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  1. You pledged for an additional box, which does not include an additional digital key. You could open the second box and use the key inside of it, or go add on a digital key and use that.
  2. Even the physical version is just a steam key with the game files less the day one patch, and it isn't available in North America. You could get a copy from GoG and burn your own disk(s) though.
  3. Being in North america, you can get any of the digital editions listed on steam or gog, and the only difference between the them is the digital extras they come with. There is no physical edition for NA yet, but you can get a physical strategy guide here.
  4. They are exactly They are exactly the same, any additional benefits you pledged for above the Hero edition will be available on the site. See http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71253-tiers-to-skus/
  5. Yes. If you paid the going rate and preordered the game, you get it.
  6. I think that since everyone has a digital copy anyway, there is no rush to get the backer copy of the game to us by release. I'd also rather the money be spent on almost anything other than shipping.
  7. Are add-ons supposed to still be available? Or is that in the process of getting shut down?
  8. I think I had this same error, but I stumbled into a (potential) solution. I was just leaving the Dracogen Inn and this happened, but although waiting indefinitely didn't help, pressing pause (or clicking on the time icon blind) immediately brought the game out of the frozen state. A save is attached, all you need to do is walk out the door and the glitch will occur. The problem (and solution) is replicate-able.
  9. They would not answer this far from release, since they don't know quite what they have on their hands. That said, I would be surprised if they sold a boxed game in a country they aren't localizing the game for.
  10. Pretty much all production outsourcing nowadays is either Lawful Evil or Lawful Expensive. Or Chaotic Evil, but falsely represented as Lawful Neutral. You don't actually have to have a safe factory, sane hours, or a wage that lets the employee afford to eat, you just have to intimidate them into tricking the inspectors into believing that you do these things.
  11. Edit: It is now too late to object.Bravo! And thank you Indira, Monte Carlo, and of course Amentep. Unless someone objects in the next few seconds, that will be the entry. Of course, even if someone objects that will still be the entry. But feel free to do so if that floats your boat.
  12. Great decision spinning off what you aren't good at (marketing+distribution) to focus on what matters most (making the game).
  13. I've already written you a PM, saying the same thing, but I'll reiterate a bit of it here: Thank you ever so much! I just wanted to write something that was in keeping with the PE setting, and since I adore Orlans, it's no surprise that I focussed my little poem on one of them. I researched what little there was, and I found the fate of wild Orlans engaging. They excelled in the use of poisons and traps, and there you have it! It's always nice to be able to expand Pillars of Eternity, however minutely! Could you also pick another memorial, either one of your own or written by someone else that I could submit? Edit: The only restriction being no Flanders bashing, even though we both know how much it sucks.
  14. The Beta that we are given access to is not the same beta that irons out bugs in the main game (and spoils the story). This beta is a small, stand-alone experience that is meant to test game mechanics and combat balance, while giving players a taste of the style that the main game will be in. Or to Quote J.E. Sawyer, "We are going to be having a [beta] section of the game that the players can play through to get a feel for all the mechanics and style of character interactions and all that kind of stuff" source. This backer beta is designed to not ruin the game experience, unlike the normal beta process which kills most hope of enjoying the final product.
  15. I hope that you at least played the expansion, Throne of Bhaal..... if you haven't, go get it and play it NOW! Since it was the remains of BGIII once it was (sadly) canceled, it is the meatiest expansion I have ever played for any game, ever.
  16. He is right: it is $60 USD. Which is odd, since it means I could get it *cheaper* in Europe. Maybe Ubi is trying to change which side of the Atlantic gets price gouged?!
  17. IIRC, they have mentioned that certain classes (classes that didn't have many actives in the IE games) will have the choice between active and passive talents, depending on the level of micromanagement that the player wants to devote to that character. So assuming the game is properly balanced, if you chose active abilities you would be forced to actually use them during difficult encounters or else the lack of passive abilities (the opportunity cost of the actives you chose) will mean that your party can't win, or will take too much HP damage in the process to be viable. In short, unless they fail at their stated intention of having real choices (no strictly better options), than the abilities you do choose will be needed in order to succeed.
  18. But your crime was so heinous that you got what you deserved: having to play X-Rebirth.
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