skaen temple guards and the one of the nest egg robbers (the guy with the antelope horn) also have this VFX...
  4. this isn't diablo or torchlight or path of exile. the animations are meant to be useful first and foremost and to give a small graphical boost. over the top is not part of the IE experience nor is it old-school in design. if you want over the top you might want to try those other games I mentioned.
  5. Description: When consuming beer, the item description says that the base amount of time that the beer should be usable is 300s. However, after consuming beer, the bonus (1+ DR) does not expire nor is there a countdown timer on the bonus icon to the left of my character. To reprod: 1- Drink beer. 2- Wait the time stated (300-450 seconds). 3- Hover over beer icon and note that there is no count-down to expiration. What should happen: Beer's DR bonus should end at countdown, after traveling, or after resting.
  6. One of the things that I think would really help with this whole mess is that there aren't any status effects that are easy to identify shown on enemy units. With my own units, at the very least I can look down at their portrait and get an idea of what buffs and debuffs they have. However, a lot of the animations (hobbled, blinded, etc) are fairly obscure and difficult to understand. I would much rather have a stack of icons atop the unit heads to quickly identify what status effect it is instead of trying to decipher some of these animations. A small blinded icon (eye with cross through it) or a hobbled icon (legs with cross through it) would go much further than some of these new-fangled animations. Yes, they look nice, but they are too glaring and instead of being used to provide information first and then to make things look "cool" second, looking "cool" first seems to take importance and to hell with good visibility.
  7. Description: Guildmaster staff causes character to continue to get multiple instances of "minor endurance restore" spell. Unsure how these instances are reproduced but it has slowly been increasing. To reproduce: 1- Give guildmaster staff to priest. 2- As you rest or change items, do not unequip the guildmaster staff. Over time the instances of MER spell will increase. image of game below. savegame can be uploaded upon request.
  8. I think the confusing part was having both the static (DT) and % (DR) based damage reduction at the same time. They decided to stick to static and renamed it DR because people who play PoE don't understand what DT means. Josh explained that DT came easily to the team because it is the name they used in Fallout New Vegas, but it would appear that people who play PoE didn't play FNV... I didn't know playing FNV was a prerequisite to playing this game. I personally don't mind that armor is less complex. I want to be able to make changes based on information and complex calculations, while doable, are not fun and make decision making tough to do because you have to be able to filter the right sorts of information. they should aim for simplicity without triviality. Intuitive designs are always the best.
  9. What exactly are you expecting? They're working on the beta - the beta updates already serve as updates. Nothing else new can really be provided with an update to the kickstarter at this point because they're basically working on setting mechanics into stone, tweaking things here and there, and making sure things work correctly. what do you want? a developer bio update? Artwork (most of it is already in the beta)? Music - you can hear a bit of it there. Most other things not covered in the beta update would be spoilers. They could start giving more complete change logs as updates I ugess, but I'd hope they start doing that when they're closer to release. I'd rather they not waste too much time with backer updates if they don't have anything substantial to offer. At this point giving us more beta updates would be preferred. Dev commentary has died a little, but if we just get more beta updates then we'd know whether they're listening to feedback or not. The most recent beta update shows that they've been taking UI more seriously and they've made some very good changes. I really like the way the UI is heading.
  10. Sure, add me on steam. However I'm not sure I want to do solid UI until I see what Obsidians come up with. And I'm not sure the IE type solid UI would look well, considering that we're now in the wide screen era and the log would be too wide, and action bars in poe are different from how they were in IE games. A few things would have to change. Sounds good brother. Let's hold off then. In the meantime, let me know if you need any artwork stuff done with your mods (which are AMAZING BTW) and I'll be more than glad to help. I'll add you on steam when I get on. I sort of wish they'd finalize the UI stuff now so that I can start reworking it LOL :D I know they've got a ton of stuff to do but I'm the same way - I don't really want to start messing with UI and draggable stuff until afterwards. I too hate the Right-handed Combat log so I'm itching to get my hands on this.
  11. I am also surprised by the conclusion that the old DR (now removed) was a more complex notion than the new DR (old DT) system. To me it just seems that saying if you're wearing light armor all damage is reduced by 10%, medium 15%, etc would be easier to understand than saying that a fixed amount would be reduced. This is especially true when all other systems continue to use a percentage based adjustment. I, too, think the above proposed modifications might be worthwhile to look at - they seem like interesting changes. I especially like the might attribute rebalancing. I think as it stands, while might is no longer the most obvious choice, it truly does seem a bit OP compared to other attributes.
  12. Hey Bester. I can do solid UI artwork. Others have seen my work here before, but we can chat up a design and maybe get this in? I'm thinking we can just copy the ie type solid UI. Let's chat.
  13. I don't think they've completely fixed all the DR/DT changes. For example, a fine large shield doesn't give you more DT than a regular one. I'm not sure how precise their attack resolution is at this point. If I understand correctly, Sawyer is still working on that bit.
  14. Yeah.... I found an item in the spider caves that is called Missing Item -1. The picture says bug me. This a bug? OH! I figured out what it was. Description: The Beer becomes Missing Item -1. Unsure how to reproduce.
