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  1. +1 Add-on created in order to expand the game characters and additional territories. It is not necessary to increase the time to create the game, without sufficient need for it. Just follow what promised you give during the Kickstarter company's.
  2. About pet: - It must be sentinel, so that you can talk to him about the past day sitting by the fireplace. - It must be linked to the main theme of the game - with the "soul" - No combat function In summary, this is likely to be a spirit. Such as the spirit of a long-dead sage who knew nothing about modern life, but can give advice in matters of everyday;)
  3. First, in order to attract people to the game, you need at least a screenshot of how you plan to game looks graphically. To the topic: - Epic hidden big bosses(cracken etc.) - Sea quest/ piracy - Big Underworld city (dwarf? Drow? Goblin?) - Russian, Polish, Italian translations - Romance...
  4. Romance - Not necessarily with a companion. But I want to be able have wife. Maybe like in Fallout. Then sold it to slavers and become a widower
  5. http://store.steampowered.com/app/70400/ http://cdn.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/70400/ss_0e4b950baa1269cc9f2180032df91966b866e39a.1920x1080.jpg?t=1316028701 I want Sword received as a legacy, that grows with the level of my character to the end of game.
  6. No anime style armor No Level scaling No "You are the chosen one!", "Youre are our hope", "Only you can save us" No mini-games. Optional ones are fine (pazaak game in KotOR, as an example), but no required ones. No re-spec No linearity, give me options. No Numeric quest (10 wolf skin, 4 part of items etc.) No children I can't kill No Guns (these weapons are not suited to fantasy) No forced companion to complete a quest No obvious consequences, Surprise me, I do not want to know all the consequences of the decisions, before I select one.
  7. I doubt it. If current trends continue, there will end in +2.4mil
  8. Vampire - knight Bodyguard, Necromancer (I like evil class ), Soul theorist, witch hunter
  9. No, this is just an example. A simple picture of a hot spot. Background can be easily replaced. just the basic idea is not to run from the corner of the house to the other corner. But all have in one picture in a convenient form. It does not require many resources to development. Moreover, for each class, you can make your own background
  10. To be honest, the big house was always irritated me ... I would prefer to see something like this: where would the static image with a frame around the object on the rollover. Say hit the chest in the background, a window opened where you can drop important but unwanted artifacts. Pulled the bag, threw rubbish there that automatically sold, etc. Cheap for the money to build, but very easy to use.
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