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  1. I think it's hilarious how some think only women are oversexualized......human beings(both genders) are sexual creatures. Trying to hide it and cover it up just won't end well....let the devs have some fun with the development of the game.
  2. Isn't some James Bond going on screen these days? Since when did bond qualify as a mountain of meat? Haven't you seen the Gears of War trailers or something. Plus bond was always made to appeal more to women....talk about oversexualized male.
  3. You mean the stereotype where men are mountains of muscles, with 140 IQ, lightning reflexes and get the chick at the end? oh.. so.. suffering.. @Brannart: TV ads. More like mountains of muscle with IQ in the single digits and slow reflexes. The muscles of mountain with 140 IQ is as common these days as the women in the kitchen bit.
  4. Of course, you do realize that "women in the kitchen", or "women as sex fantasies", is NOT politically incorrect? it's a norm. It's been installed and is kept by the current and powerful societal structures Of course, you do realize that the very reason women are depicted as sexy/romanceable/weak/etc; IS a crowd pleaser? And maybe, do you realize you are one of many in the crowd? and that you are not the victim here but the bully? (why am I bothering with question marks..) Bully? Not really....I'm all for the ladies getting their share of the fun. It's not like males haven't suffered heavy stereotypes placed upon them in games but you don't see me complaining. As for the women in the kitchen part....I don't recall any game that had them there. What I do recall is many games where women are or can be heroines saving the day. That I do remember.
  5. The only way to not be bland is to not be afraid of being offensive.....some will be offended no matter what but the single, surest way to offend the most is by trying really hard to not offend anybody. Well...its a fair point. Not really what I was thinking of, ie I was thinking of being intentionally offensive to not be bland as opposed to having people find offense in something because you didn't second guess everything at every step of development. A lot may not know/remember but one of the biggest things that ruined BioWare's games was when they caved in to false propaganda. The "sexbox" bit during a news fragment of "FoxNews" with self proclaimed "experts" which told nothing but blatant lies about Mass Effect led to all following BioWare games containing nothing but clothed sex. That completely ruined the experience of the game for many. I would find it rather refreshing to see a game with nothing but a huge middle finger for all political correctness and touchy feely subjects. A bit extreme but movies have done it.
  6. The only way to not be bland is to not be afraid of being offensive.....some will be offended no matter what but the single, surest way to offend the most is by trying really hard to not offend anybody.
  7. I'm genuinely curious - is it possible to not be "utterly bland" and also to not "offend anyone"? If the game manages that, will you still regret your backing? Or is the only way to not be bland is to be offensive? Not trying to attack you, but I'm a bit curious about this line of thought because to me I'm more interesting in "how they use it" than "what they use". nope....when you do a crowd pleaser the game always suffers severely.
  8. The most epic armor in the game should be bra/panties/thong/loincloth....they're all magical armor. Though it should be a secret and hard to get sort of like the hand gun in Dead Space 2.....pew, pew pew
  9. Oh look.....it's this thread again. More internet knights eh? Sex is good, not complaining....besides it's not like males aren't oversexualized, they're just done so differently. So yeah, all is good in my book as far as scantily clad ladies go....don't care about the male characters though they'll likely look pleasing to the ladies and that's just great too.
  10. I'd play along and kill them all. That's probably the best thing to do...that way none would ever be fooled by them. I'd leave the woman for last so that she has the time to regret what she has done before dying.
  11. Exactly this OP, or do you not know what 42 means? PS: I love the DA reference....one of the greatest writers of all time imo.
  12. I do enjoy the discussion of determinism versus free will and to really answer that I think we'd need to have a good understanding of our own subconscious.....it would be an interesting topic for PE to explore I think as well as the nature of the soul-self dilemma.
  13. It is a personal attack and highly judgemental. You are focusing on me as the person rather than the discussion at hand. I am proposing what I believe to be a better way to go about it in a respectful manner. I have a complete right to do that. I do not expect obsidian to change anything based on my opinions but I do hope they are read and considered. If you want to discuss the topic please be my guest otherwise ignore the thread. Don't like it? Report it if something is wrong or stay out.
  14. The key here is that it's still being made up and hopefully discussion on the topic can have some positive influence on this. I'd argue against the point that all faith systems are equally logical or that they all lack logic but I rather not chase that topic. But it's a game and fantasy.....in this setting we can explore a ton of questions on the subject by adding more details and fleshing it out in game. I sincerely hope Obsidian don't waste this opportunity.
  15. Amen brother. Mind you, do you think souls will have a cool-down mechanic? It's unclear whether the soul can get exhausted or not but the body through which it acts certainly does need to rest....hopefully this answers your question.
  16. @septembervirgin But we(our souls) constantly learn and have to adapt to new challenges and situations so change is inevitable. That does not mean that each person does not have a personality....it may not be static but it is there. Our body replaces every last cell over a period of something like ten yeas if I remember correctly....that includes vital organs like the brain and the heart. Just because your body changes does it then mean that you do not have one or that it is fictional? I don't see where change has anything to do with something existing? Also your view of inaccuracy is rather off....what is there to be accurate? Only the word "apple" was said....no question involved. You can do a million things with one and it's not right or wrong to think of any of them. Beyond that your view of technocracy is rather disturbing......no power can eve have absolute control over everyone's thoughts and actions unless that which it controls are merely robots. I could go on for pages on the topic but let's keep this PE related shall we.
