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Will the Steam Royal Edition have a User Manual

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I just bought the Steam Royal Edition. Will the game have a User Manual. I understand this is a HUGE RPG game. I can't imagine it NOT having a Users Manual. But I want to know! Will it come with a User's Manual, in a PDF format or something????? Please does anyone know. I'm a BIG RPG gamer, and am lusting for this game. bought both books off Amazon.....yea I know I won't get 1 til the 24th and the other after the game comes out. But I NEED a written manual. ALL the big oldschool, complex, multi-stat, tons of stuff games had User Manuals. So. 

Does the Game come with a User Manual or NOT?????



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I don't think there is a user manual for this game?


Royal Edition comes with a Strategy Guide (digital)


Also you can use the game Wikis which will probably be more updated and have more info than a manual anyway:





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