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do companions know if your stealing, (not caught by npc's, just in general)

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just curious if my companions know if i'm stealing from chests etc. if i leave them outside, sneak in steal something without getting caught, then sneak out. I can see some of the more straight laced companions getting negative if you go on stealing spree's and get caught, thus they know, but was wondering if they also are looking over my shoulder tsking disapprovingly to themselves just from the act itself?


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The game will never register a disposition change without showing you. I actually kind of wish they implemented it with theft, though - Xoti constantly rolls her eyes at my "skullduggery" in conversations, but has no problem with me robbing the temple of Gaun blind moments later. Probably some limitation with the game mechanics.

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What really breaks my immersion is how we can unlock chests and doors in plain sight of people without them reacting. Except the chest in Clarios office.


A good thief can do that. People will eventually get distracted or look away. But don't ask me why Dereo and his men keep moving around as if they had never seen sparkcrackers. :p


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