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  1. I like your explanation. A good retcon can lend depth to a setting.
  2. I want a Fallout game where the focus is on creating a settlement and the power struggles between the various leaders of your vault. The individuals that you sell scrap and information will influence and eventually dictate how the game's story develops. Do you capture sane ghouls for a would-be slave trader? Can you race the clock to get life-saving medicine for the Overseer? Should your people force their way into another vault? Bethesda has created a storytelling device with the settlement mechanics. Obsidian can build upon that, just as New Vegas had done with Fallout 3.
  3. No, John, you are the Gods. Don't be silly Bryy, you know turning yourself into a god isn't an ending option in Eternity. They are saving that for the Eternity 2 Expansion, Throne of Bha.... uh Eothas. Throne of Eothas. That works for me.
  4. I figure that it would be an ideal step for releasing a GOTY or complete edition of POE.
  5. As far as I know, Infinity engine did literally nothing to support modding. Like, at all. It took dedicated fans and people among the devs of an engine willing to answer questions when asked to create modding scene there. I agree that times have changed and explicit mod support is a feature that supposed to go without saying... in AAA projects, which PoE isn't. Externalizing data should be enough. Unforunately, Obsidian didn't do that, or at least not so much. Endless Space is a Unity Engine game that supported modding. Considering that POE also uses Unity, Obsidian should be able
  6. Voice acting works best for visual novels - it is there to convey the personality of characters. Not as important in a WRPG, since you can lend mechanical weight to the actions of characters in addition to narrative. That is why the adventure-book sequences are good for POE, since they allow the game to recognize the abilities of characters and give feedback.
  7. I think that Obsidian should try to support modding for their games. Modding gave the IE games long legs, keeping their fanbase alive - one that adopted New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity. As a company that tries to be profitable, Obsidian should try to expand and maintain the fanbase whenever practical.
  8. ...Yeah, that argument makes sense. Someone with a good grasp of math can go into engineering, coding, physics, and many other occupations. Why would a magic user become a purebred wizard by default? What value does that offer to players?
  9. Having your character be a wrong choice by design isn't going to endear anyone but the masochistic. I don't want to play a game, make progress, only to hit a wall that says "Ha Ha! You suck for wanting to use a sword! Start over with a mage!" That is not my idea of fun. Further, someone who fights for a living would presumably use the best tools and techniques for the job - including magic. Be it through gear or technique, eschewing magic in a setting that has magic is unrealistic. Applications of magic would be dependent on the role. A swordsman would use magic that can be cast du
  10. I would prefer it if swordsmen, sorcerers, and gunslingers are able to draw on magic, but use differing methods to achieve their goals. Having magicians completely obsolete other classes isn't fun, ultimately limiting the resilience of a ruleset and weakens the setting.
  11. I liked the Infinity Engine games, but that was in spite of the ruleset, mechanics, and design. THAC0? That...doesn't compute for me. Nor does the arbitrary limitation of priests to blunt weaponry, or how druids cannot use anything beyond "primitive" weapons. I can't dual-class Minsc into Cleric, without him losing access to Lilacor. Limited inventory size. Many spells that don't scale with levels. S. L. O. W. T. R. A. P. D. E. T. E. C. T. I. O. N. Good riddance.
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