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  1. Empire TW is quite fun, but you should possibly look at Napoleon instead. Some people swear it's more refined.
  2. Oh, boy did the GM take advantage of us, my poo-hole would'nt close up for days. My best memory was when he set an Arbitrator on my Noble Guardsman (Pre-Inquisitors handbook though) ass. "I'll have you know that my family are the leaders of the Castelle Alliance! Cease and desist!"... I lost my characters arm. ;_; Since the GM is really strict on income and whatnot he really encourages us to find our own ways of making money. Guardsman. With access to the Armory. Hilarity ensued 3 meetings later when we were investigating an cultist uprising in the sector that apparently got ahold of some serious firepower. *Coughs* I swear I'm innocent. >_>
  3. That sounds somewhat eerily familiar. >_>' Last time I GM'd was nearly 10 years ago, and all the other players had their most seasoned characters - and I wanted to give them some decent opposition - and managed to kill of 4 out of 5 players. :D They did like the premise of the adventure though, just not... the combat parts. I knew next to nothing about Warhammer when we started playing either. I read through a copy of the Imperial Infantrymans Uplifting Primer (Yes, my friends bought one. ) as prep for my Guardsman, and listened to some brief explanations about the world before we set off. Out of 6 players, only 2(3, one none regular) had any real knowledge/insight into the world of WH:40K before playing, we learned as we played through the game. I do understand your GM not wanting to lead a game that the players know more about than him, but I will say that I'm sorry for you.
  4. Well, my googleskillz are lacking, but the main jist of it was along the lines of; Wich means that Valve/Steam are allowed to use your "game selections" to tailor their marketing towards you. I'm not as eloquent or as educated as the person that analyzed this before me though. Edit; GAaaaaah, I hate those postblockingthingies so that I can't quickly edit in a quote the lazy way! I did'nt say it was anything newsworthy, I pointed out that it is food for thought and that I don't like it and think it's an violation on my privacy. I don't use creditcards myself, I - guess what? :D - prefer handling cash!
  5. Computer hardware survey, yes I know that - but they track your purchases aswell. My link to that report is dead I'm afraid, going to have to go google it if you want it. I suppose it's to much to ask you to believe me on that part?
  6. No group or timeconstraints? Or ogryns. Some of my favourite quotes are ogryn based. "Blessed is the mind too small for doubt." And "Let's see how these degenerate sophisticates handle a dose of pure unreasoning violence." Bah, the english language sounds so damn much cooler, and quoteworthy than anything in Swedish.
  7. Not much, considering that Steam tracks your activities and purchases to better market products towards you - I'd say that a footnote/comment about global surveillance is'nt that much OT.
  8. Indeed, and I don't have a hard time believing that that is the case - electronic surveillance is'nt as time consuming or difficult as the more oldschool methods of tracking someone. The new legislations that are going through are starting to scare the living daylights out of me to be honest.
  9. I've played quite a few different RPG's to this day, and most of them I've liked, but Dark Heresy is so far my all-time favourite, the only thing that bugged me was the fact that I played as a guardsman, and the rest of the group played high payed careers, wich became annoying in the long run since by the time I got an armorupgrade from my standard issue flak armor the rest of the group had moved on to power armor. Great game though, and the world is highly intoxicating - I can't help but love it. Recently finished the Harlock trilogy, and while it was good generally speaking, the end-part of it was a bit of a... okay, a big letdown in my eyes. Did anyone else here play it through?
  10. Is it tied in at all with the main story?
  11. Yet ignoring new computerlaws allowing the government to basically read through your email and whatnot. (Atleast viable as an arguement in Sweden plus the new EU Swift agreements). It's not that expensive to get a quite decent rig nowadays, if you just start out with a decent motherboard you can later on upgrade it even more cheaply and reusing some of the old parts (Case, HDD and fans for instance.) I could never with good conscience buy a consolegame for 60-70€, feels like such a ripoff to me. :/
  12. Did'nt really do anything for me either, but then again - none of the names mentioned means anything to me. That said there are alot of details, like the heart on the belly of the girl right next to the middle lamppost. Thanks Generally speaking I'm more fond of quality well formulated verbal assaults, caricatures are too simplistic.
