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  1. Have you tried hitting "esc" after starting the game? I am always skipping the intro. It just takes a few seconds to skip.
  2. bears are allowd to crit you from 5-100. They graze from 1-4.
  3. that's weird....i put in a bug report as of v257. and apparently as of v333 it should have been fixed. i'll update the bug report to let them know it's not working.
  4. [Description:] When completing the Quest "Cat and Mouse", if you kill Nyfre and tell Medreth about it, he'll give you something, and then walk off. However, if you leave the area and return, Medreth is again back at his post as if nothing has happened. You can select the dialogue options to complete the quest again (without the loot and xp rewards) and Medreth will walk off again. [steps to reproduce:] 1- Start quest as Vailian rogue. 2- Get quest from Medreth 3- Talk to Myfre and kill her party. 4- Return to Medreth and tell him that Nyfre was found and tha you killed her. Medreth and his crew will now walk away. 5- Go to another map or enter the dracogen inn. 6- Exit the inn. Return to where Medreth was. 7- You will find that Medreth is there again. You can initiate dialogue. 8- Tell him you found Nyfre again. Tell him you killed her. 9- Medreth will again walk away. 10 - Repeat 5-9 again. [What should happen:] Medreth should leave and not return. (He should take his stinky boar with him too!)
  5. Bump for this bug as it is still not working as intended. Description: Clicking between different weapon sets does not update the values on the left-hand box. Often it is required to pick up the weapon and replce it for it to update. Steps to reproduce: 1- Go to inventory screen. 2- Click on BB Priest. 3- Make sure weapon set 1 is selected. Note accuracy is 27 and deflection is 53. 4- Select weapon set 2 (hammer with shield). Note accuracy stays 27 and 53. 5- Click on hammer and replace back in slot. Note accuracy now changes to 17 and deflection changes to 78. What should happen: Clicking on each weapon set should automatically update the values for the left-hand sided boxes.
  6. Hi NCarver, I know this bug was posted and has been marked as fixed since v333, but I am still having trouble splitting potions. Did this bug reappear in v364 or is it working as intended?
  7. [Description:] As Gairnulf had mentioned in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69558-364-ui-for-comparing-items-in-shops-could-use-some-feedback-improvements/ , the shopkeeper UI still needs some work with regards to showing who the selected character is. Additionally, the mouse-over comparison UI that is used in the inventory UI would also be very helpful when purchasing items that are equippable so that a quick comparison can be done between the item currently equipped in that slot and the item that the player will purchase. This would follow the same UI as found in the inventory UI. Furthermore, some additional changes have been mentioned in this link with regards to how the UI information is presented: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69556-in-answer-to-a-high-priority-feedback-question/ [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Open the shop interface with the armourer 2) Left-click the portrait of one of your characters 3) Examine some of the armours he is selling via mouse-over. You will get only a single box that gives you that information at a glance. 4) For comparison you have to right click the item then click the "Compare" button. 5) Notice which armour the examined armour was compared to. It was the one belonging to the character you clicked. 6) purchase an armor. Go to the inventory interface 7) Select the same character and mouse-over the armor that you just purchased. You will notice that the mouse-over at a glance information now shows both the equipped armor and the item that you have just selected. [Expected behaviour] The same UI of comparing two items that is present in the inventory UI should be present in the shopkeeper UI. [Other remarks / Comments] The whole presentation of the two items can still do with some additional iterations to make the information understandable. For the first 5 minutes I kept thinking that the items were showing the wrong descriptions when I was mousing over in the inventory screen because it shows the equipped item on the left box. It might be better to show the equipped item on the right box as players automatically look at the first box visible (the one of the left).
  8. Oops: it should be: Plate Armor Heavy Armor DT: 12; +6 Slash/-6 Shock DR: 28%; +14% Slash/-14% Shock Recovery Speed: -50% I would also like to advocate for presenting the comparison information the way I have presented it (with bonuses and maluses for the different types and color changes) for the item descriptions as well. I believe it is easier to quickly identify changes in DT and DR when presented this way as it quickly identifies which specific conditions (slash and shock) change the armor values and by how much (+ or -). Furthermore, the color changes allow plyers to quickly identify the information that they are looking for.
  9. I mentioned this to be a bug way back when and the bug list says that they fixed this in v333. Can someone show me how to split my stacks of vegetables or fruits? Obsidian, please make this easier than it currently is. I've tried double-clicking, right clicking, shift clicking....but nothing works. Is there some weird way to do this?
  10. Bumping this bug as it still stands. Selecting any friendly spell and using it on the party or individual target is being counted as a hit. This should not be the case for non-damaging spells. Or should it?
  11. The same thing now happens when listening to the Voice-Over of lord harond. His voice over will decrease in volume on every other line of dialogue.
  12. Bump this with new information: This issue still exists in 364. However, when I first downloaded the update, the game had set my buttons as I wanted them. The game worked fine with those settings. I unfortunately could not save a screenshot.
