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  1. RS2: Vietnam - grab that if you're into tactical PvP shooters, it's pretty good
  2. oh, so I can use USB sticks with the PS4, neat. didn't occur to me to Google it edit: result
  3. how do you get screenshots made on the PS4 to one's PC? edit: herre's how
  4. I used his mods the last time I tried to replay NV, love their quality
  5. I played Shadow Tactics, and while it was enjoyable for a few hours, it got boring eventually, and some of the game's mechanics really rubbed me the wrong way. but it's a well-made Desperados clone (not nearly as good as Commandos, though)
  6. jeebuz I can't believe Elder Scrolls Online is still available... OK, I can actually recommend a game on that Steam list - Morphblade, it's a neat little game by Tom Francis (it's a remake, sort of, of an older game), the guy that made Gunpoint and that new game about robbing space ships (the title escapes me atm). you need it in your library!
  7. ditto. backlog is friggin' huge, still have games from 2014 that I haven't played
  8. it also looks like the video is running at 10 FPS at certain points
  9. Mankind Divided required 74 GB! nah, some other time
  10. if you enjoyed Oblivion you'll probably like TESO. the thing about it is, unless you completely bork up your character, all content, save for missions specifically designed for groups, can be soloed. and the world is huge, I've hit the level cap months ago, and I've only seen 30% of the map. there's so much content, I'd need years to experience all of it. and that's without DLCs
  11. isn't DOA a fighting game? hmmm... I mean, even Mortal Kombat had spin-offs, but nothing of this, ahem, caliber
  12. AFAIK the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite is already free. it's the whole game that's still pay-to-play
  13. never in a million years would I have thought that a list of free licensed games would be a CHORE to go through because of its size...
  14. I'll chip in setting drug lab techs on the right path: and not only them
  15. Borderlands: the Pre-sequel is one of my favorite shooters of all time. it's just brilliant and has one of the best "secret" boss fights in the history of FPSs
  16. the spiritual successor to the original Ghost Recon is slowly taking shape. when the AI is a bit more sophisticated, it could actually be fun to play in coop. for now, I'm just doing killhouse runs to get the hang of the controls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra8p-b6ux_w
  17. I'm playing on Windows. were you asking about my PC specs, though? I have an i5-3570K, with a GeForce 680. You advance time by fast travelling, so you can just make a few hops from camp to camp to get the sun down.
  18. still playing Wildlands on a regular basis, I'm nowhere near done with the story (about half way through), because I just like driving or flying around the map clearing out enemy bases and checkpoints. this actually may be the game that portrays, what being CIA's Ground Branch operative is like, most accurately. I find myself leading local guerrillas into battle and relying on them more than on my own team mates (the latter being almost completely useless anyway) almost on every objective. first I soften the enemy up with a mortar barrage, then I send in a small squad of guerrillas to create a diversion on one flank, and finally conduct a full-on assault from the opposite direction with two other squads. works great every time. but enough talk, here are some pics. this was an interesting moment. I had to tail a vehicle without attracting any attention, and it just happened to merge with a cartel convoy delivering drugs somewhere (the vehicle in question is between the truck and the trailing Humvee in the pic). usually I destroy these convoys, but this time I had to restrain myself to not fail the mission, so we drove in a column for a couple of miles, until the target separated from the convoy. I believe this is what they call "emergent gameplay" also, had to kidnap someone's girlfriend three girls, one gun. I swear I was gentle,
  19. depends on how you chose to play it, I guess. when playing Shogun or Medieval I would always find myself skipping combat in favor of doing more stuff on the map screen, finding diplomatic solutions and moving my armies around.
  20. yeah, same, I've become disenchanted with RTS games. they're mostly about resource management and tactics rather than strategy (with notable exceptions, like the Total War game). and if I wanted tactics I'd play a team-based shooter or a TB game.
  21. I may have Russian prices in my GOG store, if they do have regional pricing, I am not in Russia, but at least on Steam half of my games are region locked to Russia and its neighboring countries
  22. really? interesting, South Park is one of the most well received Obsidian games.
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