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  1. Why? Historically accurate where? On Earth? You forget this is a fantasy universe having nothing to do with our own. Do I really have to explain what I meant? I didn't think so.
  2. I'd say "original" is something that isn't the trend at the moment.
  3. I'd really like to see the roles of races and especially the balance of power turned around a bit, if possible. Recently there's been a trend with portraying humans as the master race and the others as lesser, enslaved race (e.g. DA, The Witcher), but wouldn't it logically be the other way around? Shouldn't the older more adanced race rule? Why should humans be anything but a sorry slave race that's only good at killing each other. Maybe then the player would actually feel a reason to hate and despise the races, making themes like racism actually work, instead of being just the standard superf
  4. Umm... I guess. It's been eternity since I last played any of those games. But I reckon that could work pretty fine, presumed you add a the queue system. I can't emphasize the importance of that enough. Since it's reeeaallly important :D
  5. Yes please. I wouldn't mind even a historically very accurate arsenal and armour, with perhaps some tasteful fantasy flavour such as with materials. Also, can we have magical items that DO NOT have a huge halo around them - if we're to have any.
  6. If they made an optional turn-based mode which would work like in Frozen Synapse, then it would be pretty easy to do on top of a realtime system. Basically in Frozen Synapse, you set the orders of a short round during the planning phase, after which the orders are set and cannot be changed. Action takes place in action place and both players guys and enemies move simultaneously. You must always plan ahead and try to predict what the enemy does and the order queue is persistent, meaning you can set orders that take place over several turns. So yeah, it isn't traditional turn-based but isn't tra
  7. Yes, definitely. Thinking about warrior characters made me think about how to depict them, and moreover on how to introduce the typical rpg violence and violence as a theme; how to make the world react to violence. It made me think that violence should in fact be described as gruesomely as possible - not by visual or verbose descriptors - but by showing proper reactions to violence; make warriors mental wrecks on the verge of breaking apart due to the inhumanities they've performed, or psychopaths without conscience, who are incapable of any lasting relationships, or any kind of moral jud
  8. Hehe, trust me, this was me being my most polite self That's exactly it. The companions should act intelligently AND the system should support a multitude of intelligent options. For example, let's take an archer example. You'd want an archer to keep their distance, but maybe switch to melee if someone closes up. Okay, let's say you have this archer who is also very accurate with a light melee weapon, then they could try something like called shots to the legs in order to slow down and injure the opponent enough for the archer to run further away again and pin some more arrows on th
  9. And that's a good thing. While DnD is field-tested and proven, it's still a POS, and there's nothing that'll change that. I'd rather they try something experimental than go for the ye olde faithful just because. Besides, custom ruleset means, no licencing fees, which means more monies for other aspects of development.
  10. One thing you could do would be to give characters a different amount of defensive and offensive actions, i.e. evades and attacks, and have them be controlled by a combat stance system. I.e. Defending versus an attack consumes a defensive action, while making an attack consumes an offensive action. Then have stances work something like this: Turtle: 4 evades, 0 attacks, defensive bonus Defensive: 3 evades, 1 attack Balanced: 2 evades, 2 attacks Offensive: 1 evade, 3 attacks Berserk: 0 evades, 4 attacks, extra damage Suddenly there's huge difference in choosing how many opponents to
  11. I wouldn't mind if every bit of (DnD and other classical RPG) tradition was thrown in the garbage bin and made anew. Let's start with a couple ideas. Mana: What is this mystical force that fuels the miracles you perform? Make it somehow critical and essential in every being; make the lack of it be as deadly as lack of blood in your veins, or fresh air to breathe. Maybe casting spells is literally sacrificing some of your own life force. Ok, maybe not that drastic, but something more meaningful than simply exhausting a pool of infinitely regenerating points or sleeping a few hours. Maybe h
  12. While I generally prefer skill-based systems, classes can have their uses. For instance, when balancing character roles. The bad thing is, that if the classes are too rigid, character creation and character progression becomes a chore with very little choice involved. If a class-based solution would be used, I'd rather go for a hybrid solution where the class only offers a certain special ability or other relatively significant bonuses, but character development is still mostly skill based. The worst thing you can do, in my opinion, is go for a very little number of very rigid classes.
  13. I know, it's funny because that's what everyone easily thinks, and it sounds like that's how it is, but the reality is that a good turn-based game has a completely different feel to it. Turn-based in itself is a way of pacing the gameplay and removing any reaction time factors. A good turn-based game is designed in way to take advantage of the turn-based mechanics. It usually means there isn't that much stuff happening at a time. For example, combat mechanics can be deadlier, because of the extended time each turn takes. In realtime games it's often better to rely on HP sack mechanics, because
  14. You can do miracles with PCs of today. The reason we aren't seeing much more top-notch graphics is precisely because consoles are technically limiting every multi-platform game. Luckily Obsidian ditched console versions, so they can focus on giving pc gamers all the love they can. That said, I hope the game will be top notch graphically. An argument towards 3D though: You say you want to play the game in 20 years. Well, imagine how nice a game intended for 1920x1080 resolution will look on that 100" 16384 x 29127 screen on your living room, running on your supercomputer. I doubt you like t
  15. This is pretty much the most concerning piece of information we got. I would've much more preferred a turn-based system, since it allows for much better pace and control over multiple companions. I think realtime systems are fine as long as they concentrate on either one complex character, or on multiple simple character, so that the player needs to focus only on making high-level tactical decisions, or concentrate on one complex entity, not nitpick on which ability or spell to use next on all of the characters. For example, Dragon Age: Origins probably has one of the worst realtime /w pause s
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