  13. [Description:] When playing around in inventory and right lcicking on scroll of protection and then going back to the game screen, the descriptions of the scroll will not close out and the description continues to block the game screen. You can move the description box around, but you cannot close it. Furthermore, the scroll description seems to be incorrect. To replicate: Find scroll of protection Place in inventory screen. Give scroll to BB wizard. Place in quick slot. Exit out from inventory. You should see a description box that will not close. What should happen: The description should close.
  14. Furthermore, I really like what you guys did with the inventory and how you can compare what you have equipped with the item that you're looking at, at a glance. However, it would be nice to have any additional bonuses also mentioned in that "at a glance" box. Bonuses to DT, stats, attributes, skills can be written at the bottom of every box. For example, (the colors would be toggleable with colorblind mode where light blue would become green) Night-Runner (Equipped) Medium Armor DT: 8+2 (Fine); +4 Slash/-4 Corrode DR: 15%; +8% Slash/-7% Corrode Recovery Speed: -30% +2 Stealth, +1 Resolve Plate Armor Heavy Armor DT: 12; +6 Slash/-6 Shock DR: 28%; +14% Slash/-14% Corrode Recovery Speed: -50%
  15. I concur. I think there are quite a few places where there is too much redundant information (combat log) given and other places where not enough information is given (inventory screens, grimoire, etc).
  16. Is it not possible to make certain things out of 3d objects (like doors) and to put the area transition on top of that 3d object and tell unity to transition when all party members are close enough to that 3d object?
  17. I will also speak to the other aspects of this newest of the betas. Outside of combat and a few issues that will undoubtedly be ironed out in the near or far future, this has been the first beta that I've enjoyed playing. I have had no crashes, no memory slow downs, and some aspects of the game are starting to finally come together. Outside of combat which still needs lots of tending, things are looking good.
  18. TO asnwer the question about engagement mechanics: I will speak for myself here: Shevek is wrong. Engagement was something I was looking forward to when it was first described. IT seemed like a good mechanic and one that would solve a lot of problems with the mediocrity when it came to melee combat in the IE games. However, it is poorly implemented and does not solve the problems it was intended to solve in the first place, namely making melee characters have area control and solving the problem of kiting. As such, and after 4 months of beta testing with the mechanic and continuous problems with the mechanic throughout this time - these problems include lack of feedback, improper application of the mechanic, and ultimately not actually addressing the problems (kiting/melee area control) there were inteded to solve - I believe that the developers have spent an inordinate amount of time to implement a mechanic which is too complex and finnicky. At this juncture, it is prudent for them to look to other solutions - simpler ones that might not be "cool" but solve the problems they were trying to solve in the first place. I will write out a longer and more detailed discussion in the near future. Sensuki is also writing his own piece. It is my hope that more players become aware of the real issue at hand with engagement, its implications, and join me in asking Obsidian to look to other solutions.
  19. [Description:] When entering Berath's temple, north of where you start, there are several (3?) piles of skulls which you can interact with. The top and middle piles are easily interactable as long as you are within range of the magnifying glass icon. The bottom pile, however, requires that you be located precisely below the pile and close enough (small crevice in the map) before it interacts with the pile. [steps to reproduce:] 1- Create party and enter game 2- Enter Berath's temple. 3- Interact with leftmost skull pile. Notice that your character can be in several locations and the skull pile message will show up. 4- Place your character to the left of the bottom/right-most skull pile. Interacting with the magnifying glass icon will produce no message. 5- Move your character to below the pile of skulls and interact again. It now works. [What should happen]: You should be able to interact with the skull piles without having to be precisely located below them (as long as magnifying glass icon is clickable). Image attached to show where you do not get the message (even with the icon clickable) with a red X and where you do get a message with a green checkmark.
  20. [Description]: In Berath's temple north of where you start, Harbinger Beodmar can be found there if you visit the temple when the game begins. [How to recreate]: 1- Start a game with any character 2 - Immediately go north to visit temple. 3- You will see two monks/priests in the temple, one of which is Harbinger Beodmar. He does not speak however. Celby states that he will return shortly (though he's right there!) [What should happen]: Harbinger Beodmar should not be spawning at all.
  21. You obviously haven't tried to break the engagement mechanic to see what a joke it really is. A few lines of AI and some UI? You think it's that simple to fix a broken and unwieldy system? Stop being unrealistic. This mechanic will be the reason PoE's combat will suck.
  22. Also, don't make it seem like this game is coming out tomorrow. There are literally months left in development. I believe that they are wasting their energy and resources on patching a mechanic that is truly bad. If they are willing to look at other solutions or even no solution, that is money saved and spent towards more productive ventures, like fixing the visual disaster that Justinian complains about. By spending time implementing AI, UI feedback, and testing this broken system, they are wasting time and money.
  23. With enough people clamoring for a real look into a clearly broken system, josh will have to take a second look and a closer look. People crapped their pants about wizards, etc and josh took time out to read their thoughts. If you are not happy with the implementation, you need to voice your concern. Otherwise you are part of the problem.
  24. Gutting engagement is as easy as commenting out a few lines of code and implementing changes with that in mind. It's not so hard. Don't you worry little man.
  25. Go away, yes-man. If you like this implementation, you aren't in the right thread. This is about problems with engagement. It's not my problem that your play style is not creative enough to expose a clearly broken system. Go away.
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