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  1. Except he made that comment to his mother about him needing his privacy if things are to work out now that he's back home. I definately think Hurley was a patient, not an employee. It also fits with the idea of everybody getting a new life on the island. Interesting detail from last night's episode: The book Sawyer was reading was A Wrinkle In Time, by Madelaine L'Engel. I thought the cover of the book looked really familiar, but I couldn't place it, but someone on another forum pointed it out. For those that haven't read the book, here's a quick blurb: Hmmm....
  2. Let's veer back on topic shall we?
  3. This certainly isn't productive.
  4. I'm not sure whether Volourn is being serious or not.. I have the sneaking suspicion he's not, but regardless, I do like DiCaprio, and think he's very good. He never fails to do a good job in anything I've seen him in, and while I won't see a movie simply because he's in it, I always find his work quite strong.
  5. Agreed. The other thing to is that if PC gaming is percieved to be doing so poorly, why are companies like ATI, nVidia, AMD and Intel all in fierce competetion to produce high-end gaming PCs? Obviously it's still a massive industry generating a lot of money, elsewise these companies would be doing something else. RPGs on the PC have always been a "niche" market; we've never seen RPGs released in the quantiities that shooters, strategy or even family games are (family games have always been a big part of the PC market). Now, the console systems also have that Final Fantasy thing which sells phenomenally well, and may very well bump RPGs up to a "category" on the console charts. Those percentages of the industry take aren't really meaningful and certainly not condemningl in any particular manner. It does show, however, that both console and PC gaming are big industries and both alive and well.
  6. I removed the poll, with the intent of saying this: This thread doesn't need a poll as the subject matter is far more suited to discussion than a poll, and since these are discussion boards, I'd like to try and keep things in that direction. And then I saw the replies and despaired. Either this thread moves onto topic proper, or it gets locked.
  7. In that case, no, I don't think Elfman's music all sounds the same. I hear it and I think "Hey, is this Danny Elfman?" not "Hey, it's the Batman music". That said, using your examples, Edward Scissorhands and Batman are Tim Burton films, whereas The Hulk is not. I really think Burton asks for a very specific sound, hence the striking similarites there that are not present in his work for other directors. Although I really love the music Elfman does for Burton, and it is more informed by pop music than classical. Take a listen to Oingo Boingo and you'll see some striking parallels.
  8. I think I liked Deus Ex more than Bloodlines, at least in terms of gameplay. Deus Ex gave you many more options for disposing of enemies, or at least bypassing them, than Bloodlines did. In Bloodlines, you pretty much had to engage in melee combat, which was a very poorly-designed model, in order to win. Deus Ex gave you more options, I thought, and a more accessible playing environment. If you went the sniper/stealth-killer route, you could always find vantage points, very little was blocked off, unlike Bloodlines. Bloodlines did dialogue and character interaction much better than Deus Ex, however. Even though the options for your PC's speech were dreadful, the NPCs were very engaging and three-dimensional. Deus Ex had fairly flat NPCs, save for a few key characters. A meshing of the best parts from both games would be really great.
  9. What I like about the Ranger is that it's a full-AB class with a wide assortment of skills. I think the d8 hit die is a fair trade for 6 skill points and a very nice selection of class skills. The only thing I really don't like about the Ranger is the favoured enemy; I'd rather have something like Favoured Terrain, that gives you a bonus to certain skill checks and combat rolls.
  10. Alec Guiness' Obi Wan, and Darth Vader. No other Jedi are woth the mentioning
  11. NWN2 is a PC title with mass market appeal. The notion that console games are "where the market is" is not accurate, PC gaming is very much alive and a sizeable industry. I'm not going to speculate or comment on why Troika closed down, but each business operates differently with different priorities; that Troika closed does not equate with PC gaming dying out, or that Obsidian will go down because they make PC games.
  12. Both Everett and Tong were opportunists seeking to use you to achieve their own ends; both were more or less the same as far as I was concerned, and neither had a good plan. Bringing down civilisation or giving power to the Illuminati were both going to place their repective proponents in a position of power, a position both clearly did not deserve to have. I didn't want the power either, but then I was operating on the premise that those who want power, shouldn't have it. At least with my character taking control, there's some peace of mind there. On the topic of Deus Ex, it's largely agreed on that DXII is a pale shadow of the original, but is it worth paying $10 or so for it in clearance?
  13. I don't think it all sounds "the same" but he does often have a very recognisable sound in his scores. Pretty much the same way that you might recognise a certain band, it's not all the same but rather has a notable familiarity. But then, most composers have a certain sound, so it's not just Elfman. Keeping it to the realm of film composers, I think you could say that John Williams music all "sounds the same", or Hans Zimmer, for example.
  14. I merged with Helios. It seemed the most rational path to take after being jerked around by everyone you meet, it was high time I took control of things. Besides, it was so satisfying "deleting" whats-his-face.. That smarmy tool.
  15. Yeah, he has a definate "sound", but that's not surprising given his background in pop music. I love his scores, and think he always does great work, so I'm not complaining. But as has been pointed out, he is capable of doing other music that doesn't have that "Elfman sound", so it could be that the directors specifically want him for that style he's known for. Tim Burton always uses Elfman for his film scores, so there's a clear correlation there.
  16. Avatars can be .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .swf and .png, with a max size of 60kb and no larger than 64x64 pixels.
  17. If could give the exact message here, that might help with getting some suggestions on what the problem could be.
  18. For the avatar, just plug the URL into the proper field in your Avatar Setting page. For a signature, you can use [ img ] [ /img ] tags for it, but make sure it's within the 125 pixels high by 600 pixels long limitation.
  19. I'm not sure. That Witchking animation is frelling brilliant though. The avatar may not be working because it's too big. The max size is 64x64 and that one is 100x100. The forum software resizes it and that may be where the problem lies, but I can't be sure. As for the signature image not working, I have no idea. Do you mind if I, er, borrow that Witchking animation? :ph34r:
  20. Everything was all heartwarming, people getting along with another, being happy and co-operative while the music plays, and we get the nice pastoral beach scene with the Korean lady (I can't recall her name) casting aside the shackles of tradition by wearing a bikini and going into the water. And then the music stops and Hurly says "Son of a b*tch". Perfect!
  21. Having two DMs can be very useful, but only if the size of your player group really warrants it. A common set-up is to have one DM handle story stuff while the other runs encounters. As far as providing information to specific players, you can take them out of the room or pass them notes. That way, the player gets a choice as to how, or if, to relay the information to his fellow adventurers. I favour giving the players as many opportunities as possible to make choices and role-play. Running on the assumption that the player will relay specific information to the party reduces that. Of course, the player may indicate that any specific info like that he will tell to the party with complete honesty, in which case there's not much need to do anything privately.
  22. He's one of the more ubiquitous voice actors in the industry. Speaking of his role in the Matrix, he voiced a character in one of the Animatrix episodes (Lasf Flight Of The something-or-other).
  23. For the record, I am not one of those 30 million. Carry on.
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