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  1. Didn't have much time to play the beta, but the "rollout" and stuff seems pretty straightforward and smooth. When the downloads are finished then it's: "Onward to adventure!"
  2. All infinity engine games have their own strengths and weaknesses. You have to remember that back then there wasn't that much choice regarding RPGs where you controlled a whole party. SSI has stopped making RPGs a few years earlier. Their last meaningful tries were the Ravenloft/menzoberranzan games (Eye of the Beholder style), Dark Sun games (round based tactical combat) and the World of Aden games. Dunno. But at the time Baldur's Gate was released I've been literally starved for a D&D game. The aspects I liked (and still like) most are: 1) low level cap 2) adventuring is more da
  3. Concerning the pathfinding doors are a challenge. Will NPCs / Opponents be able to open/close doors? But this is not only a challenge to the pathfinding. There are a few strange situations that happened in existing games (Advantageous to the player) Opening a door to just enter a room with hostile opponents --> combat encounter. Retreat from that same room and closing the door --> opponents remain hostile, but don't follow beyond the door --> combat pause to regroup and heal up. (Detrimental to the player) Opening a door to enter a room / hallway with hostile opponents --> co
  4. MMORPGs are in general inferior to CRPGs. The storytelling and how your actions affect the game world are tackled differently. Just take SWTOR for example. The story is great. But reality is harsh. You'll soon find yourself spacebarring through dialogues. The difficulty level varies a lot. In a game like PE you control a whole party and the devs can balance the difficulty along this line. In an MMO you'll have to comtemplate solo, small group and raid groups. Let's be honest. Most solo content lacks anything remotely challenging. I could go on an on. What matters most in an MMO is the
  5. Dunno, but NWN2 had some annoying features. The party member's (if set to autpilot) were rather stupid. If some party members died just pull the opponents to another room. Your unconscious party members would then stand up again. Teleporting of your main character if a dialog started. And some other little details (e.g. no hitpoint rolling) were missing.
  6. Contemporary English would be most appropriate. Most players would understand it. Let's face it, I am reading Shakespeare plays from time to time. Without an appendix/explanations/dictionary you don't get all the meanings of words. Some words had a different meaning then. You don't get certain jokes (references to other classical works). Certain catch phrases from that time are not common knowledge nowadays. Medieval English and earlier "versions" would be only understandable if you had a degree in literature/culture/mythology of that time. Trying to mix contemporary English
  7. Why do you need equipment slots at all? Except for weapons equipment won't get changed that much. Configuration slots for readied weapons (main hand + off hand) are useful of course (and to allow quick weapon switches). Do you really need to break down armour into 5 or more seperate slots? Wouldn't just armour/helmet/boots suffice for example? Besides if a 20 year old CRPG can do without item slots why can't today's games? Drag the equipment to the appropriate position on the paper doll et voila. And to remove the item? Just drag it from the paper doll into the inventory. With today's
  8. If you take a closer look at D&D then you'll notice that the authors of the various rule books and campaign settings have been inspired by myths from all over the world. A few examples: Rakshasa (india, south east asia) Mummy (ancient egypt and other cultures known to use mummification practices) Minotaur (ancient greece, minoic culture) Ifrit (islamic, arabia) Gargoyle (medieval europe, gothic architecture) If you dig deep enough you'll even find references to the pre-conquest americas (north america/mesoamerica/south america), ancient persia, africa, east asia, etc. If it
  9. My general approach to CRPGs is that players should have at least more than one way of facing an encounter. The most boring thing (at least for me) is if the player has only one option: namely fight what he/she encounters. An "unbeatable encounter" in the sense that the player cannot beat it by combat means isn't that much of an issue. A player should expect several warnings of the imminent danger (e.g. by speaking with NPCs, by seeing the remains of some intrepid adventurers, etc.). Even if the player ignores such signs of warning there should be a chance to retreat. If there should b
  10. If Obsidian got the time and resources they could add this terrible rodent from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". You know that dangerous but fluffy white rabbit. *just kidding*
  11. I'm curious about which resolutions will be supported (e.g. I have some widescreen notebook with some weird resolution, 1,366 x 768). Regarding the UI, will it be similar to the early infinity engine games (BG, BG2, IWD) or rather like (IWD2)? Or similar to MMORPGs where you have one or more action action bars with a certain number of slots and each slot can be associated with any specific action (e.g. switch weapon, attack, use consumable, use skill/spell, etc.). The action bars being be freely adjustable/movable along the screen. With the latter option the displayed bars and actions s
  12. Before I start with the actual post let me express my thanks to Obsidian for waging such a project. As I understand it the actual work hasn't yet started (correct me if I'm wrong). They are still busy doing the conception while the Kickstarter funding phase hasn't even ended yet. I'm aware that Kickstarter isn't a traditional investment vehicle, where the investors get to have more influence and where the investors expect more than a "physical reward" (or digital reward). My question is regarding to how Obsidian intends to keep donors informed about the project's progress. They a
  13. Dynamic events would be interesting as long as they don't implement the quest resetting mechanic from MMOs as well.
  14. The kickstarter hasn't yet finished. Let's best wait until that is over and Obsidian provides some more details about the conception and stuff.
  15. I can live with and without a combat log. To be honest some feed back is appreciated (e.g. D&D/BG and weapon immunities), so you can adjust your tactics on the fly (e.g. switch weapons or retreat & reform). This kind of feedback can be in human readable form (like in the infinity engine games). Anyway when you play a game you'll get a feeling for the game mechanics (e.g. you can approximately guess opponents HP after a few encounters of the same kind and by that time you can easily decide on target priorities). Most of the time I don't look at the combat log. Sure, in the beginning
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