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  1. I also hate the idea of episodic content. Yes it has worked in the past for some games, but I'm the type of guy who wants to experience the whole game not sit and wait a few months for chapter 2 because I'm done with chapter 1. I agree regarding episodic content. That's a no for me, make a whole game and do it properly. I'm not interested in episodic content.
  2. "Ideally, he adds, he’d like to employ a setup not unlike inXile’s with Wasteland 2 and Torment. In other words, run a second Kickstarter when the first game is nearly finished so that the Eternity team can seamlessly transition over." Exactly what I was suspecting and that's perfectly fine. When they come back to Kickstarter with their next project I'll back.
  3. I understand that people want the game, hell I can't wait to play the game, but can we please stop talking about longer work hours for the developers? They're human too and working 12+ hours a day every day takes A LOT out of people, I've been there. If we have to wait an extra month or two for the game it'll be worth it. These stretch goals wouldn't be likely to add more than a month or two to development anyway since all the tools are already in place. But for now it's Christmas time and the new year so I certainly hope the team can take some well deserved time off to celebrate with their families and rest.
  4. Well....I hope it won't be delayed indefinitely. My guess is that they'll do what InXile did, wait to have a gameplay video showing solid footage of the the first game they were backed for before launching a second Kickstarter. We've seen a little bit already and I'm sure a lengthier feature isn't far behind.
  5. I can't wait to see what Obsidian will bring to KS next. I will be backing obviously and I am hoping they will be even more successful than they were with Project Eternity.
  6. No, they're not. They have a next-gen project going (and probably ramping up production) which most people from tsot will probably transfer to. We also know due to an interview earlier this year that Feargus is still pretty much on the safe side regarding having to sign new projects. Thats still not going to affect PE because they can just shift or hire people. Obsidian is around 130+ people big atm. Next gen project? I can't help but be intrigued by that...can't wait to find out what it is!!
  7. I'm not sure that going for their own OS is a smart move from Valve. It demands special time, money and resources from developers and unless they can sell a lot of millions of Steam machines or convince a lot of millions to adapt their OS they won't get that support from developers regardless of whether the Steam Machine/OS can walk on water or not. This begs the question of how many PC gamers are not happy with their machines and how many console gamers are really going to pay attention.....the price is still likely to be more forbidding than the PS4/Xbox One and it will still suffer from problems that plague the PC....DRM, specs, PC instability....etc. This won't be the gaming machine with the benefits of the PC and convenience of consoles without any of the problems. Valve can hype it all they want but for now it makes no sense for Osidian to sink time and resources into support for the Steam OS.....as of now it still has zero users.
  8. :/ I'm by no means able to grant that wish but out of pure curiosity......why would you even want that? Makes no sense to me.
  9. Have you completed the pledge management process? That one only appears after you complete it. I didn't get my silver badge until after I completed the pledge management. Cant... For some reason it wont allow me to select international backer so i have 20$ unspent. I cant even "donate" it because the page will tell me to change my country then. So yeah im stuck At step 1 of the pledge management(page where you simply see your pledge listed) look at the bottom where it says "Missing a pledge? Have a question or a problem? Contact us!" and click on the words "Contact Us". That will take you to a page with a text box where you can explain your problem to Obsidian and they'll likely contact you back with some sort of solution. Or you can click on the link in this post(above) or you can try sending a PM to Fionavar( http://forums.obsidian.net/user/49-fionavar/ ) I'm sure they'll help you sort this out.
  10. I think it could be a good thing but shouldn't be done just for the sake of having voice acting.....if Obsidian were willing to evaluate volunteers and only select solid talent then ok....but that would cost time, money and resources as well. The game shouldn't have just any crappy voice acting because some people decided to volunteer.
  11. I don't think that's really an option at all because most backers won't be here to vote and it's unlikely Obsidian will change up what's been promised to all over a handful of forum comments or even a poll with votes from a few hundred.
  12. Have you completed the pledge management process? That one only appears after you complete it. I didn't get my silver badge until after I completed the pledge management.
  13. I am missing the K badge and I definitely backed through Kickstarter.....not PayPal or anything like that. And I also completed the pledge management process as my silver VIP badge shows.
  14. I would love and back additional stretch goals but remember that only the most passionate fans are here on the forums so naturally this vote will be in favor of expanding the game. I hopes this turns into a success if you do decide to go for it.
  15. Lots of people are still missing the green K badge....even some of the gold badge backers. I wonder why? Seems really strange.
  16. And finally it went through. Glad it's finally done. My backer badge took no time showing up once I finally completed my pledge details so that's nice to see.
