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  1. I may have Russian prices in my GOG store, if they do have regional pricing, I am not in Russia, but at least on Steam half of my games are region locked to Russia and its neighboring countries
  2. really? interesting, South Park is one of the most well received Obsidian games.
  3. just bought Tyranny on GOG, since it's only 10$, I've heard mixed things about it, though. some say it's a very good RPG, while others say it's unplayable due to many game breaking bugs. what's the general consensus on these forums?
  4. you could turn the forums themselves into a game. have a game, that plays itself (many websites out there with similar games, where you basically create a character and by doing certain stuff can influence his life but can't directly control him), where each forum member has an avatar. generate adventures for the avatar, and keep a journal on the user's profile page on the forums, where he can read how his character is doing (something similar to sending out vault dwellers in Fallout Shelter). maybe add the ability to give your character new equipment, which can be earned by doing something on the forums (be a member for a number of years, have a certain amount of likes etc.). add achievements to the forum, which are earned by the character reaching certain milestones (complete a number of objectives without dying, reach a certain level etc.). achievements will reward the user with new userpic borders, unique badges or something. maybe even add the ability to pit one user's avatar against another
  5. yeah, these cuts from E3 are cringe worthy and amusing at the same time. just when I though a company couldn't embarass itself more I see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2v0LHI1O0g
  6. still playing TESO from time to time, and this game can be very pretty at times, but I think I mentioned that before this last one is from the best mission I've completed yet. really fun for some reason, even though mechanically it was the same as other missions before it: kill a bunch of groups of enemies, press a few in-game triggers, fight a boss - but this one stuck with me. I hope there are more of these in the game (I not nearly done with the content still, and I've hit max level a couple of weeks ago)
  7. since we don't have a dedicated E3 thread, I'll just put this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFv8wwDrUa8 very interesting concept and setting
  8. I don't think DCS has anything in common with Ace Combat. The F/A-18C will probably be modeled as realistically as the A-10C is, which means you'll have to read the manual to even take off and land successfully
  9. I'd be more interested in a new Trespasser game
  10. by the looks of it it will be exactly like Wildlands. not a bad thing, necessarily, since Wildlands itself plays a lot like the first Far Cry
  11. I think you guys need a new thread. just sayin'
  12. the thing is, I like replicas more than I like 'homages'
  13. doesn't sound like it did in the 80s, though. the arrangement is modern, which makes it sound 'fake' pretty much like in that Turbo Kid movie
  14. anyway, been playing a lot of TES Online lately, and overall I like it quite a bit. some of the environments look amazing the writing is bad, in general. story-related quests are nothing to write home about, but sometimes you can find gems here and there.
  15. DOS is one of those game that I know I should play through at least once but every time I try I have to force myself to play it for more than 10 minutes. it's so bad in almost every aspect, that getting to the good stuff (engaging tactical combat) seems impossible
  16. I've always been bad with traps... should've told you before you recruited me!
  17. as far as combat goes, OWL (Original Waste Land) had terrible controls, I agree. as far as exploration, I don't have any other games from that time to compare it to. I only played Scorched Earth and Street Rod
  18. so, it turns out George Ziets is lead designer on WL3, so that gives me some hope it will turn out better than WL2 (which, as far as I'm concerned, is worse than the original game)
  19. oooh, I'm in this as well, exciting! :D just in case, I prefer to use assault rifles exclusively, and am more of a close quarters guy rather than shooting from long distances. judging by the screenies the game takes place in claustrophobic spaces, which suits me just fine
  20. Elder Scrolls Online is free to play for the next 6 days. figured I'd try it. turns out it requires 70+ GB of disk space, I don't even have a partition big enough to download and install it
  21. Hey, look, it's Agiel! and what else would he be doing but admiring a gunship
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