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  1. In most cRPGs the best items can be found after killing some boss or other ellite oponent. In Project: Eternity I would like a little dfifferent approach (of course bodies of dead bosses still could be one of the sources of some cool items): the best, legendary items should be acquired by following legends and stories. For example you go to tavern and you listen to some local storyteller, who tells some legend that nearby hill is not actually a hill, but a tomb of some ancient hero. And at this moment starts a quest when you must investigate who this hero might be, how to enter to the tomb and check if this hill indeed is a tomb. General idea is to get some cool, legendary items by following stories and legends that our character might hear during travelling through the world. Of course to make it more difficult, some stories or legends could be just a fiction and some could contain the truth. So following some stories could be rewarded with some amazing discovery and folllowing the rest of them could lead our team to some trouble (or reward us with something else than powerfull items) What do you think about something like this ?
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