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Found 5 results

  1. just curious if my companions know if i'm stealing from chests etc. if i leave them outside, sneak in steal something without getting caught, then sneak out. I can see some of the more straight laced companions getting negative if you go on stealing spree's and get caught, thus they know, but was wondering if they also are looking over my shoulder tsking disapprovingly to themselves just from the act itself? thanks
  2. I've got a pretty good understanding of how most of the skills work regarding mechanics on consumables. But I'm not 100% sure how Stealth and Sleight of Hand work in depth mechanically. So, We all know that when you increase your stealth, it makes you harder to detect (harder to see in the vision cone, harder to hear in the sound circle). I'm curious as to what exactly dictates this. Is it distance? is it an extended stealth "timer"? is it both? When you put a point in stealth, does it decrease the distance in which enemies notice you? or does it just slow the stealth "timer"? and most importantly by how much per point? Some enemies notice you quicker than others. Is our stealth compared against enemy/npc perception? Power level? Now for Sleight of Hand, it seems that so long as you are actively in stealth, you can view what's in the enemy's inventory regardless of your Sleight of Hand skill. Similarly, it seems you can put explosives in their pockets regardless of your Sleight of Hand skill. However, if they have a shiny item you want to steal, depending on your sleight of hand skill, you may not be able to steal it. Is this based off of the enemy/npc's perception or power level? or is it based off of the value of the item your trying to lift?
  3. So I helped myself to some donations to a good cause. I find a magic item and click it with a gleeful grin, only to find nothing happens.. O_o Why does stealing some items from shelves fail?
  4. Do you steal in the game ? Like those little chests with the red hand over them, trying to sneak so u could take whats inside even though u know it belong to someone else ?
  5. I did not like stealing in BG2/PS:T/IWD at all. Nicking 10gp from someone out of dialogue and only being able to steal proper items in stores did not provide as much fun to me as stealing in, for example, Fallout did. What I'd love to see would be the ability to use my Stealing skill via conversation options (with the possibility of failure), and, most importantly, to steal from random NPCs out in the world without initiating dialogue. Of course it wouldn't make sense to steal the armor off someones back, but I'd love it if any item that is not currently worn would provide me with the option to go for it. The chance of success could be influenced by the weight or type of the item, and in special cases by how protective the owner feels towards the item. In the interface that'd show me the contents of his/her backpack and the chance of success, you could fuzz the numbers stronger by how little Dexterity/Perception/Intelligence/Streetsmarts/Awareness the protagonist and the target has. As the last ingredient, add a cooldown to stealing (5 times within 5 minutes or something) much like the gambling/reload cooldown in New Vegas worked, and I would be one happy sonofabitch. ...Okay, this got a little out of hand, I'm not designing the game after all... but do my fellow career rogues think about making Stealing more interesting?
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