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  1. **** that, Obsidian should just make their own Science Fiction universe, preferably hard sci-fi, and kickstart that. Making new worlds is what they're really good at, so I'd put my money on that.
  2. A relatively easy to deal with ogres and some other strong opponents is to get a Cipher on the group and then use the level 2 Cipher power Mental Binding to hold the Ogre while your casters do their worst at him. Maybe use the time to cast some additional traps or debuffs on the ogre, or buffs on the tank or equip everyone with firearms and do a salvo. Then retreat and repeat a few times
  3. Ah, Level Caps, my old nemesis. I definitely hope I'm not going to hit it, since for some reason it just takes a big chunk out of the game. At least that was what happened with Arcanum long time ago, although that was really just the least of that game's problems. Anyway, I completely understand why Obsidian chose to use a level cap on POE, it's a practical way because of the game system they decided to create. Yes, it's entirely because of the game system being class and level reliant. On open-ended system like you have in Fallout or Arcanum even, level restrictions aren't that important
  4. No, not quite. Current gen = current consoles Last gen = old console Best gen = PC.
  5. I'd like Obsidian tackle a serious hard science fiction RPG. Maybe something like Mass Effect with less space elves and space orcs, definitely less romances and also a storyline that doesn't degenerate into an epic quest to save the universe and choosing between three buttons in the end.
  6. I don't want to get into speculating budget thingies, sure $4m is a lot of money and you can get a pretty big team for quite a long time with that money, but the important fact is that they delivered the actual game and didn't shoot too far off from the schedule even. I was very positively suprised with that, and with all the problems even the launch was relatively successful in my opinion. My only reason for wonder is why these things keep happening to them, regardless of the years of experience. And the question, or theory, I raised in the OP was: Because, in my opinion, from a
  7. Raedric's hold bug was about critical as it gets, and looking at the tech support forum it seems quite a few had it, and that's just those bothering to write on forums - not everyone doe. Then there's, broken stats buffs (bonuses accumulate), broken items etc. Granted, it could be worse. I never said it's easy to make this kind of game. I said some of the problems appear like they'd be very easy to fix, and in fact prevent alltogether with a bit oversight when designing the software. And my question was more to propose my theory that designer and coder talent don't quite mix well in Obsi
  8. Exactly. Its a lot more productive to work in a social environment for long periods of time with other professionals. Yeah, gotta second that. Being an innately lazy bastard myself, I find myself much more productive when I go to a place where I'm supposed to be more productive. Consider it another tool that can help with the already difficult process of developing a games - or any software -- or any project work overall.
  9. Do you mean the Radial menu? I have no idea why we don't have that in PoE....I always thought PoE would have it That worked fantastically in ToEE and NwN (two brilliants RPGs and some of my favorites) EDIT: But I definitely see ToEE influence in combat i.e. over-engineered, unforgiving, hard-core combat mechanics. Which is fine. Yes, that exactly that! Also I think I know what you mean with the other ToEE influences, but those are really up to taste, not necessarily about neither improvement nor retrogression.
  10. Oh yes, that's because of having overly high expectations they're sometimes also being over-critized, but I guess that's just a part of their charm. What mistakes are you referring to ? Well, for example, there seems to be consistently something broken in their itemization system. I'm not sure if it's a database problem, or something inherently problematic with RPG's (you should be able to know what kind of DB works after a few games...), let alone the quest systems which are always broken. In some cases the merit goes to another party (e.g. Bethesda @ Fallout: NV), but at oth
  11. Well, I don't think BIG is the answer to everything, since they should have plenty of experience from BIG. Of course it probably has an impact on things, but regardless, it's not the only factor. At least that's my theory. Edit: DS3 and South Park also had their share of problems on launch, albeit not quite as big. Edit2: Especially SP I think had some pretty major bugs on launch, if I remember right (you could probably track it down by searching for early forum posts)
  12. Hi! I'm a massive fan of Black Isle / Troika / Obsidian as well as a student majoring in Computer Science, a game hobbyist and an amateur game developer. (Disclaimer) So, my question for today is a very profound one, and one that carries a lot of meaning to me, personally, and especially from a game developer studio perspective: What's wrong with Obsidian? Everything starts with Black Isle and Fallout, which (if you're aware of the story around the production) was a general huge mother****ing mess. After Black Isle was shot down, the general messiness seemed to follow with Troika games
  13. Run the game as administrator. That fixed it for me. As a side effect, for me at least, this removed the steam overlay.
