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  1. I completely agree with you. Even though I still don't understand everything(and I somehow don't even care that much) I thought it was great.
  2. I just got it on Blu-Ray. It looks fantastic, easily the best Blu-Ray showcase movie out there. I agree! I also bought it on Blu-Ray and it looks beautiful! You can admire the animation much more.
  3. I still need to pre-order myself. When I do, I also have to pre-order Red Dead Redemption. I can't wait for both of them!
  4. So the new release date is May 28th instead of June? Or is that old news?
  5. Haha, you guys are hilarious.
  6. As long as it doesn't pop up in the middle of the screen. If it's faded at the bottom corner or something, I won't mind much.
  7. I agree! Great little gore moment.
  8. Sorry, I didn't mean to get you upset or anything. I just meant if you're having some withdrawels because you're not drinking as much, maybe some wine would help.
  9. You guys can still be friends. I guess he's not interested in anything more.
  10. Maybe you should just drink a few glasses of whine...
  11. Why don't people like Pixie? He seems nice....
  12. Are you talking to her over the phone? That's no way to have a meaningful conversation with somebody. Good luck, though!
  13. Has anyone here seen Alice in Wonderland? The critics think it's "meh" and people I know LOVED it. I haven't seen it yet, partly because I'm no fan of Tim Burton and I find it very annoying that he once again has Johnny Depp with a face painted pale white.
  14. You look a little more like you're gonna throw up! *hands bucket*
  15. Haha, that's hilarious. Have fun seeing the game, dude!
  16. Maybe if you got rid of the clown outfit.....
  17. What the heck is going on around here? I must've missed some good drama!
  18. I wouldn't consider the guy a terrorist. Just a disturbed man.
  19. With the costs involved with making movies, I have a hard time blaming the producers for finding ways to offset the costs. I understand if it is done badly, but he had a beat up early generation iPod that looked the part. I found it easy to believe. Would you rather he sport a Walkman? I agree.
  20. Ahh crap. I wasn't able to watch Lost yesterday so I expected to watch it today On Demand like usual but the new episode wasn't there!
  21. South African Rugby................is better?
  22. How about you don't post in a forum about a game you're not interested in..... How about YOU being BANNED. FOR LIFE. How about you don't bring up 4-day-old posts.
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