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  1. In case anyone's confused like I was, it's 9AM PDT/4PM GMT/5PM CET. The US changes from PST to PDT on the second Sunday in March; the UK and Europe change from GMT/CET/whatevs to BST/CEST/etc on the last Sunday in March. So for these three weeks, it's a 7hr difference between California and the UK rather than the usual 8hr one. Hooray, timezones.
  2. could you also track the stats of how many people actually turn it to zero, and for how long they leave it there because im betting 'almost no-one' and 'for five minutes'
  3. Instructions for decompiling the beta: Go download and install ILSpy: http://ilspy.net/ Run it, then use it to open "Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll" You can now explore the decompiled code via the "Assembly-CSharp" node in the tree on the left. Thanks to this being C#, it's pretty readable. Most of Obsidian's work is in the "-" subnode, indicating the global namespace. Optional: to export the code from the tool, click on the Assembly-CSharp node in the tree, then File->Save Code. It'll create a .csproj which can be loaded using Visual Studio, or you can just poke around with the text editor of your choice. This thread can be for discussing anything you come across. Be warned, there are obviously gonna be a lot of spoilers in there. If any of the Obsidian programmers happen across this: how did CharacterStats.cs and StatusEffects.cs come about? I know some of it is bloat from the compiler, but both are north of 4,000 lines. Do all games look like this internally? How do you debug them?
  4. Back in April, Feargus said http://stevivor.com/2014/04/obsidians-feargus-urquhart-pillars-eternity-partnership-paradox-interactive/ Seeing it's $35 a pop and there were ~75,000 backers originally, that's $1-1.5 million more since the KS. And you're saying that's all been sank into the game? Wow.
  5. given a choice between putting more resources into the models and animation and putting more resources into literally any other part of the game, imma take the "more game" option
  6. Great update! Technical question though: going by this old cookie the high res maps are looking to be ~15,000x10,000 pixels. With two layers of 24 bit colour and one at 8 bit monochrome, that works out to ~600MB of raw data a map. Are you using lossy or lossless compression or no compression? If you're compressing it, does the decompression take a notable amount of time during level load? Or do you stream it in a tile at a time? Also if you've got dozens of maps like this, just how big of a download is the game probably gonna be?
  7. Alternatively, trade some beads for the rights to another Fallout game.
  8. No, there's definitely parts other than the Beholder one where encounters are scaled. The one I remember is the golem in Firkragg's keep, which iirc could be stone or adamantium depending on your level. Doing a bit of Googling, Dan Simpson's walkthrough agrees with me (AR 1202, second paragraph).
  9. Minimalist is great, no wasted space is great. Solid bar UIs in games are a casualty of high resolutions.
  10. In this interview Feargus mentions that PoE has which is pretty impressive compared to the ~75,000 that backed via Kickstarter & Paypal originally. At $35 a pop, that means PoE has gained $900k-$1.5m from slacker backers, or equivalently 20%-35% of its Kickstarter budget. This is obviously great news, but If a dev happens across this, is it great news for PoE's budget specifically, or is that money considered profit to be channelled into other projects down the line? If it's the former, was this why extra wilderness areas and characters were being considered over Christmas?
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