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  1. I've kind of made my peace with Reddit, but it's not what you call easy to continue a conversation for more than maybe a week there. Forums are the absolute best for conversing with people to dive deep into an issue, which is what gaming requires. If you just want sound bytes like people screaming out of cars passing you on the highway, then stick with Twitter or whatever. Forums are the best way to actually have a conversation that even lurkers can benefit from, that web searches to solve an issue will lead to and all other manners. Hard to use from your phone? Boo hoo.
  2. Elf Rogue on my initial playthrough, but I have enjoyed other class/race combinations, just that Elves are my favourite.
  3. At this point Chris Avellone is like a movie Executive Producer, which just means he is there to lend prestige to the game. Having said that, I don't care, since this is a good game. I haven't played since beating it, but I will when they finish White March and I will start from scratch.
  4. I only had problems with one of the last ones (on Hard), the Vithrack....ouch. Two people survived and only because near the end, before he died (thrilled they don't go down when he does) Kana managed to summon two Ogres.
  5. That's too bad, it feels like the world is fleshed out enough that the modders would be able to create some nice content for it, like they did for Dragon Age Origins and the various Infinity Engine games.
  6. It appears people don't like mothers with careers lol Segani was fine for me, quite well done, she kind of sucked combat wise though, so I stuck with Hiravias. Aloth underperformed as well. I picked Kana in the poll though as I found his personality grating and he was pretty wimpy in the melee department. Still I did use him for some of the tougher fights as my character and a few others were ranged and he got that chant that boost their speed.
  7. I don't go on Facebook, so I will just trust the comparison. I do feel as though a Stronghold has not been well done in any game that asks you to regularly leave it (NWN2, DAA to name a couple), and I felt the same here. I felt quite slighted by the bonuses for resting at the keep having sunk thousands of gold into it so that I could get +1 to an attribute. The thing that most bothers me though is the lack of mods on the Nexus. I had hoped to find a keep overhaul mod, but alas, nope. I did not follow development closely enough and I don't know if there are significant mods for other games on this engine, but I had put the game aside until this last weekend in hopes that some mods would arrive. I didn't look anywhere other than the Nexus though, so maybe there are some here on the website. When I play it again I will check more broadly.
  8. I see a lot of whining about the non optimized companions, but think about how life evolves, and they actually make tons of sense. Unless Pel knew she wanted to be a Paladin since birth and was born with optimal genetics for that role, what are the chances she will end up as super paladin? Zeroish. I only played Normal, but it worked well with them, other than the Adra Dragon, 12 attempts, and a reload for a kind of exploity tactic later, it worked. Playing on any other difficulty might be hard, but aren't those supposed to be hard? I didn't even know you could sacrifice companions, since I can't RP evil, I didn't notice.
  9. There are different notions of gods throughout fantasy. These could easily be considered gods in the Forgotten Realms or other fantasy setting sense, in that they are not omni present or all knowing. That's frankly a judeo christian understanding of gods, and not something the Romans or Greeks, as an example, believed. I don't know where Hindu and Sikh would stand either as they have a pantheon of sorts (from my very limited understanding) as well. So, they can easily be considered Gods, created by man, makes me think of Saberhagen.
  10. Ya, I forgot there was no romance, so at the end of the game I was a bit surprised the Edar and my PC didn't get busy. What I'd like to see is romance between your companions. If they didn't want to get into it with the PC for some reason, they still could have tangentially made it part of the background. I can't think that any of the companions in this case were compatible, but it could be fun. Some...weird stuff in the ending from my perspective, but mostly related to Kolsc and that whole thing. I mean, even if you do kill him, it's not like the guy in charge has an heir...any more so if the hold on governance there is really that tenuous then the problems are only delayed. Generally, quite happy. I think I may run through the story again once or twice, just give all your characters 90 in every attribute and voila, quick adventure game.
  11. If you just clear the first level (2 levels?) of your fortress, you will gain access to defiance bay, and easy quest gets you a paladin companion.
  12. Listen I really like this game, am waiting for the patch to play more, and I also wish there was a tactics system, I mean, there was in Baldur's Gate.
  13. Try again, are you sure? If you did kill him make sure you picked up everything, and then try going to the warden regardless and see what he says.
  14. I don't pay too much attention but I think they do because I upgraded Palle's beautiful two handed sword, with fire, and it does drip flame, but I can't honestly say it didn't do that before I enchanted it, because I am not observant and was not looking for it.
  15. I might leave con at 10 if I am never meleeing. I would go a bit higher on one the stats used for conversations, I also like int because my effects therefore last longer, so that's the one I would feed a few more points into.
  16. Oh, I get what you were asking, but then you asked ...BTW, is there a way to enchant -exeptional- on -fine- quality weapon? and that's what we were answering, because I honestly don't know or care about the answer to your first question. BTW, is there a way to enchant -exeptional- on -fine- quality weapon?
  17. Fine, exceptional, superb are in the damage category of enchanting, along with things like +2 damage and so on, they are the best enchantments, but also the most expensive from a slot perspective. So, exceptional takes up 4, superb takes up 6, ouch. Still, I have fit exceptional in on a few weapons I found in Act 2, and gotten to 11 or 12/12. Ultimately you want a weapon that's at a low enchant value with a lot of effects and 0 in each of the categories we can enchant. I must say I am a little underwhelmed by the crafting system, but I guess it's okay.
  18. Ya, I wish there was a bow talent to pick since there is one that covers every other weapon and style, even gunner.
  19. I would also go with Durance, because he doesn't really need lore, and while Athletics may serve to keep him alive, I think you can nice focus on Mechanics and Athletics.
  20. I'd really only consider Hearth Orland for any rogue, bonus to crit chance when attacking a target that's also being attacked by someone else in your party...so like, all the time then. Sageni got a talent that does bonus damage to targets with a dot on them, and my rogue has an ability that applies a dot on hit...et voila, synergy. My rogue crits like that's her normal mode of attack and stuns everything.
  21. I happily went to 10 Mechanics and haven't run into the 11 door yet, but I have...umm, quite a few lockpicks in my stash, it should not be a problem. The only one I go nuts with is Athletics.
  22. Some creatures run faster than you can, which is nice and thematic but yes, you can get away from other humans and ogres and such.
  23. You have to have bought Brighthollow, and you go into the, house like structure, to the left of the main keep, and go up to the second floor and there is a bed in center left position to click on.
  24. Orlan Hearth guys get bonus crits when targeting a mob that's being targeted by anyone else in your group; that's pretty awesome.
  25. Well, the good thing is you can generally tell from what they are wearing, do I'd only kill the ones in heavy armor, it sells for a lot.
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