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  1. This was touted from day one. I don't know what you were expecting.
  2. They post a lott. Here's a dev tracker courtesy of someone over on SA whose name I forget. Best thing to do is subscribe to the RSS feed. http://pedevtracker.azurewebsites.net/
  3. With the character screen, the records column doesn't seem to be near as important as the rest of the information displayed. Something like a minimal inventory screen would make better use of the space, so you could instantly see how different loadouts affected your stats.
  4. it's been said before that they're aiming for a low-level D&D progression & adventure. the black hound's plot summary is probably a useful approximation.
  5. That's what the stretch goals are. There's no variation in them. Exactly those. To reinforce the point:
  6. The BG2 postmortem quotes the original BG at 90 man-years of labour. The Double Fine documentary pegged a developer-year at ~$150k. So BG would cost - before factoring in modern development efficiencies like "not making your own engine" and "actual bug tracking" - $13.5 million in today's money. I've never seen any figures for BG2, but considering the scope of the two games and the fact that environment art is the bottleneck, I'd be surprised if it were that much cheaper.
  7. A modern desktop CPU is about a thousand times more powerful than a CPU from 2000. Pathfinding shouldn't be a problem.
  8. That actually sounds like a great idea. It buffs up Strength a bit (and you can tune the degree to which Strength mitigates encumbrance, so it can be easily balanced), which otherwise seems a bit lacking, and it makes Strength especially relevant to heavy-armour builds, which feels very natural. Who mentioned anything about items having weight, eh?
  9. I've got a bad record with predictions recently, but I'd be surprised if this were the case because it generates serious frustration if you fall 1 point short of a cool item. What I'd be less surprised about is items that are always usable, but suffer some penalty if you fall short on a certain stat. Take STR in Fallout: New Vegas, for example: you can use any weapon while having any amount of strength, but if you have less than the minimum STR specified, you'll suffer accuracy penalties.
  10. Items aside, that law dump is fantastic, especially the bits about other parts of the world.
  11. Would the mods consider making a forum for people to chat about their character & item ideas? More importantly, so they can see the distribution of items & NPCs already suggested, allowing them to distinguish their own. By the way, is there a tradeoff for suggesting a very powerful item over a reasonable one? Will people be much less likely to see it?
  12. you linked the thread from the codex looking for support here i am. supporting you.
  13. karkarov's mockup is great, sensuki is wrong, gas thread ban op
  14. We've seen artwork for: Eder: rogue Feathered chick: paladin (by the look of her at least?) Cadegund: priest Forton: monk Sagani: ranger Aloth: wizard (by the looks of him) Orlan dude: cipher Green chick: druid (again, by the looks of her) which means that - if these are, in fact, are all companions - chanter/barbarian/fighter are without companions.
  15. Requotin' for a new page: Someone do me a favour and requote these on every other page or so, so new people will see them.
  16. Did you see this bit? I'd agree except this is a spiritual successor to the IE games. One of the defining qualities of those games was their massive scope, and if PE falls short in that department it'll cause a lot of disappointment. (which is rightly why the dev team is so nervous about it)
  17. More crosspostin' from SA (new ones at the bottom): Someone do me a favour and requote these on every other page or so, so new people will see them.
  18. There's been no information on the expansion pack whatsoever. If you pledge for it, you're doing so as an article of faith really. If you're not sure whether you'd like it, don't pay for it yet
  19. Also, I couldn't care less about wilderness areas. They suffer from a very low content : effort ratio. More companions though I'd love to see.
  20. Would the stretch goals be content brought forward from the expansion pack(s), or stuff we wouldn't see at all otherwise?
  21. for PE to mirror star citizen's funding model, they'd have to start selling in-game items for real money.
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