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  1. This. The ocean is the biggest culprit, but many character models shown at the same time and the lights seems to affect it as well.
  2. Yeah, same setup here on an Asus laptop. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. So, the game seems to be incredibly taxing on the CPU to the point that I get temperatures up to 90C. This doesn't happen in any other game and my PC should be well within the recommended settings. Granted, I'm playing on a laptop but this is just extreme. I've tried fiddling with the settings but only with minor improvements. Anyone with similar experiences and any idea what to do?
  4. Alright, thanks for the quick reply. The description of the scenario could use a do over then I think. Feel free to delete the thread mods.
  5. So, I'm trying to finish Here comes the flood, but it seems virtually impossible since Magga draws 3 or 4 allies every turn. Is that how it is intended to work or is it bugged? She ends up with some thing like 40-50 points at the end of the scenario with a six man party every time, and around 20-30 with a two man party. Am I missing something here?
  6. I think it's just this particular concept artist that was either rushed, or is a bit bad. If you compare it with the coloured group shot they posted earlier, Forton looks completely badass there. But yeah, please get rid of the flip flops.
  7. I'll definitely cancel my 280$ pledge if they add romance. No one should cater to biodrones.
  8. Romance. I swear it's like the biodrones on this board care more about pixel****ing than rpg-mechanics.
  9. I want to see NPC's using the speech/diplomacy skill on me, or my companions. Chaos would ensue.
  10. I think the best way of handling it would be to first let it be a part of the main quest, but then let it trickle off into a (major) side quest. Otherwise it's probably going to be a bit predictable, as in pokemon.
  11. I don't like the idea of them being from the same village or whatever, as that implies too many boring fantasy clichés, but I love the idea of a rival adventuring party. We know the guys wanted to do this in Van Buren, and they did something semi-related with the New Vegas DLC. So yes, give us a rivaling party of adventurers!
  12. More choices can greatly enhance a story, if done right. Fortunately, Obsidian know what they are doing in this department. What the portal guys is saying doesn't apply to RPG's.
  13. If I can't critically hit a child in the groin with a super sledge hammer I'm pulling my pledge
  14. Seeing as adding enough role playing opportunities for every variation on the whole scale would be quite a lot of work, perhaps you guys can see why some of us are a bit sceptical of this? As sorry as i am to say it, perhaps it would be better to lobby for another kickstarter where transgender is a part of the original focus of that particular project? As it is, i honestly don't want obs to focus on anything other than making a great old school game, since the future of these type of games kind of hangs in the balance atm.
  15. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, there is no game that has ever come close to the utility of magic, and the awesomeness of mage battles in BG2. I actually struggle to come up with even one other game where magic amounted to anything more than crowd control and nukes. The vancian magic system was a big part of what made magic an important strategic part of the IE games, so at least consider using mechanics that resemble memorization. edit: and for the love of god, stay away from cooldowns that make the game play like an offline MMO (I'm looking at you DA:O).
  16. Way to completely not read any of the other posts in the thread. We're not telling the developers which characters should be gay, how they should interact with the PC, nor how many gay characters there needs to be. All we're saying is that they should include GLBT people in their thought process for character and NPC design. You keep on using the word pandering. I do not think it means what you think it means. I don't think you have to worry about it though to be honest, since Obs has a history of including or wanting to include LGTASDGÅKAS people in their games. Remember Gann in MotB, I seem to remember that MCA wanted him to be bisexual but I think the publisher stopped that. And as you already know there's Arcade Gannon and those BoS girls in NV. If they have a good idea for a LGTADSGGPTM character, they'll probably include it.
  17. Don't explicitly mention anyone's sexuality at all in the game, and then you can imagine that this or that NPC is homo or straight or whatever.
  18. That's a strawman though and the whole poll is too. You never had to carry that many weapons in any IE game. About the only examples I can come up with are trolls, golems and the occasional fight where you needed +3 weapons or higher to hit.
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