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  1. A fresh re-install solves the issue... and seems to point to an issue with the current 3.03 GOG patch.
  2. Hi, I updated my GOG version to 3.03 yesterday. I quickly noted issues with transparency. Currently in the White March, it covers wind, snow, steam, fire... I updated my Nvidia card driver to the latest version. (and tried 3 others btw) I restarted / cool-down my computer, made sure of optimal disk and ram conditions (and tried other games). I played with different saves and with the graphic settings... All to no avail. And my characters are gliding btw... Any recommendation (except waiting for 3.04)? Update: it seems to affect only TWM content. I will try reinstalling
  3. Thanks! I can't wait to resume my journey with all this fixed!
  4. The better game the better. I don't know how much budget increase these donations could represent at this stage. But keeping that gate open is something I favor, even if it comes in the way of 'free' DLC later.
  5. Congrqts! That campaign has been epic... and it is only the start of the adventure
  6. A polished game would be a nice goal (without stretching anything aside from the deadline)
  7. I sure would like that. I love what has been done as vocal command mod for Skyrim Dragonshouts. Imagine having an UW or ArxFatalis with that! However I don't think it would fit in P:E. So let's just have the PC and companions incantating their own!
  8. Sure, I would just feel cheated out of a novel experience ). Playing an embodied disembodied entity is not just as fun as what I pictured before. Although the fun may not last long enough if the disadvantages impact too strongly on the gameplay.
  9. It sure would be a nice touch. If the player party was allowed to run for it too (with penalties to group relationship)... especially given the hadcore mode Obsidian unveiled for the 2.3M$ stretch goals
  10. Well chopping a leg or more limbs off someone (humanoid, reasonable level of self awareness and er... intelligence) would surely prevent them from being able to take much action. Magic might keep them alive long enough afterwards. Never said it was a lawful good action.
  11. Eternity will mess up with search engine in the long run without knowing of the plot line (I don't want to anyway), with an obvious tip of my hat: Eternity - A Watcher's Torment Perhaps Project Eternity might be the name if the soul involving plot is a grand design to achieve eternity.
  12. And not to break the immersion, those states of being would need to be integrated in the dialogs and reactions of almost every NPC, so that it does not get relegated to a footnote quest. I would prefer Obsidian's energy being spent on developping their own original content. There's so much more to fantasy than the tried (and trusted) tropes. Admittedly, some is bad. But writers have done very nice new things recently on magic, settings and worldbuilding. Although I have to wonder how one would play a truely ghostly character (and I mean disembodied). It may not be easy to interact with the w
  13. Does dismemberment count as subduing? Not that I would want people to play with their ennemy pray
  14. Had it been an Ultima I would have said a magic carpet. What I would like is a way to take notes in game, both on map and in a journal, wildlife (not the gratiutous attacking type like frenzied bears jumping on anypasserby, snakes attacking in herds...) , and a true(ly long and dangerous) labyrinth (without any automap).
  15. 20 days to raise money even more for the Obsidian lore to reach us in a new shape without any red tape for us all to praise forevermore
  16. Intelligently hard... Not every fight should be able to kill our party on pure dumb luck on the part of the AI, but death should be lurking near. But going around on the main roads should not decimate any decent travelling merchant party unless the setting calls for it. Ressources should have a meaningful cost, using drugs/potions should have one too (if not aftereffects, at least a locking timer). Selling a full plate mail in adequate state for the price of a night in a small town inn is not meaningful. Useful combination of talents and skills of the party should be noticeable. Hardcore
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