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  1. The ending of last night's episode was brilliant.
  2. And on that note... I'm very glad you like it here, but there's no need to bash BioWare's forums.
  3. I pretty much concur with MC's assessment. Classese are there to give a framework or point of reference to a character, and gives it a name. Names are very important to a lot of RPGers; look at how popular the AD&D kits were, and how popular 3.xE D&D PrCs are. Gamers like to have an "official" name to describe their character; they prefer to say "I'm a Ranger" as opposed to "Well, I do outdoorsy stuff". Classes also allow a balance or on-track pattern to be in place; with classless systems it's too easy to "screw up" a character by spreading it too thin, but with the boundaries of a class the player is largely assured their character will develop properly and be effective. Now that classes are, as pointed out, ingrained in the fabric of RPGs, players can get a feel for what their peers are like; there are implications as to what each character is capable of, so there's less uncertainty about other players. As far as which is better, classless or class-based, I don't have a preference; either can work provided the game mechanics of the system are balanced. I like D&D classes as much as I like the open-ended structure of Fallout's SPECIAL system for example. As long as there's balance, I'm happy.
  4. I don't think the "future" of game perspectives is going to be a one-or-the-other perspective, but engines capable of giving the player a view ranging from first-person to third-person to pulled-back isometric or direct top-down views depending on the camera location preference of the player.
  5. Actually the narrator for BG was Kevin Richardson, who also voiced Sarevok.
  6. I'm going to lock this thread because it's a tangled mess of flames, spoilers, bug issues and other assorted miscellany. Bypassing the profanity filter, particularly in a thread title, is also seriously frowned upon. :angry:
  7. Firefox is excellent. I can't bear to use IE now, it seems so clumsy and awkward by comparison. And I love Adblock.
  8. Seems like this can be locked.
  9. I love how this forum looks. It's quite comfortable.
  10. An interesting twist to the most recent episode is that now Sawyer is Jack's only salvation from his guilt over his father. And that's such a nice twist. As for sides and teaming up, I hope they don't go that route. I think we'll see knives in the back and manipulations becoming more rampant, but as for a "civil war" type of thing, I doubt it'll happen, at least in any conventional way.
  11. If it weren't for Kumquat posting that link, I would not have known about this.
  12. I think that's how it went. Basically it seemed to me that Kate was admitting she's more like Sawyer than anyone thinks.
  13. Last episode was excellent. Again, Sawyer proves to be one of the most, if the most interesting character on the show. Kate I'm beginning to see as the real con-artist, not Sawyer, and with each episode she's less and less trustworthy and conniving, I find.
  14. I must applaud you Kumquat on so quickly spamming your own topic into the ground. Well done!
  15. Link: http://hitchhikers.movies.go.com/main.html There's a larger one than was hosted at Amazon, too.
  16. I've been following the development of this film for a while now, and my feelings range from hesitant to cautiously optimistic. Martin Freeman will be brilliant as Arthur Dent, but Mos Def as Ford Prefect strikes me as a bad idea, and the trailer seems to further verify that feeling. In the trailer, Ford sounds dull and boring, something he certainly is not; the oddness of his character seems missing as well. Sam Rockwell looks and sounds great as Zaphod Beeblebrox, the look and characterisation are solid. I'm baffled by the treatment of his two heads though. The book clearly and often illustrates that his two heads are side by side; the stacking thing in the trailer is really puzzling. I'm not thrilled with the portrayal of Marvin, but I suspect him being voiced by Alan Rickman will make it all just fine. Rickman could not be more perfect for the voice. And, speaking of voices, Stephen Fry as the voice of the Guide is fantastic. Trillian looks well done, much better than the version of her in the miniseries. The Vogons look spectacular, thanks to the Henson workshop, but in the trailer they sound far too polite. Overall, I get the feeling the movie is going to be close to being good but with just enough wrong so as to make it just not quite work. To those of you that haven't read the books, go read them. You can get the complete, er, trilogy, in one complete collection for less than $15. If you like stuff like Monty Python, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and such, you'll like The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
  17. I have nothing against a lack of "choose your own" adventuring; pre-written characters can be more engaging and interesting to watch interact with the story. I was just curious to what degree the story-driven component co-exists with the action aspect of the game. It's been a long time since I played any Gauntlet game (I only ever played it in the arcades), but didn't you choose one character to play then, not all four? How hard is it to control four characters in real-time with the degree of combat moves available to them for this game? And I'm interested in the PC version, not the console version.
  18. The story sounds good, but then the preview kind of decends into a description of un-interesting gameplay. Does the story permeate the game, or is is more of a framework in which to run around chopping stuff up with actiony "characters"? Do the characters have personalities at all this time out?
  19. Link works fine for me... Added: I just re-copied in the address, so give it a try now.
  20. Sometimes the software for wireless mice and keyboards causes compatablity problems with other programs. If you have a wireless set-up, you might try un-installing the peripheral software and then try running the game again.
  21. Here is a link to the official troubleshooting page for KOTOR2, on the LucasArts website. Troubleshooting Guide Hopefully it will be of some help to those having problems.
  22. Are you sure it's not a hardware problem? Does your mouse and keyboard work normally in all other regards?
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