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  1. Ok... What are you looking for here in terms of a response?
  2. Feargus said they're on "final approach" and Chris Parker is writing up the fix list, which may not be available until patch release.
  3. Please try not to post spoilers in the General Discussion forum, or if you must, use the spoiler tags. I edited Kaylord's lengthy review to hide spoilers.
  4. Yep. The guy's got quite a diverse career record.
  5. Is that picture from Buddha Of Suburbia?
  6. Yes it is, but I really don't have the time to write a treatise on forum moderation
  7. There's a lot more than could be locked, deleted or pruned here that hasn't been, mostly out of giving you guys the benefit of the doubt and allowing you to air your greivances... There comes a point though where the complaining (regardless of tone) reaches a point that it becomes redundant and does nothing to further anything. Getting bogged down in the same issues over and over again doesn't serve any purpose. Some problems have solutions, others there's nothing that can be changed. Too often, it seems that people post just to "hear themselves talk" as it were, and there's no sense of restraint or decorum used. I also think you're over-reacting with your police-state comment. Some people already think the forums are over-moderated, while others think there's not enough. Internet forums are constantly in flux, people will come and go as they wish based on how the forum suits or doesn't suit them. At any rate, if the forums do remain open, you can be sure that we will be stricter in our moderating.
  8. This has been gone over so many times, it's well past the point of being pertinent and has barraged headlong into being redundant.
  9. Well, it's my impression that Feargus had wanted a more robust community, a place where people would talk about things with merit and substance, and not be filled with spam, flames, whining, griping, indignation and arrogant demands. These boards have been provided as a courtesy, not as a right, and I believe Obsidian feels that courtesy has been abused. From a moderator perspective, it was their/our hope that the forums would not need to have strict moderation, and that people would respect that and act with consideration. Of course we all know there will be trolls and problematic people, but it's pretty clear that Obsidian feels the ratio of trolls and problem people is greater than the good that is here. Were the boards to remain open, or re-open at a later date, we would be excercising much stricter moderation and sterner enforcement of board rules.
  10. The Ranger too is very much a role-playing class. Looking at it as just a breakdown of number and abilities doesn't do justice to the class, as playing a Ranger does require a rather specific outlook and "character". I think there is incentive to stick with the class, as a high level Ranger is quite formidable. It just takes a while to get there but the payoff is well worth it, I think.
  11. Spamming isn't going to keep the boards open, and neither is posting stuff like the initial post here.
  12. This thread did not need to be resurrected.
  13. IWD was the more interesting out of the three games in question, I won't argue that. But BG2 is worth playing if one hasn't played it at all. That said, playing through IWD first would be fantastic "training" for playing BG2. I found that after playing IWD, I had a much greater grasp of the IE and it's implementations of the AD&D rules. In BG2 you really need to know how to work those rules/engine to have success, or at least that's what I found. Edit: Seems SP and myself were thinking the same thing at the same time. Scary.
  14. I tried the demo and didn't care for it very much. It was fun for a couple of minutes, but it wasn't long before the monotony set in and I realised that the entire game (which I hear is quite large) would be painfully redundant.
  15. As I said in another thread on this very same topic, I don't wish to facilitate any (more) forum vs forum slagfests, so I'm locking this one as well.
  16. If you haven't played BG2 yet it's well worth the playing. I'm not overly keen on the game, but it's certainly good enough to play once. It's a pretty big game, so you ought to be prepared for a lengthy adventure.
  17. I'm going to lock this as it has zero substance and I'm not about to allow a which forum is better slagfest.
  18. In other connections regarding the numbers in question - 4 8 15 16 23 and 42. Wasn't the flight number 815? Someone on another board decided to take a religious look at the numbers and came up with the following references from the Christian bible: Kind of interesting, but then Biblical passages are intended to be applicable to pretty much any situation. Still, it's intriguing to consider.
  19. The show has become exceptionally good lately. For me it went through a mid-season lull and I kept forgetting to watch, but now I really look forward to it, the recent episodes have been superb. Kumquat's rational for Hurley being a patient is my thinking on the matter as well. There's just so much that, in hindsight, suggests he was a patient. His forceful rejections that he's crazy, comments made like "Oh yeah, everyone thinks I'm easy-going Hurley" (something to that effect), and that sort of thing. It's vague, but when the mental ward is introduced, little fragments seem to fall into place in a larger picture for me. So. Who's going to play those numbers in their next lottery?
  20. That's true, but within the parameters of a drama, particularly like this, things usually seem to be mentioned for a reason. Hurley has also made many vague references that could tie to his being in the mental ward.
  21. The last thing we need is yet another thread asking about end content.
  22. There are at least three threads on this subject, and since this one is 15 pages long I'm going to lock it.
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