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  1. and the last... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvI9mGPujaY&feature=fvwrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW1TmSlVkT8
  2. And some more... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUoUWNR2msU&feature=fvwrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wMKJmQqC-M&feature=fvwrel
  3. Oh, and for some displays of "unrealistic", real life martial arts feats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTTSXx1ks0I&feature=related So, for those that don't plan on watching the entire segments, here's a summary: A shaolin monk uses qi/ki/chi to bend an iron sheet by pounding it against his skull. He also has someone break a 100lb slab of concrete on his back with a sledgehammer while he is balanced on 3 spearheads, one of which is on his throat. He then proceeds to apply a power drill to this stomach, throat, and skull, with the end result of a bit of an abrasion on each area. A "ninja" "fights" on saucers balanced on beams. The scientists say, "he has more balance than a cat". The other martial artists couldn't even stay on those same saucers when they tried, of if they could, not for very long. A taekwondo world champ shows that he can punch faster than most people can even SEE. Karate breaking champions break bricks with their 2 hands and forehead AT THE SAME TIME. They produce more force doing this than they did when using a sledgehammer. One of them literally runs into a brick "wall", breaking every brick in it. He produced 4,000 foot pounds of force doing it, which was 3-4 times that of swinging a sledgehammer from over the shoulder. So, these were things done in real life. Now, let's add in the component of "magical" karate or ninjutsu, or whatever. Obviously, even more impressive. Sorry to say it, but those were all "Asian" martial arts. I don't know why that matters. Martial arts could have begun anywhere, but they happened to have the right confluence of factors in Asia. Doesn't mean they can't be in __ (whatever this world is called) because it is beyond someone else's imagination. I would love to be a "champion breaker" in real life, but don't desire to devote a couple decades of my life to mastering it. That's why I like to play my "monk", which can "punch through armor". Monks usually are not quite as effective as fighters, because they CAN'T wear armor or many weapons. Fighters get all sorts of magical effects from their gear. The fighter could have "free motion", "immunity to charm", "haste", and a whole series of other effects that the monk can't have. And it's pretty rare to see a "naked monk" with a better "AC" than a fighter, which makes them more vulnerable.
  4. Strange to see that very few people want to dress up their pack animal and make it dance... I figured all those YouTube videos would mean those would be more popular options than they've turned out to be!
  5. Sweet- so I essentially added a poll, which should be a good way to get people's "temperature" on it, especially those that don't want to actually write a response. I think your idea has some merits, but the "assigning a guard" bit is perhaps too much. I mean, if it is tied to the rest mechanic, you will automatically "guard" it. I don't want to actually have to micromanage a feature like that. If "your rest is interrupted", everyone will fight whatever threat it is that caused that disruption. But perhaps you could get BETTER sleep if you bring a beast of burden with you that has a "camp kit".
  6. I looked through the forum for both of the keywords I have in the subject before starting this thread and didn't find anything, so I apologize if it is already out there. While this should not a high priority of the developers, nor is it a critical component in my eyes, I would love if there were "beasts of burden" or "pack animals". I think the "loot carrying" aspect of RPGs is often the most "unrealistic", but I don't like when I'm limited from taking things, because the developer doesn't want me over-burdening myself with loot. But really, I wouldn't be walking around with 5x sets of chainmail, 3x swords, 2x shields and 50x potions. On the other hand, putting that on a donkey, or horse, or yak? Sure, that's what they were domesticated for. That way, my party isn't weighed down with their supplies and booty, and instead are traveling light, ready to fight on a moment's notice. Work smarter, not harder. And if someone becomes severely wounded in battle and can't be adequately healed immediately, would I rather carry them or put them on the pack animal? Anyway, am interested in everyone's thoughts on the matter. Hopefully you enjoy the poll- it's the first one I've tried. I would also like to note that I'm not asking for mounts. That would be entirely too much work, and I actually don't even want that option. For these, they could literally use the same animations for existing animals in game, and just add a "container" element to them.
  7. I love the idea of there being special results from criticals, since that makes sense. You hit someone in just the right spot, and it makes all the difference. I think it needs to be very difficult/infrequent that these criticals are executed though, to make it not end up being "cheap" and over-used. Perhaps instead of having it be a component of the normal "attack roll", you would instead make it an entirely different roll based off of your "attack stats" (strength, dexterity), weapon type (with larger, more lethal weapons having increased likelihood, like in D&D) versus the enemy's "defense stats" (dexterity, strength, constitution) and armor + weapon (bonus to resistance if they have a shield and heavy armor, penalties if they have lighter armor and/or no shield). I also like the idea of "called shots", where you target an area, similar as in VATS, special attacks to do a specific critical, and weapons having higher likelihoods to land certain criticals. Then, with all those "stacked", you could hypothetically have your warhammer-wielding warrior target his arm with a special disarming attack that crushes it, leaving him at your mercy. Or you could have the "shield sunder" ability, which is used to break that pesky shield he has been hiding behind.
