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  1. As far as loot goes, I wish like items would group even for armor/weapons not just potions, plants, gems, etc. Particularly helpful w/ xaurip loot. Overall I think there's way to much loot, too many battles & too much exp given out especially if you're one of those that likes to do every side story/mission/task. In the original release version I maxed my characters out before I had gotten to going down in the graveyard for the final steps & not even fully finished Endless Paths.
  2. I think I installed it on this computer as a new install in the following order - POE setup then all it's patches to 2.0 then WM set up & have played into a new game for a bit. So I assume I just need to do WM 2.01 & forgo the POE 2.01? What about future patches? Always take the WM patch over a POE patch?
  3. Question about POE 2.01 & WM 2.01 - do I need to install both in sequence ie POE 2.01 & then WM 2.01 or just WM 2.01? I've got POE 2.0 & WM release installed in that order of a new game started under those but I've not got very far into this updated version yet
  4. thanks, no problem on losing the achievements as I know what I've accomplished. I've already maxed out all party members & not even finished going after Thaos at Burial Isle plus have built all things in the stronghold etc
  5. I had this problem but I did assume it was because I picked the lock & went where I shouldn't just didn't have a save I could back load to recover & start over. Here's how it went in my game & wondering if there's some way to reset Grimda to friendly so as to complete the task even (such as a control panel cheat to reset Grimda) after all the playing I've done since as I'm way past this & just going back for fun to old tasks. Originally I went to Grimda & got the Parable of Wael task mission & then went snooping around & picked the locked room but don't remember if
  6. A fan of Darklands are we??? I'd agree as well especially for already explored maps as well as a possibility of a random encounter when camping. To add this, you'd need to rebalance the xp rewards already in the game though or allow higher levels
  7. Problem on how to get to certain rooms on level 3 - Thulgar/Ogre level. I'm having a problem opening a door N of area 14 near where you find the statue of the Earl. I've looked in the strategy guide but nothing on how to open the door that gets me into the rooms next to the Earl statue crypt. It does say something about the statue holding some kind of sabre. Am I to find that sabre somewhere to open the door using the statue?
  8. Noticed new save game behavior playing last night - manual saves will totally disappear at some random point during the session. The autosave never seems to have a problem just manual saves & there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the disappearance. I've had times where I had 3 saves from different times all disappear as some point from last save point
  9. It is set to run as admin & if it makes a difference, I got it from GOG not Steam
  10. I'm sure it's some kind of graphic/driver conflict/setting but wanting to know if someone might have some ideas to check on. Problem is sometimes when I move, one of my party characters seems to just go all crazy spinning/rotating about 1 leg until I get them to move again then it'll stop but they behavior may return at some point just don't know when that may happen. Is there something in the preference settings I could change to stop the behavior or something in my drivers to look at/update to fix? Things do seem to be a little on the slow side in running so assume it might be graphics being
  11. Just got game & tooling around & noticed a major problem. My savegame is missing when trying to load it. Last night when I installed game & played around a bit, I then saved the game in addition to the autosave so I saw & had 2 savegames. Tonight when trying trying to load that manual save game it doesn't show anywhere in the list, only the autosave which is a bit earlier than my manual save. I look around my pc & found a file in the C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity that fits the time of my manual save but I don't seem to be able to load that file. Thoughts
  12. Just got POE Royal Ed for windows through GOG.com & some install questions. I shows 3 parts to the Win install w/ pt1 being 35mb, pt2 being 3.9gb & pt3 being 2.3gb along w/ individual zips for the added features. To install it do I run pt1 then pt2 then pt3, the zip for the manual only talked about inserting dvd (which I don't have since I'm doing download) or do I run pt1 & it automatically does pt2 & pt3? Any other things to look for in installing correctly?
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