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  1. Disco Elysium is a weird little game, that's for sure, but it has heart
  2. I thought it was really bad. writing is absolutely terrible. the few starting quests are really badly designed, which doesn't show the game in a good light. managed to get 5 hours in before calling it quits. honestly, I'd rather replay Fallout 1 and 2 instead.
  3. this is why I uninstalled Underrail after the first area. damn, getting old sucks
  4. I'm more interested in Ghost of Tsushima on PC
  5. damn, guys. I knew the game wasn't all that good when compared to BG2, but reading this thread is outright depressing
  6. oh, the running around is definitely inspired by Borderlands, all those barrels carefully placed near enemy spawns etc. but Borderlands was never a good shooter either maybe I'm too picky I dunno, but OW could've been so much more
  7. actually managed to nab The Outer Worlds on a sale, played it for a bit (got the character to level 27, game doesn't seem to be anywhere near the end though, so it's pretty big in terms of content, which is not a good thing, more on that below) and I have conflicting feelings about it. now, I'd never even discuss it with people, but since this is the Obsidian Forum I am curious if anyone else here feels the same way I do about OW. on the one hand it's pretty impressive visually. graphics are nice, animations are nice when they don't bug out, voice acting is pretty good as far as my tastes are concerned. shooting mechanics are meh, but that's because of how confused the game is about its combat mechanics (with all the damage types and enemy types it's very hard to keep track of what damages what), but that brings me to my first big gripe with the game: it should never have been a first-person shooter. when the game was announced I immediately thought to myself, "ah, Obsidz are making a spiritual successor to New Vegas with a KOTOR twist to it, nice!" -- I couldn't have been further from the truth. in all fairness, if OW was anything like NV I would've loved it. unfortunately it isn't. my guess is the general concept was closer to "Dishonored with a bit of Bioshock", and I'm going off on a tangent here, but neither games were particularly good to begin with, but at least they weren't too repetitive (at least they didn't feel repetitive to me, but I dropped them after about 5 hours with each, since they're terrible shooters as well). New Vegas worked because it was an open world game (which meant approaching any area from any side you wanted), and with a proper build you could make your character pretty powerful early on, which removed all the tedium from going around and clearing the wasteland. in OW you go around wasting hours upon hours killing randomly placed enemies that have a million HP each, I actually had to buy ammo after a few encounters in a particularly nasty area because I was spending around 200 rounds for my primary weapon each encounter there. and the only time you actually get a rest from all that mindless combat is when you're moving around a quest area. in fact, more than once I caught myself thinking, "is this what Fallout 2 would've played like if it was a first-person shooter?" -- and some episodes in OW really made me feel like I was playing a Fallout 2 remake. the game world is built in a very similar way, with quest hubs, empty spaces between them where you sometimes get random encounters etc. anyway, to make this long story short: this game should either have been an adventure game with minimal combat and hence -- with less filler areas to have to traverse; or it should've been a full-blown shooter without all the weird role-playing elements that make combat such a chore, relying instead on the player's skill and approach to winning each firefight. in the end it's neither tactical nor skill-based, which begs the question of why OT even has combat. my biggest issue is having to visit the same locations multiple times -- it's amazing that in the year of our Lord 2021 we still can't figure out a way to complete quests without walking up to the quest giver (and that's in a game about the Space Age!). I honestly expected an OG Star Trek-inspired adventure, where your time would be split evenly between visiting weird planets and having weird scenarios aboard your ship. instead I got another KOTOR, which already felt outdated when it first came out.
  8. read a review today which completely destroyed the game, very badly executed Assassin's Creed clone with cute animals. I wasn't interested in the game to begin with, but the studio that made it used to make decent games, so I'm a bit surprised they actually released it in its current state.
  9. tried buying The Outer Worlds on the EGS mega sale, but the store kept charging 0 USD for it and immediately rejecting the transaction... guess it's not meant to be, so I just bought Pathless. and boy do I like its visuals you can even pet the eagle!
  10. saw the 50% discount, still too much to pay for a game I won't play for another year maybe next Easter I'll post my character in the newest iteration of this thread too
  11. finally got to playing Nier:Automata, and while I know a lot of people love that game, I just don't see why. maybe it's because I'm playing on PC with M+KB, but combat feels unfair most of the time. encounters are very poorly designed, and because the controls are so bad on PC by default, I keep dying so often it really feels like an exercise in frustration. I finally dropped the game after a boss fight where I had to play a bullet-hell portion, and the game switched controls as part of the "challenge", that was the last straw since you can't do diagonal movement on KB... I'm sure there's a good game under it all, I just don't have it in me to sift through all the crap to get to it. I have to say, visually it's really appealing, combat itself feels nice when it actually works, and some of the locations are very well designed (love the factory area). I've heard there are mods that fix controls on PC, maybe I'll try those out before giving up completely, but there's no way I'm ever playing Nier:Replicant, where all of these problems are magnified.
