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  1. So it's been dead quiet on the GoG front of this since the game launched. Is there any news coming or are we GoG users relegated to second-class customers on this?
  2. I don't care about the stacking bug even if it is annoying. No I care about the journal bug which for me makes the game so frustrating and annoying that it isn't worth playing until the patch comes out that fixes the issue. We're not all waiting for one particular bug to be fixed but there are a few issues that they are fixing in the 3.03 patch that we're waiting for. Now I don't mind waiting for the patch to come out as long as they fix as much as possible with it. I got other games to play in the meantime but I can understand those who are getting annoyed with the wait time for the patch.
  3. The journal bug is extremely annoying, while not gamebreaking it does remove a significant portion of the game. I enjoy reading the journal updates as I progress through the game and with it being bugged my enjoyment of the game has been cut in half and I just get annoyed and frustrated at the game. Until it's fixed I can't play the game.
  4. Why do Obsidian refuse to allow this? I can bind it to every other key but not LeftAlt. I want it on LeftAlt because I'm just used to it from way too many Diablo 2&3 games. Please Obsidian fix this already or at least explain why it is impossible to do so.
  5. So, I really want to use LeftAlt for highlighting stuff in the gameworld as I'm used to using that key. Would have hoped the 1.03 patch fixed this issue but I still have hope it'll be fixed with 1.04
  6. I explore everything and if something attacks me I will destroy it, simply as that really. I might do a pacifist run someday but those types of runs usually requires you to know pretty much everything about the game so you know where to go and not to go to avoid fights.
  7. After I rescued the cook in Valewood my Party Reputation changed from None to "Gilded Vale (Fairly Good)" which is working as it should. However when I entered the bear cave it changed back to None again. Is this supposed to be like that? Seems strange to me. Edit: Can add that it stayed as None when I exited the cave and travelled around a bit. Didn't enter Gilded Vale yet though because I don't want to continue forward if this is a bug that will mess up my game.
  8. The mouse cage issue is a known bug and will hopefully be fixed in the next patch. As for playing the game on your second monitor, since there is no option ingame for switching monitors your only hope would be either a 3rd Party program or fiddling with the Screen settings and changing your primary monitor every time you want to play. Hopefully they will add an option for this in the game for those that desire it.
  9. This is from the GoG Terms of Service. It won't get you in any trouble sharing it with your brother and if you live in the same household there aren't even any ethical concerns
  10. Yes, the game so far is really great! Very well done by Obsidian, they have more then delivered here. Encountered a few small annoying bugs but nothing that in any major way impacts my enjoyment of the game.
  11. Would be nice if they stayed up until you manually dismissed them so you have a chance to read them if something off-screen should catch your attention (like for example a cat that insists that it never gets any attention ever).
  12. I've encountered most of these as well. Can also add that I can't bind any key to Highlight Interactables so that it works, tried every key on my keyboard with no success. You can circumvent the Print Screen issue by using the Alt+PrtScr command then pasting into Paint (or another image editor). Not really user friendly but it gets the job done if you want to take a screen shot.
  13. This keeps happening to me no matter what I'm doing. Battle Starts -> Stops working Battle Ends -> Stops working Conversation -> Stops working Exploring -> Stops working at random times Opening any Character Tab -> Stops working It's not gamebreaking by any means but it's a little annoying.
  14. I love achievements, which is a plus for steam but I will still go with GoG because I simply like them better.
  15. Nice write-up of what you've experienced, but shouldn't this be in one of the Beta forums? Also, Pillars of Eternity: Revenge of the Grain
  16. Given the choice I choose GOG over Steam unless the difference in price is big. I just like DRM-free solutions and opt for them whenever possible. Now steam is a decent platform and it is certainly better than the other DRM-platforms out there and I like many of the functionalities steam offers but in this case I will get PoE on GOG.com.
  17. In PoE, every class can do those things. That's nice to hear, haven't really read anything about the game as I want as much as possible to be a suprise when I go through the game when I get my hands on the full version
  18. Most likely a Rogue, it usually is the class i Play in RPGs. Not because I like them the most but in almost all RPGs they are the only class that have Persuasion (or similar skills) and Lock Picking. I simply can't play my first playthrough without those two skills
  19. Filled out the survey but will post here also I would like to be known as the Fluffy White Kitten of the Obsidian Order
  20. To each his own I guess. You are well within your rights to dislike whatever you want but don't try and put up your own personal oppinions as facts. I love BG1 and I disagree on almost every single point you put up here. BG2 is much better and PS:T beats all of them but BG1 is not a bad game by any stretch.
  21. You have some interesting ideas and thoughts but like the poster above stated you really need to use paragraphs because this was hard to read.
  22. Until such a time that the fulfillment website is back up and asuming that I will be able to add things I did not had the funds for at the time of backing I will be looking to join this prestigeous order. I'm not posting much anywhere on the forums but always lurking
  23. And i am sure that you will be able to talk to them and know them better, mayby some shots or beers and "Romance" status or "Brothers in amrs" completed. If it's a character I hate why would I want to talk to them and why would I want to have a drink with them? I want to murder them and bury them in the woods not date them
  24. Please no character like Bishop from NWN2. From the moment he spoke his first line I knew he were going to betray me and that he were an arrogant **** with no redeeming qualities didn't make things better. The worst part of NWN2 was when you were forced to take that babbling idiot with you, he is the reason I have never managed to replay that game. As soon as I get to that part I sigh and quit the game and don't restart it again until I forget just how much that character sucks. I generally dislike obvious characters but when they on top of that have nothing going for them either I just hate them.
  25. This is tough but I would take with me Linu La'neral from NWN1 Visas Marr from KoTOR 2 Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect Valen Shadowbreath from NWN1: Hordes of the Underdark Princess Sun Lian (Silk Fox) from Jade Empire I just love these characters and how they interact with the PC and the world Adding some Honorable Mentions: Shale from Dragon Age: Origins Nathyrra from NWN1: Hordes of the Underdark Mira from KoTOR 2 Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect Neeshka from NWN2
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