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    RPG GAMES on PC's...shooter games and action games too. Consoles are for KIDS. period. I"ve played every RPG PUBLISHED on PC since 1990. and I'm NOT lying.....and I've got ALL the boxes for them up in the attic! I like games that let me "collect" stuff and show it off. I'm a major "collector"
  1. when the group comes upon someone, who speaks for the group
  2. Keyrock, if I dare call you sir, are a cur to mock with your sneer my legitimate complaint. I obviously KNOW that this game has 2D backgrounds AND that turning of cameras is impossible because of that!......BUT EVEN DIABLO, the first of may games of this kind, mastered the art of making TRANSPARENT, things that PC and Targets had stepped behind, whether they be giant trees, bushes, walls, rocks, whatever...... And it made it so the PLAYER could SEE his party and his PC, and anything else hidden by the "2D background, which then became carefully and CLEARLY rendered "TRANSPARENT". I w
  3. PLEASE BUMP THIS UP TO THE TOP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. THIS IS THE ONE THING THAT CAN KILL THE BEST RPG every published!!!! No exageration. Read it. think about it. Ask Obsidian to DO something about it so it doesn't fade into the $5 bin over night. This message is FAR too important to be buried in somebody else's comments. It needs to stand alone! All POE Users, Backers, Kickstarter Backers, Everyone, PLEASE read this and respond to this problem. This is a VERY REAL VISUAL GAME KILLER! PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU FLAME ME! THIS REALLY MUST BE FIXED AND SOON! IT will make this BEAUTIFUL GOLD-STA
  4. Somebody , HAVE THE GUTS TO BUMP THIS UP HIGH AND KEEP IT THERE: THIS IS THE GAME BREAKER: NO TRANSPARENCY and NO CAMERA TURNING! MODERATOR, please don't kill this! I'm on YOUR side. I want this game to succeed like no game before it. This is all truth and its important to YOU and your job. I'm yelling "The emperor has no clothes". But everyone CAN see it and it's NOT too late to fix! I thought it was ME at first. I've played all of the older RPG's with fixed orthogonal view, where you can move camera forward,back,left right......but can't turn camera at all. All of these game se
  5. Well...........hmmmmmmmmm........Seems i need to say a few more things here. First, I would like to humbly and deeply thank those who have answered my apparently (for some still unknown-to-myself reason) "offensive" question regarding whether there would be a manual with the "digital" game. The ONLY reason I asked the question has nothing to do with my being new to this forum, which I am, but that I've had the HORROR of buying MANY wonderful digital games, especially some re-released wonderful old-school RPG's, that came with no manual whatsoever! And, I was flamed by MANY in appropriate
  6. So the question has NOT been answered: Dear Obsidian: Will Steam buyers of the Royal Edition get a PDF version of the Game Manual that I feel sure MUST exist for a game of this size and complexity. If there is no written manual for an OLDSCHOOL RPG specifically, that has REAL complex attributes, stats, Skills, abilities, points, training, crafting and gods know what else, then this is NOT going to be a well received game. We oldtimers remember beautiful written documentation about all aspects of "playing the game", all the how-to's, all the key codes, which are hopefully all changeable for u
  7. I just bought the Steam Royal Edition. Will the game have a User Manual. I understand this is a HUGE RPG game. I can't imagine it NOT having a Users Manual. But I want to know! Will it come with a User's Manual, in a PDF format or something????? Please does anyone know. I'm a BIG RPG gamer, and am lusting for this game. bought both books off Amazon.....yea I know I won't get 1 til the 24th and the other after the game comes out. But I NEED a written manual. ALL the big oldschool, complex, multi-stat, tons of stuff games had User Manuals. So. Does the Game come with a User Manual or NOT?????
  8. I bought the Royal edition on Steam. Will the game come with a User Manual?
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