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  1. Pathfinder is cool and stuff. But I really hope it's not going to be their next Kickstarter project. I mean announcing game with D&D setting right after making game with D&D-like setting is not really ... creative.
  2. And how does it contradict archetypes? Dialogue options simply can't be tailored without assumptions about PC and his social status, goals and so on.Personally I miss dramatic/arrogant options "Your existence is a one big mistake and I'm going to fix it", "I cannot be stopped, not by bunch of rags with knives for sure" because these options are usually taken by one of antagonists.
  3. But class is a part of character's history. An important part. It's not like they wake up one day and say "hey, I'm 1 lvl cipher". Well, they apparently do, judging by most of the games, but still.
  4. Being able to play as "event maker". Protagonist actions are usually just a reaction on someone's else actions (villain's mostly). There's nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to see it the other way around for a change. Like when a world reacts on your attempts to reach your goal.
  5. Everything looks good so far. There will be chance to build different training grounds for different bonuses, but what about unique class related upgrades?
  6. I'm not sure about subduing, but I'd like the game not making me run around in circles hunting on npcs who lost their combat spirit, when they could just drop their weapon and sit down. That's disturbing.
  7. Here's hoping Obsidian won't be doing any Whoeveryouwant-like characters.
  8. People won't follow your orders because they like you. PC may be ugly dumb creature and still some paladin will follow his orders, not vice versa. There's something strange about this for me. Mass Effect was about group of exceptional individuals leaded by generic soldier (no matter the class) with bellow average intelligence. What stroked your ego exactly?
  9. Swamps FTW. Where else you can get this awesome gray-green colour all other the place? And don't forget about fog, you shouldn't see more ten steps around so you won't get this weird feeling of moving somewhere. That swamp in Witcher has the warmest spot in my hurt. Green water, green rocks, green ghouls, repeat. Marvelous. On a serious note. Shorelines, I like shorelines.
  10. Haven't Obisidan removed Ouroboros? You won't find it on any official PE page anymore. On a side note. Notch was about to register trademark "Scrolls", that's what provoked Bethesda.
  11. Grey choices are so mature and stuff, but I'd like some white/black things, something to be proud/ashamed of, something that doesn't screw you in unexpected way just because it's so grey.
  12. For the love of gods, only don't integrate it into main plot. I don't want to go there in every new game.
  13. Plot fence between PC and main antagonists, when yesterday-peasant PC eagerly searches for famous villain, but finds him (what a coincidence!) only after reaching required level. Though Obsidian did it well enough in KotOR2, when PC fled in the beginning. Heh, looks like I'll die from old age waiting for such game.
  14. A race of ugly giant isolationists with strongest magic abilities and most ancient history. Their souls aren't part of Cycle, so they just change bodies and sharpen their souls for thousands years. No? Ok.
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