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  1. I beat Arcanum and I don't remember anything about that game except for racist NPCs in the first area
  2. my faves have always been Valkyrie Profile, FF VI, FF XII and FF Tactics. but Chrono Trigger is probably the easier one to get into (and it's also very good, as is Suikoden 2). I wouldn't touch Legend of Dragoon and Xenogears though (that's just personal preference).
  3. I wonder if that's a sign of the next Splinter Cell game being open world using this game engine
  4. I am a software engineer, but fresh out of college, so less than a year of working experience, hence the low salary. in general, people with experience in my field get about 800-1500 USD per month, and it's practically impossible to get a job where they'd pay more, regardless of how good you were. the highest I've heard was 3000/month in one of the biggest companies. funny thing is, I have a few friends from college working in Germany, their starting salary is 3350 Euro, or something. so a junior employee there gets more than the cream of the crop here. a one-bedroom apartment is about 200 USD/month here
  5. I guess one of the devs really hated that third LB album
  6. "no alarms"... I guess, stealth mechanics have really changed over the years
  7. TR games must be selling really good if they're already on the third one, wow
  8. same. they have a great combat system, I really enjoyed playing their free multiplayer spin-off game, but the main game didn't work for me at all. boring and uninspiring. the art style is awesome though, I keep hoping they do a bigger game with all of BS's enjoyable parts.
  9. Pyre was on sale on Steam a while ago, I'd have recommended it then. Gremlins Inc. on Steam is only 4.99 USD, if you like board games definitely give it a try.
  10. I didn't intend to hijack this thread, so I'll stop discussing CDPR and GoG with this post. I won't answer any more questions here to keep us from derailing the thread any more
  11. everything? well, aside from trying to "preserve" games by making tons of money, of course. as if that scene wasn't already doing great on its own.
  12. good deal! let me get my card... oh, 50 USD... I understand that Obsidian needs to pay salaries and stuff, but that's 1/8th of my month's worth of work, can't justify spending that much on a game that's why I'd rather trade for it EDIT: for reference, it's 22 USD on GOG for me, because for some bizarre reason they use Russian prices in this part of the world, which is a significant difference. that much I don't mind paying, but I won't out of principle
  13. I dislike CD Project RED and want them to go out of business, so naturally supporting them with my dollars would be, ahem, kind of awkward.
  14. so, I'm looking at the pre-order page for Deadfire on GoG, but before I buy it I wanted to ask: is there anyone here with an extra copy (from Kickstarter or something) who'd be willing to trade for it? I'd rather deal with you guys than give money to GoG, tbh
  15. yeah, I guess I have to. I was just wondering if that's how Humble Monthly works: on a certain day they charge your card, and if there's no money on it, your chances of getting that month's games are gone?
  16. can someone explain how Humble Monthly works? I got an email telling me about the games in the February bundle. got me excited because I wanted to play Owlboy, Snake Pass and Tacoma. I go to the website and the games aren't there. turns out my card got declined, so now I'm trying to pay for the bundle with another card, and I can't find how to do it. can I not have them anymore? what's the point of sending the email then
  17. at this point I've stopped playing games. there's just too many of them, I can't bear the thought of learning how to play some new game. I guess I'm just getting old and cranky, but the only gaming I ever do is The Division and Heroes of the Storm a couple of times a week. that's all I have the strength for. I guess, it's similar for most people here
  18. yep, it's Horizon: Zero Dawn, and it's pretty good. it's like a Shadow of Mordor/Witcher 3 hybrid, that plays better than any of those two. and it has John Gonzales of Fallout: New Vegas fame as its narrative designer, so for an obsidianite like myself it's bonus points and it's just gorgeous
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