  8. I haven't read through all the posts, and might sometime in the future. I like "kung fu" monks. That's the whole point- they learned to fight in ways that were not conventional. Sometimes it was with sticks, sometimes blades, sometimes unarmed. At least in the east, unarmed was probably the "standard", since monks didn't walk around armed anywhere. Martial arts aren't always practical, since they also reflect a "life philosophy". Priests, chanters, and wizards are already in the game- I don't see what you expect monks to do, if not fight with their body. Fighters have every weapon to choose from (to include guns now), so they certainly aren't very limited. That's WHY I like playing a monk. I get to "fight" in a non-conventional way, rather than a "standard" fantasy way, with a medieval weapon. I LIKE that they don't have to rely on tools, because they ARE the tool. I look at it like this- if my monk gets captured and stripped naked, he hasn't been reduced as a threat. Do that to a standard fighter and he is nearly useless, ESPECIALLY if he was captured by high-level enemies when he was high-leveled, as he likely had numerous magical items which were necessary to put himself on parity with them. My martial arts monk sees a wide chasm and doesn't think twice about whether he can jump it, because he's trained his body to be incredibly agile and explosive. That same fighter sees it and realizes that with all the equipment he carries, he likely won't make it. My martial arts monk doesn't just train his body, he trains his mind. His concentration and sense of self are incredible, as is his understanding of human nature and of nature itself, because he spends hours meditating on those things. I don't think that there should be one "class" of monks, that only have a single style. I think there should be multiple classes, but I'm not writing the lore. I would make "magical" monks that channel the elements (like the one pictured in the poster), metamorphic ones that can assume the shapes of different types of animals when they are fighting, "melee" ones that just have awesome hand-to-hand abilities but no "magical" powers (besides damage output), and "ninjas" which would be capable of stealth and evasion in combat, with maybe a few key deadly abilities. I love monks.
  9. Awesome. Now I know my monk will have a monkly brother! I will have fists of frost to his fists of fire! We shall be fire and ice! (not a plug for that Martin guy) Now all I need is a paladin, a chanter, a rogue and a mage. We shall walk softly, but be full of righteous might and enlightenment.
  10. I honestly wish it was MORE limited. Realistically, you aren't going to tote around 200 arrows. I think that the use of ranged weapons should be slightly de-emphasized. They should be powerful, but only in skilled hands. Nonetheless, they shouldn't be valid weapons for close range- there def has to be penalties to attack chances if they are used in that manner.
  11. Yes. Please have realistic stuff. I don't care if the "super magical" stuff is a bit fantastic, but I don't want silliness running around the screen.
  12. Yes. This is a VERY low priority for me, but it would be nice icing on the cake... I would be willing to donate separately for that.
  13. I waited eagerly for Dragon Age, the "spiritual successor" to Baldur's Gate... and was disappointed. I never even bought DA2, since it was even further from what I was looking for in an RPG. I remember being in the Bioware forums, and the developers were so dismissive of so many of us, it was borderline derisive. I've always liked Obsidian games, with Fallout: New Vegas being the only one in recent years that I have thoroughly enjoyed. So when I heard they were making a game OF THEIR OWN, without anyone breathing down their necks and stifling them, I had to sign on. I didn't even read up on it.
  14. I don't think anything should be "unbeatable". I mean, if it takes waiting until the very end of the game before it is possible, so be it. But why go through the effort of putting it in, if there isn't a way to "beat it"?
  15. So far I am liking what I am seeing. The fact that Obsidian actually gets to make this the way THEY want, and are taking direct feedback from the supporters/backers is perfect. I hate level scaling. The world doesn't level scale. I do support some sort of limited amount of scripting to try to get you from sabotaging yourself, along the lines of, "I wouldn't go into the __. I saw an entire squad of veteran paladins/__ go in and never come back." It isn't stopping you, but it is giving you warning.
  16. Yes, yes, and yes. That is not cartoony graphics. I loved the graphics from BG 2/Icewindale. I think that until Skyrim and F:NV, they weren't paralleled. I don't need Skyrim or F:NV graphics though, and think that for the subject, these are better. I would rather the bulk of the time and money be spent on the writing and scripting, vice animations and scalable bodies.
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