  17. It's something I have been pondering and perhaps one of the best way to look at the issue. The soul in this case is something that I believe is more commonly known as the subconscious.....the totality of who and what we are. The part of us that drives our actions and choices but is always out of the reach of the conscious mind. There ought to be plenty of rich lore as to why a soul does not remember all of its existence as both prior lives and time spend in the afterlife between lives is this is what they are going for. My main fear with what CA has said is that they may try to go for a literal separation of the self and the soul as actually being two separate entities.
  18. That is assuming that all souls are capable of being incarnated at once....my perception of this is that there untold numbers of souls and no matter how large the population gets only a relatively small portion of them are alive at once.
  19. I like this and I honestly hope you are right. I just thought the issue is worth discussing so they have more ideas on the table and early feedback on the core driving elements of the lore since in that same interview CA did say they were interested in player feedback early on while things are still being molded rather than after the fact.
  20. This seems a bit nonsensical to me in that it separates the self or the individual from his or her soul. To me the notion of the self, the part that thinks and reasons and chooses is the soul. The soul is that which animates an otherwise useless object. I can get behind the idea of reincarnation which leaves the issue of the memory wipe to contend with but still...that part is reasonable. How is it nonsensical in the context of fantasy? I mean this whole discussion is really pointless and nonsensical if you ask me. I've been explaining throughout the first page and a half or so. If none of that helps understand the point do not trouble yourself too much with it. It's all abstract philosophy anyway, it can get(and often does) very messy. Yes that is the idea... Philosophy has always been an interest of mine and I figure that since the lore is in the early stages of development now is the best time to have this discussion while our opinions, thoughts and ideas can still matter and make a difference rather than later in development when most of the content has been created and the central concepts of the lore are largely unchangeable.
  21. Precisely. Although I am, always have been and always will be one for specifics so I do hope they develop more upon this concept since as the core of the lore it is the key that holds it all together.....the plot, the conflicts and the source of power.
  22. In other words your point is....what exactly? That it's ok to chop the plot and leave large gaps in logic and that it doesn't need to be reasonable as long as they use words that people are familiar with because they evoke emotion? Sounds kind of like what BioWare did(specifically with Mass Effect 3 more than other games).....yeah, let's just go for the emotional responses, we don't need dialogue and a cohesive plot so let's just chop the ending...yeah, that sounds like a good idea. That always works out so well.....
  23. They said it'll take a few weeks(2 to 3) for kickstarter to finalize its transactions and for obsidian to have solid amount of money in hand before they really lay out a development process and assign developers to each area and so on. I figure that for the next month or two updates will be scarce but we'll likely get more once development is fully underway. Beyond that I wouldn't look at Shadowrun and Wasteland 2 for much of an indication of how Obsidian will do things...I'm pretty sure it'll be different.
  24. Gromnir repplying only to the first half sentence I wrote, ignoring the rest and missing the plot of another game while making wild claims of the validity of my points(I hereby pronounce your points invalid type deal).....yep still just trolling. Personality is also fictional. We use the term personality loosely; it does not cover as much ground as a mile and air floats through it unhindered. Personality is the unique set of traits and characteristics that make each individual unique.....given that it's near impossible to find two identical individuals kind of makes a strong point for the existence of personality. You can say one straight forward thing to ten different people and get ten different answers....every one of them thinking and reasoning in different ways. I can say a simple word like "apple" and most people will have different ideas....some will think of different colored apples, others will think liking/disliking certain apples, others will think of apple pies.....etc. This applies to everything, without personality all would be identical as they would not have any personal ideas or desires of their own to make them individuals.
  25. Depends how much you care to read into the philosophy of the movies but it is there nonetheless.....takes a lot of cutting to make a movie fit in two hours. sorry, but cutting room floor dont count... and if you gotta "read into," then it isn't a major theme, is it? "it seemed like they are putting together a weak core for the lore" again, based on a snippet from an off-site preview interview? ... ok. regardless, we has seen obsidian deal with the freewill theme before, and they handled it with mixed results. motb? so-so. kotor2? pretty good. their failures with the freewill stuff is not related to some ambiguous notion o' a "weak core." HA! Good Fun! I don't think this has much worth discussing past saying the force is the main driving core of the Star Wars lore and its influence over the user is very clear in the movies. The prophecy bit foretelling is a dead giveaway, a child born of the force, dark side dominating one's destiny....etc. KotOR II phrases it differently, perhaps even stimulates a different thought pattern but it is not saying much beyond what the movies already say. Even Windu questioning what bringing balance to the force means when there are so many jedi and just two sith...... As for the "failures" of KotOR II....you didn't grasp the game. This might be a more fruitful discussion if this were a KotOR II forum though. As I said, it's early in pre-development but I felt they were burning more bridges than necessary in terms of where they could go from here. You can disagree all you like but I think it's very much worth discussing. You're the one who thinks Obsidian failed to develop a proper core for one of their previous games...I don't see why you're complaining. You should be far more concerned than I am. Bleh, this last bit, which is the only one actually relevant to this forum, is getting distasteful. Feels like a pissing contest of personal attacks. If you have nothing to say on the subject itself would you mind trolling elsewhere?
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