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  1. ... except that good scenario you described is not really PoE, hence this topic. Okay, so we don't have Charisma but this time around the gamifier is Intelligence. Int is the new legit Charisma... and it could be avoided pr easily by nerfing or changing INT, or following other suggestions in this thread. I mean take a minute and read INT's description and it should be immediately obvious that it should looks suspicious on first glance (at least it did for me but I guess I'm not alone with this). Hell, there are only one or two right builds in PoE for every class and you suffer HEAVY probl
  2. A IE-engine min-maxer eh? See for yourself what PoE RTwP battles are really about, it's interesting take on BG action (even more of a resource flow management lé semi-mmorpgs but with emphasis on time) BUT The current battle system is still rough on edges. eg. if you cast a spell outside your range, your caster can run like RIGHT NEXT TO ENEMY and not do anything if **** hits the fan (the vegetable Baldur's gate fan perhaps? ). It's better to manually move caster closer to target, then try again to cast spell. It means a LOTS of manual pausing, be prepared... You very often accidentally misc
  3. [PERSUADE ->+450 gold, Int 4 required, Apathetic, Self-degrading] ...Can't tell cos I'd never play with the gatdam dialogue-hint system on, lol. Anybody finding that dex doesn't boost Accuracy even somewhat a little strange?? I started the game with Balanced Dex-based Monk with completely average Con... found out the hard way that, you can't really do careful dodging monk (maybe with hi-level talents, and even then... it's quite min-maxing) with how the stats are now. I mean it's just a little unintuitive, you'd assume that it's the only preciness/careful fighter-attribute when there is
  4. [spoilers] Control freaks! I don't necessarily agree with Ruffian focus (besides it's an extra talent) and Field Triage initially but I found a LOT of use once I've got used to them... and I can see WHY the characters would pick those abilities, that what kind of builds those characters are MEANT to be. Eder is a weird-ish mix of urban ruffian and heavy Interrupt-centered tank, and it works. Durance is heavy melee-oriented cleric. Elf wizard is low-level critter killer. Kana is A-little-of-all-roles (imo focus in scrolls) and a mixed chanter of buffs/debuffs and summons. [End of spoilers]
  5. Discussion of update patch in reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31826k/patch_103_notes/ ... It does make you wonder how on earth the Obsidian guys weed out the essential suggestions for balance tweaks from the sea of comments! Great job, Obsidian!
  6. This reminds me of special abilities like that tracking in IWD. I felt a little bummed that essentially it was used at the beginning of an area to just check/have an estimation of enemy types but you'll bump into the soon enough so it doesn't matter so much to use them. Would had been neat if you could had predict an ambush if you find covered steps at some point or lots of footprints/single pair of footprints...But what about when you've got someome with extraordionary sense of smell (like canine)? You could tell what type of folks have recently passed through the area, get extra info on who
  7. They're comparing this to Wasteland 2 graphics, which in that beta-video had that overbloomed, over-coloured 3d graphics as of late (well, exaggarated animation too). Not overly cartoonic as in Borderlands but u no, like flirtin' there? U get me bro? : ^ B Some of them bring up indie games, no doubt, which is hilarious in it's logic like I said.
  8. ahaha i read moonwalking in the title. Please, gimme moonwalking dwarves... i demand them NOW, Obsidian. Do NOT test my temper. Also, this is a isometric rpg so uuuhh dunno where you got that idea from but maybe there'll be crossable water/river/shore/shallow terrain, who knows. Climbing with platemails, huh.
  9. You know, Obsidian only needs to eventually post a picture of what non-cartoony stuff they can achieve with Unity and besides shutting up Unity-naysayers, would probably induce a lot of pledges. The nerd-outrage is kinda hilarious. But it's up to them if they want to post any kind of pictures or videos at all (cough wasteland 2 cough). I mean yeah I too am expecting the more realistic graphics of BG/IWD than the more cartoony ones we've seen in RPG's as of late. But I thought it was kinda obvious that's the style Obsidian will do considering it's oldschool-IE games. Also awesome update
  10. Hell, you could toggle a quest this way. Consider that every NPC has a check value. You try to rob from a rich-looking but shady person who you can't speak with as the guards don't allow to (could be assasination attempt for all he knows). The only way naturally to pickpocket is to do it in the market with lots of commoners around. He catches your hand/arm when you try to pickpocket him (due to his very high perceptional skills, related to his career), bemusing whether he should cut your hands here and now or send you to the judge/jail. If you have high ability of convincing, eg speech, good w
  11. 1. How mega is your idea of a mega dungeon? 5 levels? 10 levels? 20? More? Isn't the core idea of Mega dungeon is to be that ridicilous challenge for the toughest (like in roguelikes), plus that they possibly just close you in and never let you go until you clear it? Idk man. I think the idea of each level matters more than the amount I guess, like in Durlag's and Watcher's Keep levels... there has to be some good ideas in level design like in any dungeons. Otherwise, the more the merrier (especially if you can't get out > : ^ B ) Like that's a nice idea and tbh Durlag's Tower was p
  12. ahahah 10 pageeees, youuu guyyyys. wasn't there a article on nerds threatening to quit DA if they didn't remove homosexual elements? Hell yea. Hell yeah!!! Rock'n'roll baby. Do it Avellone. Your only and only chance. Don't let the icky sweaty ****ing nerds get in the way. yeehaaaawww. nerds, meet life, life meet nerds *looks astonished at nerds*
  13. Like my close friend wisely said (who plays a lot of tabletop RPG's, card games, etc etc and designs then, he pledged too as well) - Obsidian isn't basing the battle system on DnD (or on any other tabletop systems to that matter) now and they're thinking stuff carefully so hopefully the prior, glaring problems with weapon balancing from previous Forgotten Realms titles won't become relevant.
  14. OFC i'll support Obsidian's choice, no matter what it is. I voted Justin Bell if only to reinforce an antagonism to fracking Jeremy Soule who'se style is pretty unremarkable & kinda insulting to Justin as well if he's on the job by default. You nerds you!! You would think a lesser-known composer would pour his heart out on a project like this, you know. And I'm somewhat suprised people have forgotten BG 1 & 2 composers, seems like a some kind of insult to those guys consider how ****ing good OST's both have, with major stylistic differences. I really haven't heard anything like the
  15. This is really pointless. They've made their point clear: they're probably going after something totally new or try something different with old systems. You can only comment on previous titles shortcomings for the best result. And for that, i'd say that watch out for making everybody able to cast everything or same POOL of spells: this became a problem in BG2 where rangers, clerics, mages, druids, sorcerers, monks, friggin' everybody has spells (and the same ones) so spamming was huge and roles were lost. It got only worse in ToB, what with fighter's summoning celestial fighters etc. Ofc
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