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  1. I liked PoE2 much more than PoE1, so I'm a bit perplexed as to why it did worse than PoE1. But personally I really wish Obsidian would go back to making DnD-based games, like Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights. The world of Pillars is alright, but I personally don't find it as compelling as the setting of those past titles. Also I like the mechanics of DnD and the feel of Forgotten Realms, as well as the plethora of monsters, races, faiths, factions and locales (both material plane and beyond) to play around with. With Baldur's Gate 3 being made by Larian, it seems like such a ripe opportunity for Obsidian to make an Icewind Dale 3 (that is at least before WotC potentially hires another studio to do that) or some other Forgotten Realms title. That would truly be nostalgic, in my opinion at least. After all the hopes of many of us fans who helped kickstart these PoE games were for them to make a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate I-II and Icewind Dale I-II. What if we could get literal sequels instead of figurative ones?
  2. I will not be buying this game, despite being a massive Fallout fan and fan of Obsidian games in general. I'm not signing up on another stupid alternative game distribution service. Massive error on your parts, Obsidian.
  3. I loved New Vegas, and I seriously hope Bethesda get Obsidian to do another Fallout spinoff. Many of the Obsidian guys were the original folks who made the original Fallout games, and I think they have the most right idea of the setting, and present it with more intriguing factions, plots and conflicts. And also how cool would it be to both explore the wasteland of the East Coast and the West Coast with the potential of another Obsidian Fallout game?
  4. I personally wish they would kickstarter a second expansion pack for PoE, that would be big. Why start from scratch with a sequel, when you can use the same base game and just deliver much more content to it? (Like new campaign, classes, feats, races, weapon types, etc)
  5. Speaking as a Realms fan, I find the world that Obsidian has created to be very fascinating. Especially since it seems to be in a mix of a Medieval and Early Colonial Age period, which i haven't seen much of in fantasy before. And having played the beta test, I have to confess that I just love shooting people in the face with arquebuses, and the explosive, fiery sound of gunpowder! At first, I was disappointed they wouldn't be going with RPG set in Faerun, since the guys at Obsidian seem to really love this setting and understand how to utilize it in an interesting and nuanced way. They know how to make good and rich Forgotten Realms games. But that they have ended up not making one, is not really their fault at all, That's WotC's fault for being so restrictive with their license and their poor choice in choosing to support a bland, trashy failure of an MMO like Neverwinter, instead of supporting the creation of true RPGs that hearken back to the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series. I'm very sure Obsidian would have liked to make an FR game, but ultimately WotC chose not to allow them to do so.
  6. Personally I hope they wait a long time before making PoE2. I'd rather get some expansions than a sequel so soon.
  7. I hope by the gods that they eventually make a Pathfinder CRPG with NWN2 style multiplayer and toolset (in addition to single player ofc).
  8. Cool update. Though I find the names of the human ethnicities quite odd and vague to be ethnicity names. Shouldn't the names be more specifically tied to a country or a nation of people i.e. an actual ethnicity, like Aedyran or Vailian? I mean, are NPCs really going speak of my character's ethnicity like this?: "Hmph, you're an ocean human, ain't ya? Bastard." It just sounds pretty strange in my opinion.
  9. While I don't mind so much the first picture of a godlike concept, I have to be honest and say that the other depictions I'm not very fond of at all. Same reason I don't like a lot of genasi illustrations in D&D. Too much exaggerated fire/water/earth/air features. It just doesn't fit as a player race when the features strike out blatantly like that. Really hope it will be toned down in the actual game.
  10. Where is the third option for "HELL NO"? Seriously you want an MMO, what the hell are you doing here? Go throw your money at WoW rather than try to destroy one of the very few old school RPGs being made in this era.
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