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  1. tried the same thing with 5 ciphers, didn't go well
  2. I imagined something totally different to a simple asset flip
  3. welp, I don't think raw gameplay and reviews can be compared in this context, so let's just put a lid on it.
  4. I don't think we're on the same page. I don't consider reviews "content". user reviews are completely useless, because those users have no rapport with me. "professional" reviews are various degrees of terrible terrible, because gaming journalism is still in its infancy compared to, for example, film criticism (was there ever an English-speaking writer of Ebert's caliber among game journos?).
  5. no, I watch youtube videos of people playing the game without commentary
  6. I don't read reviews. Game journalism died in 2002 as far as I'm concerned. If you mean user reviews, then I don't even consider those worth existing.
  7. not to say that RPG Maker is bad, of course. but it's pretty limited, at least used to be
  8. wasn't Fallout 4 released before Fortnite? I was always under the impression they took their cue from games like Rust and The Forest (which aped Origins and Epoch, which aped Minecraft), as did Epic with Fortnite
  9. while I didn't like TW3 and forced myself to finish it just to see Ciri's ending, her chapters were easily my favorite parts of the game, and she's definitely the best character this crappy series has to offer IMO
  10. HBS is hare-brained schemes (Shadowrun/Battletech devs)
  11. Bethesda isn't actually making those good games, but it does make ES and FO games, which get worse and worse with each numbered release
  12. voice acting and writing are atrocious in these
  13. I don't know if destroying livelihoods can be considered a sound business strategy, even though it brings in money for the shareholders
  14. wait, PoE had 6 characters in the party?! I completely forgot. man, do I hate that PoE 2 only has 5
  15. oh, would've never occurred to me to look under PoE, not PoE 2. then go to "MORE" to find serial keys there
  16. not only is there no Library on GOG (there are only several tabs separated by type of product), there isn't any Serial Keys in the non-existent Library correction, there's a small hyperlink WAY down at the bottom of the page, called My library, which leads nowhere useful.
  17. looks very similar in art style to that Mad Max-inspired turn-based game, the title of which escapes me ATM. that game was a pure roguelike almost (very random and very hard), so I expect this one to be more of the same
  18. let's not argue over stylistic differences, I consider "google" to be 1, because the "e" is silent
  19. What's a haiku now? Shady... This Spring, can Google help? Sands of time will tell.
  20. memory leaks are a huge deal, so I'm sure they're already working on a solution. as for loading times, at least one post I saw mentioned that the game would freeze up on each loading screen, which would take up to 15 minutes to get from splash screen into a mission. I guess it's something to do with how Unity accesses data on disk, with a slower HDD I guess I could see disk I/O take up a lot of time. that's not going to be changed with patches, though, I reckon - too fundamental of a change. guess I'll hold off on buying BT until I they fix the memory leak at least (I don't have free space on my SSD anyway)
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