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  1. lets see... are the badges visible? nope.. I don't see any ok, now it's there..move along.. nothing to read here, ty.
  2. A stained psychic leprikon..don't really like him, but who knows maybe the story will make orlans more interesting.
  3. well, smthng like nwn2 had(don't remember if it's different from nwn1) - inventory with tabs + bags that can auto-gather 'small' stuff (something D&D online has) - one bag that collects all my gems, all my crafting stuff etc or maybe some user defined tabs in inventory (or both)- love when all my potions go under 1 tab, all my weapons go into other etc - I like when I can organize things in my inventory. oh, and i would prefer 1 combined inventory for all my characters. (if there will be weight limitations then just sum all the weight my party can carry)
  4. exactly, when I heard of this soul thing, I imagined something like the bene gesserit in dune with all the ancestral voices and stuff, the possession etc
  5. yeah, dragons are everywhere, I demand mind controlling parasite as a playable species!
  6. don't really need barbarian also, but usually they come with rage mechanics and that makes them somewhat unique (for some hulk fans ) Cipher -yeah, could just be a mage spec, but I guess they made a whole new mental skill system which is not the same as the tome dependent wizards. If they can make paladins unique - so that there won't be same old smite, heal stuff that can also be made by a priest, then sure lets add paladins. Bards- those guys.. the whole idea of them is so.. eew.. I'm too against them, so no, please no bards. but there should be something to make the class really re
  7. a poll would be better. Don't really care if paladins or bards are in the game- both are not my choice of classes. and bards, really? people actually like playing bards? that just.. unexpected.. I think we have already a good class selection: a weapon specialist (warrior), a bare hand specialist (monk), a ranged combat specialist(ranger), a magic user(wizard), thief/rogue/sneaky guy, shape shifting/nature guy (druid) and a faith guy (priest). Do you really need a paladin (warrior/priest hybrid) and a bard (well, a buffing dude)? Maybe a rogue can go music route or warrior choosing a deity
  8. I see a small problem with the undead - they don't have a soul (or so I heard). Well, a writer can surely bend the rules and come up with something, but still.. dunno.
  9. a villain huh.. an obstacle to my goals or the reason for me to live/act etc. A villain that challenges you, forces to adapt or suffer, someone that really motivates. IMO the main thing is the villain-hero relation, how the conflict is progressing. Antagonist personality is a factor of course, but the chemistry between him and the hero is what really makes it interesting. The action-reaction stuff my main problem with villains is that I actually mostly like their way of thinking/their goals etc, hate games that just force me to be the guy, who must oppose and my actions as a hero don't r
  10. doesn't really mater if they are in game or not.. but if they are, then not immortal. sacrificing to dark gods, consuming souls, selling into slavery, killing, giving candy, making them your followers, ignoring.. if something can be done to an adult npc, then same goes for a child.. just provide the right reaction to your actions and let players decide if they still want to make the action.
  11. If possible I always play evil characters, usually it means, (if the game has any freedom) - intimidating everything that moves and acting psycho every time, so D&D chaotic evil I guess, other choices lead to "good" outcome (fun.. but sometimes an evil mastermind schemer is the thing I really want to play with my character ) if it's a linear game you usually get just polite/arrogant options with some violent actions you character can sometimes do.. and they all lead to the same outcome.. not really fun. So I'm all in favor for freedom of choice.. all kind of moral choices, switch
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