  14. I just noticed this as well, when recruiting Pallegina for the first time. It seems that the problem is with a badly designed equipment system, which doesn't properly calculate the stats for various characters, since this problem is repeating in different forms in many other places as well. How it works now: - Add bonuses on function calls - Remove bonuses on function calls -> When you forget to add the proper function calls to certain situations, you miss some of the information, hence you've got bunch of broken stats. How it should work: - When loading a character: calcula
  15. I've encountered the same bug as well. However, I managed to fix by finding out which level was causing the problem, and then renaming that file from the savegame. I've the repaired savegame by renaming the file with a suffix .broke. My savegame, log and dxdiag: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/733138/RaedricsKeep%20crash%20stuff.7z The problematic file for me was: AR_0709_Raedrics_Hold_Int_02.lvl After that, all the transitions started working again, although that particular level was naturally reset. The steps I used to encounter the bug, as far as I can recall: 1) E
  16. It's really all about rate of progression and scale of experience rewards. Large scale is only required if you'd want to track very tiny (read: insignificant) rewards. For example, in Rolemaster Standard System (pnp rpg) you require 10 000 experience to reach next level through levels 2-5, but experience tracking is very detailed, e.g. every point of damage you take or cause earns you a point of experience, as does every mile the character travels - with multipliers applied as appropriate. So in RMSS's case, there's a reason why large numbers are used initially. So basically, when designin
  17. Didn't Arcanum have separate armors for small, medium (human) and large body sizes? I think it worked pretty well there, and actually brought an extra dimension of credibility to the world.
  18. A full rpg isn't the optimal type of game for customer-based beta testing, due to the complexity of the game. So they'll probably hire some professional testers to do most of the heavy lifting, but regardless, there's some extra work in creating the proper feedback channels for the beta testers, even if it's just a new forum section, and more so when moderating these channels. I'd expect the kickstarter beta to occur relatively late in the production anyway, and be more-or-less finished game with just a bit more bugs than usual. Anyway, it'd be interesting to participate myself, but sadly the
  19. If the devs see it worth spending some time on, then they will. It's not my place to tell them what kind of stories they should write, let them keep their full artistic freedom in that particular area. I wouldn't want anyone restricting my artistic freedom in the same sense.
  20. Phase-based combat like Frozen Synapse. Yes, I think that would work pretty well. And how does it differ from pausing every turn? You can't change orders once you press "Go!".
  21. Not photorealistic, but if it's stylized something in the vein of this I'd feel happy happy joy joy =D Seriously, haven't we suffered enough from the so called "stylized" cartoon graphics already? I'd gladly take as photorealistic as possible as well, just as long as it doesn't look like yet-another-cartoon-game :/ I actually like e.g. Baldur's Gate's art style a lot, since it seems to fall to the stylized realism category the above represents as well.
  22. I voted "Brutally Realistic", because I don't want any taboos or ESRB crap to restrict expression in the game. Of course it's up to the developer how far they want to go, and if they really want to go there. What matters mostly is entertaining story.The thing is to NOT glut in all imaginable and unimaginable social depravities and ****ed up things you can do to a human being. Just make sure that whatever **** happens, the world reacts to it right, and you're good to go. The player can connect the dots, we're not idiots.
  23. Oh, people are going to hate whatever's the introduction. The IE games, IWD and BG in particular, caused a lot of character re-rolling. Introduction and all that tutorial **** should be done via choice. E.g. very early on, give the player a choice to go do the noob stuff or skip the crap, preferably via a dialogue option with some NPC.
  24. Oh, that picture reminds me of yet another thing: Layered armor Why not? Shouldn't be THAT hard to do
  25. A relatively easy way, and a very satisfying way to hide the fantasy tropes behind fantasy races is not to use the traditional fantasy names, but instead use the lore names. For example, the mmorpg Mortal Online has basically 2 elf races, 2 dwarf races, a 2 half-orc race and then four human races. But since they're all referred to with their lore names (plus the concept art and description also do a great work in differentiating them quite a ways from the traditional rpg stuff), you actually don't feel that much like choosing a an elf or a dwarf, but instead you make a Veela of the Alvarin cla
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