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  1. Is it not supposed to? I got a hide from a stag I killed though, but is there no point in killing all the random deer running around?
  2. While that's true, I doubt they were the exclusive go-to words to use in every possible context. These days when you're writing a "ruff'n'tuff' character, f--k seems to be the curse word of choice to convey just how ruff'n'tuff he is.
  3. First time I came across one of these I was intrigued that it would be a gameplay mechanic where you can confront the NPCs with what you saw in their thoughts leading to quests etc. Imagine my dismay when it dawned on me that these are just pointless text dumps. When I came upon Sturm Brightblade I realized reading these signposts was a waste of time and didn't bother interacting with any more of them. I understand that Obsidian can't do this officially, but I'd be grateful for a mod that lets me blot out these immersion-breaking NPCs.
  4. I don't mind swearing but it kinda bothers me if fantasy authors can't come up with more fitting alternatives, particularly to the overused modern English "f--k". For example, the Polish version of Witcher uses a very imaginative language while in the English translation it's just ****s and **** all over.
  5. I have TAB bound to the minimap. In a way it does constitute cheating, on the other hand with wizards and ciphers being commonplace in the game lore you'd expect an orientation help would be the first thing theyd come up with.
  6. why are translations a stretch goal then if adding them is not dependant on the budget? plus you cant compare an obscure language like polish to english. if obs were polish or russian or whatever then i could see the need to translate their game to reach a wider audience, but the way things stand i consider it a waste, and the germans, french etc would be better off playing it in english anyway rather than the inferior version in their native language
  7. KIF is just a marketing trick that Fargo came up with whos gonna control how much profit a KS project made over what time period and how much of it was donated to other projects? pointless
  8. translations, even high profile ones, are usually far below the original writing quality, which can put a serious damper on a text/dialogue heavy game like this plus who doesn't speak or at least understand english in this day and age? imo they should spend their resources on something else
  9. selling annah into slavery was one of the most memorable experiences in PST. slavery should deffo be in the game
  10. one of the coolest themes in PST was the blood war - an eternal conflict between 2 evil factions of demons, one chaotic one lawful, that often spilled into the material world and led to many memorable moments, like the fiends in the tavern or the ending wher TNO must fight as a soldier in the blood war forevermore will be something like that in PE? obvioulsy you cant use the name BLOOD WAR because thats protected by wizards of the coast but it would be cool if ther was something similar happening in the background
  11. i dont personally care what stretch goals they add at this point unless its to bring some big name into the team (like justin sweet, or jermy soule) the goals are just there to entice more people to pledge more, but i assume all the extra money they get will go into making the world bigger and more fleshed out without them specifically stating that, and that's what matters to me most
  12. i see a huuuge number of polls pop up on the forum and i wonder if they are any help at all to obsidien devs to decide what to add to the game and what not. do you think they even pay attention to the results?
  13. Yes, but maybe that's because we haven't seen any isometric (with locked view) major title in the last few years. inquisitor begs to disgree. what, not major enough for you?
  14. perhaps not for the main quest in a "hurry up or game over" sort of way but i can see some side quests have a time component say if you tarry too long to rescue someone they will die, but instead of a flat out failed quest the objective changes and now you have to find the killers through some clues instead of the npc telling you outright who captured him
  15. i dont think the game needs to make a big fuss about every little detail of a character, especially if that detail is not noticeable at a glance. that doesnt stop you from roleplaying the way you want if youre a shemale irl but look deceptively like a real woman people are going to react to you like to a woman maybe just let people write their own bio for their character like infinity games had, that should be enough
  16. but as a transgender woman don't you for all intens and purposes feel like a woman? then you could pick a female avatar and roleplay that she was a man previously
  17. a sword MUST do less damage to a skeleton than a mace does. it is the law
  18. whatever they call them i hope every class feels unique and distinct d&d prestige classes for all their fancy names were for the most part just minor variations of each other and played pretty much the same the way they were implemented in nwn2
  19. what do you mean yet again? arcanum was a decade ago, theres not exactly many games that explore the theme in such a way
  20. if it would look like the recently released inquisitor i would be very happy like so: http://inquisitor-rpg.com/img/screenshots/inquisitor_33.jpg
  21. Avellone and Sawyer have produced a game before, chosen to include homosexual characters and successfully done it without having it detract from the story. They chose this and did it in a way that everyone agrees was perfect. I ask again, has anyone here even PLAYED New Vegas? thought youre talking about MOTB tbh gann was bi and it was handled perfectly
  22. gay, bi, lesbian, whatever... it all has a place and should be included for the sake of realism as long as it feels natural and makes sense rather than filling a quota
  23. but in WOW technology and magic or on par, thats why they coexist in relative harmony, and a hunter with a bow does the same damage he does with a rifle Yes but arrows cannot penetrate hardened plate armor, bullets can. So the question from that is, why haven't the culture with the bows and arrows adopted the new technologies and culturally adapted to defend themselves, or not adapted and been conquered. im not very big on WOW lore, but i think the reason is that the technology they have tends to backfire a lot so there is a high risk involved in it, nevertheless both faction do use tech of gnomish or goblin origin quite prominently of course its a fairytale world and none of it would hold up in a more intelligent setting but there it is
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