  12. holy hell, this thread is still going! hats off to Shady and the rest of you, good obsidianites, for keeping it alive
  13. game engines don't make games. rather, the engine you choose will determine what you can't do. everything else is more or less the same across engines. the bulk of the work is building a game on top of the tech. and I think NWN 2 used the same tech as NWN (and it was also used for both KOTORs).
  14. another day in the West, among lowlifes and degenerates but every now and then you just have to take a break from the wild life of an outlaw man, this game can be breathtaking
  15. well, that's the question: which one of the two you'd hate losing access to more?
  16. actually, I still see articles about KOTOR II pop up every now and then, 15+ years after the game's initial release. and yeah, you're probably right about HK and Kreia being the characters that are quoted the most. I say it's historically significant mainly thanks to its IP. nobody outside the small circle of Infinity Engine RTWP fans knows about PoE, and I'd argue even the extremely well made and critically acclaimed New Vegas is nowhere near as well known as KOTOR II. it's culturally significant precisely because it deconstructs the SW mythos in a believable way, and at the same time it expands and enriches the SW universe. MotB tried to do something similar, but its scope was too limiting, its characters - too forgettable (IMO), and it was weighted down by its mechanics. Alpha Protocol was another great concept wrapped inside a mediocre shooter, unfortunately, even though I do love its reactivity. I also don't see any particular value in Obsidian "having control over their own IP" as a gamer. I couldn't care less what world the game takes place in. I also think Obsidian was at its best when making sequels to other companies' games, because their sequels would be better than the originals. every time Obsidian released a game I'd closely watch their announcements because it was exciting for me to think what other worlds they could put their spin on. in short, games like KOTOR II come around once in a blue moon: it's a great idea built around an already good game, only flaw being its unfinished state. and the fact that KOTOR II, Alpha Protocol and MotB are brought up the most in a lot of discussions about Obsidian to me is a testament to these games' significance, with KOTOR II obviously being the most important because it paved the way for the rest of them (both in materialistic and idealistic sense).
  17. yup, I see it the same way, that's why I chose it over Fallout New Vegas (close second) and Alpha Protocol (flawed gem, but unfortunately nowhere near as important historically)
  18. OK, something I'm curious about: if all Obsidian games were to vanish -- and you could pick one that would be saved -- which one would you pick? This poll isn't about your favorite Obsidz game, it's about the game that you think should be forever remembered and replayed, their most impactful game etc. I tried searching for a similar topic but couldn't find it (except for a "Best Obsidian game so far" poll -- which isn't exactly what I'm interested in knowing -- on a forum that shall not be named). I saw a Twitter post about this, and the result there surprised me; my own response to this question also surprised me, which is why I'm making this poll. I want to see if my predictions will be correct. I'd love for this thing to get at least a 1000 votes or close to it. and I'd love to hear the reasoning behind your choice. and just to reiterate: this isn't about your favorite game, but about what game in your opinion is the most important/objectively best/culturally significant of the bunch.
  19. Original Sin 2 has a good story? are you on crack? that's one of the blandest games ever story wise... I guess now I know why Larian's games are so popular. people can't tell a good story from a bad one, too many games, too much time spent playing mediocre crap, harder and harder to separate the good from the bad, I guess, in this sea of mediocrity.
  20. these two things don't necessarily have direct causality. of course, we can't know for sure whether or not the name "Fallout" was the main reason behind its success, but I am of the opinion that ultimately it was the game itself and not the brand. I'm certain it would've done equally as well if it had been called RAGE back then and was set in RAGE's universe. Fallout 3 is not a Fallout game, it's a post-apocalyptic game that takes a few of the cosmetic elements from the previous Fallout games. which is exactly what's happening now with BG3.
  21. guys, this isn't the thread for "TB vs RTWP" posts. both are flawed and should never be used for anything other than nostalgia-driven projects. but the real issue is, BG was RTWP no matter how you spin it. this new game has no business being titled "Baldur's Gate" if it's not RTWP. secondly, the Bhaal spawn saga is over, this game shouldn't have a "3" in its title. shoulda called it "Pool of Radiance" and be done with it.
  22. oh hey, is it time to post RDO pics again? that I am, because I've been making new friends
  23. my unpopular opinion is, DayZ is the most important game of the decade and I agree with about 60% of what's been said in this thread
  24. oh hey, a RDR2-off! I'm mostly making new friends online though I've sure come a long way since my daring escape but I do stop to admire the scenery every chance I get oh, in case anyone was curious, this is the inspiration for my character
  25. oh Sadie, you always know what to say
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