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  1. As always Elf Mage, even if this is very mainstream i always liked this weaklings that rain havoc in the end
  2. Maybe we get one extra level as present. and the final boss is this old, red, horned guy everybody knows...
  3. I hope for unique floors: every stage telling a part of a, or its own, story and having different ways to get to the next one, like in Watchers Keep.
  4. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Only thing i really miss in IE games and which often led to loss of a good spell through missclicking followed by an interuption of a spell.
  5. I don´t mind if i don´t get the exp. In most IE games iirc many encounters didn´t scale so if you got through some side- or mainquests with good quest-exp these encounters didn´t provide so much exp to be in a real advantage. For me it always made a difference if i miss out very good loot at that monent so this was then the main reason to kill encounters instead of talking my way out. So i think it would help a lot to present the player with alternativ loot if he/she successfully talks, sneaks, etc. him/herself out of an encounter. This could probably be interesting for the replayvalue too. I hope you get my point
  6. That would actually be pretty amazing. I mean, I'm sure they wouldn't name each and every one of us (would they?), but if they did... Oh, my gamer soul, stay your trembling hands! I'm thinking they could have us as random wandering npc's that you might meet on your adventures, or something to that nature. But then imagine meeting yourself on the 13th floor of the Endless Paths. In all serious I'd probably try and fight him/me (see who was stronger :3 ). Edit: Btw, thanks to those responsible for finally getting my title up. I totally wasn't getting worried about it over time as the kickstarter drew to a close. I was super chill I think. Maybe we will find a big memorial stone with our names carved in somewhere in the outlands where the order fought against a overwelming enemy long time ago, like the spartans did ^^
  7. So funny when i think of the some days ago when we where a little anxious if we could do the "Ziets Strech Goal" and look now we even surpassed 4 million... almost unbelievable but Obsidian and most of all you faithful backers made this happen. Thank you all dear fellow backers!
  8. Luckily we will have betas for this and the testers hopefully will show which mecanics work fine and which need refinement.
  9. And we should not forget to mention Project Eternity will now be the highest funded Video Game
  10. Upped my pledge again too. Would like to be Eryn Shades - Tempest´s Envoy of the Obsidian Order
  11. I can´t watch the stream, too.... have to play it myself to remind me of good'ol days
  12. I think for a couple of people this ist their Kickstarter first-timer. Me included. And it´s totally worth it, finally a company has teh courage to go back to the roots of good-ol cRPG gaming... and see it part of the crew that created this roots :D
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