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  1. Assuming this isn't a troll post: Keep in mind this is an isometric game. Your characters are going to be too far away to see most of those details.
  2. That's only a problem if you're placed in a linear corridor and the only way out is through those nameless bandits. Otherwise, pick your battles and go kill some goblins instead. Humans are tough.
  3. Yep. Brutal, life-and-death low-level combat is always a joy. I wouldn't want a game without it.
  4. What's this "DLC" business? They're called expansion packs, people.
  5. They've already sold out. :/ Ditto for other rewards that look like they might run out. Wasteland 2 added more pledge rewards when it became apparent there was a high demand - is it safe to assume that Project Eternity will do the same?
  6. It's not gonna make 10 million. 5 is a possibility. The larger minimum pledge to get the game compared to previous Kickstarter projects alone will add a hefty sum to the final amount.
  7. That's not turn-based combat. Turn-based is when one character acts each turn. At best it's an approximation of phase-based combat.
  8. The traditional D&D fighter is basically a grunt infantryman. His purpose is to hold the line (in before Mass Effect). Have you ever played one of the Total War games? If you have, you'd know that manipulating your heavy infantry to hold the line is a fun tactical challenge in and of itself. They don't need shiny special abilities. Remember that this is a party-based game and you are not controlling one single character.
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