  15. you're right - I'm mistaken, it's not per day. it's per encounter. in that case, it's weird. it was already weird. but I'm wrong.
  16. Description: On the second floor of the Dracogen Inn, the portrait to the right wall (The White March) will only display for a fraction of a second before disappearing. To reproduce: 1- Enter dracogen inn. Go to second floor. 2- Click on magnifying glass on right wall across from the rooms. The description only appears briefly before disappearing. You cannot click on the description again for some time.
  17. Description: When playing the game in double speed mode (or fast mode) the character barks will end prematurely, sounding very obviously cut off. This then persists into normal game speed and will only correct when playing in slow speed mode. To recreate: 1- Start game 2- Click on fast speed mode (double-speed mode. 3- Click on characters to hear barks. Some barks (if short enough) will not be affected. Other barks that are longer will now cut-off prematurely. 4- Click on normal speed mode. The error persists. 5- Click on slow speed mode. The barks are now correctly playing the entire sound.
  18. The reason for how it currently plays is that you get a set amount of times you can spiritshift during a day (it's a per-day ability not a per-encounter). Similarly, you will only be spiritshifted during combat (which is very gimmicky, IMO). If you click the spirit-shift only when you're in battle, and unclick when you're out of battle, you're limiting the number of times you can be spirit-shifted per day because each combat will reduce your number of times by one. However, if you spiritshift during one combat and just leave it, during the next combat instance you automatically reshift to the beast. The easiest way to fix this is to keep the druid spiritshifted even outside of combat, make spirit-shifting cost 0 time (with no recovery time either), grey out the melee weapon sets and whatever else you don't want the player to have access to during spiritform. Spiritforms already have higher recovery times, are severely limited in melee combat, and cast spells slower, what else do they need? Why change the formula from what IE had?
  19. Another item category that needs clarification is potions vs foods vs drugs. I'm never really quite clear on which items I can use within battle and which one I cannot. A short descriptor right above value would be helpful. Grain ------------ Food Value: 0 cp Speed: Instant Effects: blah blah balh
  20. Couldn't find a thread for this: I lke how the crafting ui is working currently. I would just like to change one aspect of it: When you are scrolling through the list, everytime you expand a list, the list goes back to the top. Firstly, it would be better if the categories were similar to the talent lists in that there are a few categories at the top: Food | Potions | Scrolls | Other? And then each category would have levels underneath. OR Food | P1 | P2 | P3 | S1 | S2 | S3, etc where P and S are potions and scrolls respectively. and then to have each item underneath those categories. Furthermore, the right-hand side of the crafting screen could also use a little work. Most of the information on that screen should easily fit on the side without the need to scroll. It seems that the font percentages do not effect the font sizes in the crafting screen and so the item stats are different font sizes than the item description and the requirements. Three different sizes. Completely unnecessary.
  21. A few changes to this version that I don't think have been mentioned: splitting items can now be done with double-clicking as well as left-click/right-click. Great news!
  22. A talent that would allow "improvements" to the spiritshift abilities would be good. For example, a "fine weapon" talent that makes the accuracy of melee attacks improved as well as a higher level talent that would further increase the accuracy. I think making druid talents that allow a subspecialization of "sprit-forms only" would be very nice. Wildstrike, improve accuracy, and other melee type things. I'm currently playing with a druid so more information to follow.
  23. Played some more today - both pathfinding and AI are incredibly frustrating even for my party. Party members run up to cast spells even though they can cast from where they are - becoming engaged unnecessarily. They will run around enemies to "engage from the front" instead of just pivoting from their current position (incurring extremely unfair and cheap disengagement attacks). Furthermore, my priest loves throwing down a HALT spell and then running up to the enemy. When a priest throws down a spell, they should NOT auto-attack. Neither should any party-member until asked to do so. But this should be particularly true of members who are usually back-line (priest, wizards, druids, etc). All of this becomes incredibly important when you have enemies like stone beetles which can burrow and bypass the front-line. It's very difficult to get out of a flanked position when I cannot move (disengagement attacks hurt very much) and then I ask my fighter to help and instead of pivoting he goes around. Combat is also pretty much unplayable on "expert mode" because there is no GUI that tells me whether my party members are currently performing an action or not. The heads-up display only works for non-expert mode. Combat was an incredibly frustrating experience...
  24. It shouldn't be the players' responsibility to make the game work as intended. These should be considered bugs. Good finds Sensuki; I haven't really liked the whole "combat-state" as it is currently implemented in the game as I think it severely limits the players' ability to freely act in the game. I can't think of why it was required (other than to limit pre-buffing and to measure how many abilities you can have per-encounter. I sort of liked the old approach of contingency and sequencers and immediate pre-buffing to solve the first problem. For the per-encounter bit, I wouldn't have minded cooldowns or even a reset of the abilities after combat ended (at the end of every combat, per-encounters would reload). I would also make the combat state automatically end similar to how it ended in IE - it seemed that if the enemy couldn't find you/ attack you after a set amount of time, combat state would end. In this game, the combat state only ends after you kill everything that is hostile to you.
  25. New year, new resolutions to break.

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