  17. I use Google Chrome, I right-clicked it and "checked components" (Examine Components = Direct translation from Swedish. The correct option might be called something else, but regardless, it's the option at the bottom). There seems to be some lore-bits~ in case the page is genuine and Obsidians. EDIT: Basically "Show Source" or something like that I think. EDIT EDIT: Also, someone else revealed this on Page 4 too ^^ I just got excited and posted it. Let's call it an update on Page 19 Thanks for posting it again, haven't read the one on page four. That is a VERY interesting quote....it certainly does make the site seem official, I'd be surprised if it wasn't....the bit of writing in that quote is too good for fan fiction I think.
  18. I'm not getting the unknown error from Obsidian anymore.....now it just goes to a "the connection was reset" error screen when I try to finalize....which of course it doesn't. That was for FireFox....Internet explorer just says "This page can't e displayed" and kicks me back to step 3.5(finalizing the order) when I refresh.
  19. Well the pledge management system keeps kicking me back to the shipping info page because of an "Error" but no details as to what the hell is wrong. My pledge covers everything, so no additional payment to worry about and all the info I put in is correct but it just refuses to finalize. I sent a message at the "Contact Us" link but it's quite frustrating. I just want to finish this.
  20. @Elrond I like the changes.....the bottom ones are all from before the KS ended and before pre-production started while the top is from later on, during pre-production iirc so it seems like they are very much learning the errors of their ways....by the time production actually starts hopefully they will be asking Larian for guidance and further improving towards awesomeness.
  21. What to talk realism? Screw realism....people do NOT watch movies, play games or read fantasy books because they want realism. If I wanted realism I wouldn't touch any form of entertainment.....the worst argument that can be made here is about realism. Why aren't people arguing realism in trying to say there should be no magic in the game? That IS what pure realism people should say. Take your garbage arguments about political correctness elsewhere......games like this are NOT made to adhere to 21st century political agendas. Same to all the romance and sexual orientation arguments....go find some other forums and other people to annoy. I hope obsidian does not give in to these kinds of trash arguments. Want to see awesome armor for females? Here you go: Thank you Larian!!!!
  22. Nah, it's actually a pretty good example. You just took happenstancical context from my example, and applied it directly to the situation, as if it was the point of my example. You see, the point was that a meal isn't really a thing you get updates on. As is evident by the fact that the earliest problem with a meal in a restaurant you felt was worth mentioning was "if it takes too long." You have no concern with the stage-by-stage progress of your food in a restaurant, so long as the entire recipe is finished in a reasonable amount of time. Much like a backer website. So the comparison was entirely relevant. If you feel that they're taking too long to get the completed backer site to your table, then you can feel free to complain to the manager. However, I have no idea how you're determining how long it should take. *shrug*. But, that's your pre-rogative. Patience IS a virtue, though. And you are applying outlandish contexts......this is not a meal. And my patience has a timer......when it runs out I am gone for good. I am not yet anywhere near that yet....only a failure to deliver or horrible game can really accomplish that but I am quite annoyed.
  23. Well, it's not like the game's development; They can't exactly show us concept art, and demo videos of an incomplete site. "Well, at some point, this will be a log in box, and this will allow you to navigate the page." It's kind of a "Not done/done" thing. Several of the other Kickstarters have done the same thing. Most don't even mention anything about the pledge managers, except for maybe initially (to tell you that there will, in fact, be a backer site/manager), then like a week before it's done (in one of those "Good news, folks! It's almost time for the backer site to be up!" updates). It's kind of like waiting on your food at a restaurant. I don't expect the server to come tell me "Okay, they're blending the sauce now!", or "They've flipped the chicken, so the other side is cooking now!". I just know a meal takes time to make, and I patiently await the completed meal. The incomplete components of the meal have no value to me, and are not news-worthy. Bad example....if a restaurant makes me wait too long I leave and don't return. In this case they should have mentions of what's going on....delays, progress and so on. There should be SOMETHING to say about it.
  24. The situation is starting to frustrate me quite a bit.....what makes it a lot worse is that they are avoiding it like the plague....they barely made two very quick mentions of it since the KS ended when by now they should probably say something about it every update until it's up. Up until recently I was fine with them taking their time but now the complete deafening silence on the matter is starting to get on my nerves a bit. It's like the big elephant in the room that everyone seems oblivious to and nobody mentions.
  25. Look at what inXile did with Torment. They don't have the IP rights to the Planescape franchise nor is the game in any way related to the PS:T setting or characters so they created a new IP. Now Arkanum is too close, the change of only one letter could be hit for copyright infringement but they can use other alterations like Arcane for example as part of a title. Again it would be a whole new world and all new character and an unrelated story but can live up to the feeling of the classic CRPG.
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