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  1. It is down for everyone, they must be switching it over!!!!! It. Is. Happening!
  2. Where is that from? Would also like to know. But it sounds like Obsidian goes the Roberts way. Would be cool if that's real. This is, indeed, an automatic email from following the forum. I do this in order to immediately get any updates before they are posted to Kickstarter. I guarantee you it is legitimate, and if anyone wants they can PM me and I will forward them the email. I don't think they will go full SC crowd-funding, however, since unlike star citizen it is a single player game and they can't just keep expanding it and keep a release date (or coherently keep the ga
  3. " Obsidian Forum CommunityPandamaniac, BAdler has just posted a new topic entitled "Stretch Goals?" in forum "Project Eternity: Announcements and News". One of the topics of our big update was whether or not our backers wanted us to introduce any new stretch goals. Here is the official poll that we will be using to tabulate the results. Rock the vote. The topic can be found here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64736-stretch-goals/?view=getnewpost"
  4. Nice update, Mr. Adler, but for future reference Eternity updates are traditionally provided extremely late at night, not during normal business hours. Get it right next time
  5. Did you mean to tell us a little about the Cean GĂșla, or is this update only about the pipeline for concepting?
  6. Or just give us the spell that allows us to remove all of the black areas without removing the fog of war. BG/BG2 had Clairvoyance. Then if you can't stand the black it will go away, while those of us who like it (to know where they haven't been) can keep it.
  7. @Nikolokolus I don't remember where they talked about it, but I'm pretty sure they intend for the beta test to be a stand alone experience to test various game systems without spoiling the story.
  8. Rjshae, does it really matter? Regardless of if we get access to the backer portal tomorrow or three months from now, we will still get our rewards at the same time, the game will ship at the same time, and if you backed high enough your content will make it into the game. As much as I would like access to the backer portal and the lore information that was mentioned to be in it, I understand them having it be a lower priority than things that other team members are relying on to be able to make the game.
  9. "Basically, there wasn't a whole lot I did like about [baldur's Gate 2]" I can post this another 20 times if you like. In context, I believe he meant "In comparison to BG1". He made constructive criticisms of the game, and he preferred the first game to the second. I disagree, but his not liking BG2 in comparison to BG1 or other IE games doesn't mean he doesn't like the game period.
  10. Guys, calm down. It was just constructive criticism. He just responded to my question about it on formspring. http://mobile.formspring.me/#response/449392305086952316
  11. Will we be given a class list at some point, so we know what classes will/won't have a companion of that class?
  12. I think they are being penalized enough already because of the increased bandwidth costs caused by us F5ing over and over again. They will learn from this experience.
  13. No, even as a guy, I completely understand the desire for women to hide that they are such on gaming sites/ while playing games. As a guy with a high voice, virtually everyone assumes that I am a woman, so I get discriminated against and sexually harassed even though I am a twenty-something straight male. It's depressing every time I get called a fat **** who has "my boyfriend" playing for me, to the point that I will not use xbox live chat or anything else that allows anyone to hear me. It's sad, but true. And if those attitudes exist over voice chat and in games, I can't believe that it woul
  14. The spectral tiger is a mount. And the Diablo pet now can be used in the pet battle system.
  15. Yes there is gurantee of a perpetual exclusive if that is what contract says (if there is writen contract as it is in case of PE), promises in advertaisments can be broken in some extent, but legal contract are binding to what is writen them (if it is not against law, when contract is null and void at least for that part of it). Pledging in KS project is not typical pre-order, but legally binding funding contract where you give your money to company to make some product and they will give you what they promised in their reward which you have choosen. If KS project creator don't want to ful
  16. This. Blizzard could choose at some point to make all those exclusive "pets" in WoW available to everyone, too, but I doubt that'll ever happen. Or countless other examples of silly little content/rewards/preorder/contest type exclusives from all genres. Whether Obsidian chooses to do so remains to be seen. I personally don't really care, since they're not gameplay affecting. Would I have liked a mini-Diablo pet in WoW if I'd known about it in time? Maybe, they're cute/funny. Do I care that I can't get one? No. But if you're lucky, Obsidian may make such available in some future package deal
  17. But the point remains that they advertised them as exclusive, then made them available to other consoles. This actually supports the argument that I was trying to make, that calling something "exclusive" doesn't mean you can't make it available more broadly later on. But the example I was trying to use was not their DLC, but the pre-order bonuses (which is kind of what the backer bonuses are to PE), which were advertised as exclusive, and then made available to everyone else less than a year later. This isn't to say that Obsidian must release this content to the general public after a period
  18. FO:NV exclusive packs were timed exclusives from start. So after that time limit was over bethesda was free to publish them to other platforms. But such time limit is not metioned in kickstarter page, so obsidian has made binding contract with backers that it will not give those items/etc. to other people and so if they want to do that any way they must get agreement from all parties whom they made that contract (which is all the backers). Although that contract gives them right to pay money back to backer and doing so they get rid of that contract between them. I personally don't car
  19. I personally believe, after listening to the responses on the topic, that a year would probably make a good period of exclusivity for the in-game content, (never on the achievement if it is not referenced in game). As to Elerond's argument that it's a binding contract and thus must be perpetual, I don't think so. Fallout: New Vegas had four "exclusive" gear packs for pre-ordering, which were made available (for a nominal 0.99) slightly under a year after release. Rewarding backers is the reason this content is in the game, but at some point it has served it's purpose and should be made availa
  20. I personally am bothered that PE is including an in-game achievement, item, and in-game pet that nobody is able to obtain now that the Kickstarter is over. I understand that these items were an incentive to back the game, but locking people out of content perpetually because they didn't back the game early enough smacks of the pre-order exclusives that make waiting for a review to buy a game preclude the gamer from ever playing the "full" game. I think that a few months after release, the in-game benefits should be made available to everyone who purchased the game. BG2 did this with the pre-
  21. I personally like difficult without having one obscure solution. So the Demi-Fiend is all that is wrong with bonus bosses, in that it requires major grinding and the use of skills that are worthless in the rest of the game to have a small change that the random rolls will go your way and you win. Hard? Yes. Fun? No. I like challenge, even extreme challenge, but no cheap stuff. So Kangaxx, sans scroll of undead protection is my preference.
  22. Simply put, what do you want them to be like? Kangaxx? A Final Fantasy boss? The Demi-Fiend from Shin Megami Tensei? What I'm getting at is how hard do you want them to be, and are there any specific mechanics that you do or do not like?
  23. Depends on your feelings toward the IP. If you are indifferent, than probably. If you loathe it, probably not.
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