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  1. Out of interest, which Obsidianite is it that looks after the forum backend? (ie who is "The Guildmaster" we have to thank for fixing IE11)
  2. pretty sure it's instant-regen. the whole point of the stamina mechanism and per-encounter abilities is so devs only need to calibrate fights against a fully-functional party
  3. I don't know if this idiom translates into English, but please, don't summon evil ghosts. For future reference: "don't jinx it" is probably the closest match. (what language is the evil ghosts idiom from?)
  4. Yeah. Fool me once, etc. The reason for the delay last week was explicitly that they didn't have the staff over Thanksgiving. If it's actually that the damn thing wasn't finished, they should have just said so.
  5. BG is about as far from a blank slate as you can get: you're a child of a god and you grew up in a castle with a pre-eminent scholar and your sister (who is also the child of a god).
  6. It's been confirmed that you can't play a Dyrwood native because Obsidian don't want the character to have any pre-existing knowledge of the area, so you're almost certainly a new arrival from the old world. Together with the fact that at the opening of the game is you, explicitly an ordinary person, get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, I reckon the character's almost certainly a blank slate. e: Here's the proposed opening for The Black Hound (aka Baldur's Gate 3), which Josh Sawyer was the lead for back in 2002:
  7. It's also gonna be the interface for designing your NPC/item/tavern/etc if you pledged to that tier.
  8. The stronghold scenes from an update or two back? e: To address your complaints about how the models seem dropped onto the terrain, you can see in this how the models get blended into eachother at the paintover:
  9. Avellone mentioned a while back that the 'big update' will be coming with a gameplay video. As the portal's been put off a week, the video has been too, likely because the video will pull a lot of traffic in and it'd make sense to have some of that traffic convert to purchases.
  10. Namedropped hell yeah B) When Adam responded last week, he made it sound like outsourcing was something expensive reserved for particular areas. What's it that sets the drake and shrine wilderness areas apart, such that you don't do them in house? Anyway, great art and better yet ~new details~. Especially cool to see the Other City.
  11. I'm nae fussed about the armours, but there's more than one way to do tinting. Working in RGB is indeed a pain when it comes to mixing colours, but there are other colour spaces (like Lab) where perceptually similar colours are close to eachother, so additive/multiplicative interpolation/combination works much more like you "expect" it to. Then again I've no clue how real-time shaders work and whether flipping to another colour space and back is computationally out of the question.
  12. Some other people interpreted this in way I found odd. It seemed to me that he was saying that armor coverage is going to account for a maximum of 3/4 of a body's "costume" so you can tell them apart. Not that you will only be able to armor 3/4 of the body (3/4ths of what?). Or another way of saying it is that in 100% armor, you will still have about 1/4 of unique space per character so you can tell them apart. what 3/4 plate leaves the lower leg unprotected, so a tad more than the armoured dude here far right of left screenshot.
  13. funnily enough, this is exactly why devs don't release more material earlier: because people assume the things they're shown are set in stone, when really they're in flux right up until the gold disc is printed. that lass is in full plate because a concept artist thought it'd look cool when she was asked to sketch up a character design back in week 2 of a >18 month project. also from what's been posted elsewhere, ~my guess~ is that full plate was originally intended. then it was realised that back in the IE games, where only a handful of characters could wear heavy armour, telling those characters apart wasn't so bad. in PE where anyone can wear anything though, things might be a fair sight more confusing as to why they can't just colour the armour instead of the clothes: ~my complete guess~ is that because armour designs are reasonably reserved (there're no daft pauldrons or anything), the silhouette isn't a great help at identifying what armour NPCs are wearing. start letting the player colour their armour whatever they feel and suddenly leather is indistinguishable from scale
  14. some of the best RPGs ever made were despite being set in FR, not because of it
  15. maybe leg armour is separate idk, but im thinkin 1/2 to 3/4-length armour as shown is more likely. you ain't goin for a hike in full plate
  16. It's been colonized for at least two hundred years (coz that's when all the Godhammer stuff happened), but I don't think the exact length of time has been given.
  17. Talents and skills are definitely in, and combat skills (like weapon proficiencies) are separate from non-combat skills (like lockpicking). Ability scores of some kind are in I believe, but there hasn't been a peep on exactly what they are, so expect something divergent from STR/CON/DEX/WIS/INT/CHA. The only thing that's been said about them is that every class is viable with every setting of ability scores (though some may certainly be suboptimal), so there are no dump stats or must-haves. Similarly, every race and every culture is compatible with every class. There's a strong indication that the PC is a blank slate, as it's been explicitly said there's nothing special about the PC except being in the right place at the right time. It's also been indicated that you're new to the region, and you can't play a Dyrwood native. My guess is you're fresh off a boat from the old world.
  18. I don't ~think~ there're cooldowns in PE. Instead abilities are either unlimited use, per-encounter, or per-rest.
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