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  1. Aren't they saying we'd be the ones to disbelieve it This IS Obsidian's board. That's a fair expectation. But this board seems more apathetic about this subject than anything. I expected to wake up to a much larger thread, but apparently "Chris hates Obsidian" isn't as big a draw on this board as posting "Romance in PoE II". Obsidian is known to be badly managed, we all know that. We also know there's bad blood between avellone and obsidian from past interviews. Knowing the names in this case it's a new, but I highly doubt this kind of stuff isn't know by the devs talking betw
  2. I came to check the dead line and discovered it was over. Feeling good for the goal reached and bad for not contributing. As a thought as someone who didn't participated, by the nature of the fundraising a item that could be useful for any class would be great.
  3. Any idea how will this going to work? Just presets like BG1 or more custom like DA:O?
  4. Actually I was just talking about running a page for it, while the community still do the dirty work, just like the Paradox stuff. But the wiki stuff instead of the manual is a great idea!
  5. Never understood why developers don't support these things, just as paradox does. Just in case Feargus is reading.
  6. Don't know if it's against the rules, but I'll just post mine here: TYRANNY-4U1CX69Q9V0C-50
  7. I think that making a incredible successful game and almost going bankrupt was enough for them.
  8. It's always best to say that you don't give a damn.
  9. I really, really doubt that he leaved to join another company. He was/is the co-owner of obsidian and no-one can say that he's projects were being screwed without his participation, and it's very doubtful that he'll have more freedom than in a company he's one of the OWNers. Looking by what he was doing in the past five years he will just write books/magazines and eventually have a very minor participation role as a guest in game.
  10. 1st - PoE was never marketed as the sucessor of BG series, but as a spiritual sucessor of the IE games 2nd - Its been fifteen years since BGI, and people always forget where the series would have been if the series continued. BGIII was going into full 3D after all, and that's was more than tem years ago.
  11. How many millions had PoE after two days?
  12. Will skip this after Torment's disapointment
  13. Donate $2 cause I live on a third world country
  14. Obsidian has nothing to do with BG3:BH, no matter how many people worked on it. The owner was probably Interplay or Atari, but as anything related to D&D it's buried deep under a mountain of licensing rights and safely out of reach of anyone.
  15. "i don't like bananas because they aren't oranges" there are plenty of TB games out there. Go play it and leave this as it is.
  16. Just another way to let Valve make Money over the real content creators.
  17. Do you really think the insane backer texts were not choosed before the game shipped? Obsidian shouldn't said a word about this and no one else with more than two neurons in its head would care.
  18. Never got the argument, if you feel that carring 4 packs of armor is wrong, just drop them. But a option on this would made everyone happy.
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