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  1. If you mess it up though and place a bad call, do you load game or do you play with the consequences?
  2. I'll go furrst :D Things I would like to see in game 1. For some reason I have always wanted to feel like I'm making an inpact on a city, visionaly, and encounter wise. If the city is getting attacked I have even gone so far as to try pickpocket guards and changing their weapons and armor too see if I could make an impossible encounter might work. This never works though. 2. Town economy, I never really get the feeling the vendors are selling anything apart from selling YOU some upgrades, or buying all your junk. Think it would be a lot more fun if you could actually see the ci
  3. Hello there my name is Lars, I'm a huge fan of the old RPG games from Infinity/Black Isle, and I'm really looking forward to watching this one come alive. I would love to inspire Obsidian with some off my own ideas, and I know I'm not the only one! One of the biggest hinderance discussing this on a forum is that on forums , people like to argue, or rather to right someone they believe to be wrong without even trying to see it from their point of view. Also there is the barrier of language, if you read a forum post and it's filled with bad english grammar, and a few sentences that just
  4. maybe they rest better with some food and drinks? I never liked tamagotchies.
  5. Don't know how many of you played Lionheart? I think that game might be a good example as to how a game feels like if you go to grim and dark without the little sunshine and happiness, it was just heavy to play through, supose it could have something to do withe music in it too ..
  6. Lilarcor<3 Oh and, since we are discussing equipments let me add that I think swapping weapons around acordingly to what monster you are killing is a great idea. I mean, good luck stabbing a skeleton to death.
  7. Well it sucks when you figure out later that you can't complete your mainquest because you raided the whole village earlier on :s Kinda spoils the game... yeah. It sucks more when my actions don't have consequences. Same for nuking someone and them being simply sleeping. It's not like the narrative won't give you hints. And Guides will be out there if you can't make it out that much It happens, you try chat with an npc and he moves just as you are about to click him, so you end up stealing some random stuff instead and before you know it the whole town is off to kill you. **** ha
  8. Don't make it to easy though, I would love some weird sidequests or encounters that is just weird or hard to wrap your head around. MM6 Obeleisks anyone ?
  9. Well it sucks when you figure out later that you can't complete your mainquest because you raided the whole village earlier on :s Kinda spoils the game... yeah.
  10. Well you have games that let you marry, and games that let you visit the red light district, either way can be fun to have the option, but not a necessity imo. Sex scenes could be funny in a isometric view :D Especially with a party of 5 ! .... :D
  11. Rapiers should be top notch tier swords, doing bleed dmg perhaps dimnishing your enemies attack speed, or leave casters a chance to dazzle, all you got to do then is to pray you don't meet Liam Neeson on the battlefield, that guy will tear you up :D
  12. If it makes sense on the story, sure! They could certainly make it an option, or they would have a point in the story where they ask if you have finished all your quests because there will be no coming back etc. Usually for me with RPG's, it's like I play the game doing all the small quests I can find, and soon as I've finished the "final encounter" I'm taking a break from the game, be it free roam after or not. Later I'll pick it up again, and try to play an evil character but figure out ****, I can't do it!.. and then I'll make a new Good character and play it again atleast th
  13. This is how Black Isle used to fix this: The Thief could decide what he wanted to lvl, be it sneak, traps, lockpicks or so. The Magician could only open locks if he had the right spell for it, the harder the lock, the higher lvl spell was needed. Fighter classes could bash open the lock if he had enough strength, and in the process he might get unlucky and destroy the loot. This way you could decide who you wanted to have what utility, the fighter beeing the worst choice for opening locks ofc :D If they are doing this oldschool I wouldn't worry about it.
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