  13. Well, when people feel cheated they do react in intresting manners. :D Just curious, how long did it take? 15 minutes?
  14. Just read through this, basically a summary of Bobby Koticks statements and changes through Blizzivison. It's old stuff, basically, and I've heard all that **** before - but reading it as a summary my eyeballs damn near popped out of my sockets. What a rotten bastard.
  15. While I agree that the analogy is flawed, I don't agree with the reason. Ease of copy would have it's effect on pricing, not second hand sales. It's flawed because the car industry already has a functional alternate revenue stream that doesn't care if a car is sold or resold - spare parts. From what I understand, their profit margin there is significantly higher than on a new car. I suppose this is what DLC is trying to mimic, but as it's still in it's infancy, it's nowhere there yet. The car analogy with spareparts does'nt work in comparison to DLC's, since spare parts more equals patches. DLC's are more like optional extras; Carbon ceramic breaks and doubleclutch gearboxes. Or atleast they should very much be optional extras. Yes, it is, atleast secondhand copies are'nt pirated copies of games. On the whole I agree with your arguements, many stores would go down if it was'nt for second hand sales.
  16. Well, complaints do tell developers that someone thinks something is wrong though, I'm not particularly a fan of the Ion Cannon - but the Wiggy Supermutant was explained more in detail later, wich mostly made people settle down a bit - though much of that reaction is due to people not having much faith in Bethesda/Obsidian not making the game over the top silly. I think that was alot of frustration from many members that found something easy to pick apart, and also something that detracted somewhat from tactical gameplay and over-simplifying the gameplay mechanics in VATS - that was said to allow oldschool players to play F3 as the predecessors. But groin shots would'nt have been anywhere near as much fun without the textbox. Well, to be fair - or atleast as it's been told to me - most of the rage over F:POS was due to the fact that Interplay promised a new Fallout-style game if people bought Fallout Tactics, and instead people got a Dark Alliance clone. Could be having my timeline fubar'd though.
  17. I don't think so, NMA might be hardcore fallout fans, but they're generally not silly - except when they are doing it intentionally.
  18. During the time I spent with him they refused, even though we could show them video evidence and paper evidence he was nowhere near a computer (Besides the ECU of the car, and the laptop programming it). This was only a few days though, don't know what happened later since I have'nt discussed matters of computergames with him afterwards. I can't generally comment on Sweden, and most of my friends are members/voters of/for Pirate Party so their opinions are'nt exactly mainstream. Though the Swedish PC Gamer forums seems to have quite a few Steam users, I don't know if they really like it or just use it because it's comfortable.
  19. In his defence, he did say; @Thorton_AP; Depends on how cynical you are, as far as I read it he did'nt make a sound resembling "pricing" anywhere.
  20. He's saying that, I don't have his account details and I have'nt spoken with him in a while, don't know if it was temporary or not - only coherent information I could get from him at that time was "The #
  21. Yep, and the whole concept also reeks as a PR scheme to get away with paying for Demo's. "Lulz", I'm losing more and more faith in humanity with each passing day. And I'm 25 years old...
  22. *Looks around the room, coughs* Right, whatever you say. *Grin* I'm not saying Steam does'nt have something for anyone, but I just don't happen to need any of it. My mate got his Steam account shut down for cheating, though knowing that he's never cheated at anything during the 15 years I've known him, and the time he was supposed to be playing he was doing something completely different - we both suspected he'd had his password stolen/hacked. He still lost his entire game library due to that. @Purkake; I live across the Baltic Sea from you, so sez the location indicated in my profile.
  23. Oh, gee thanks for that slap in the face. It's got **** all to do with change, I would've disliked it even if it was an 20 year old idea. Would'nt mind a poll though, sounds fun.
  24. Don't rightly know, I'm not an economist - but I don't like to gamble either. And I've yet to loose track of a game I've lended to someone, or misplaced/broken any CD's. It's not that bad, I've gotten most of my old DOS games working, although I have'nt tried it on this specific computer yet. The Steam library might do it automatically, but there are strings attached. For instance; I've lost track of the number of games I've bought and sold second hand. If I buy a Steam game and I am displeased with it, I'd have to sell my account with the game aswell (Wich the TOS does'nt allow. Pricks.) or just plain keep it.
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