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  1. They're overdoing it here, especially with The Witcher 2 out at the moment. Dungeon Siege? Dark? Allow me a 'R00fles!'. Demon Soul and Dark Soul laughs at Witcher 2
  2. Nathaniel it will be cool if you would post some sound clip of the music for DSIII
  3. Hey Dave, are there any plans for DLC for DSIII ?
  4. A little worrying that you don't know what MLAA is.. It's supposed to be a powerful SPU based anti-aliasing technique, distributed through Sony's EDGE development tools. It was developed by Sony's Santa Monica studios. I didn't google that so I hope my memory hasn't failed me. I don't really know that it should be particularly worrying to anyone. I'm the lead designer not the lead engineer on Onyx Hey Nathaniel, is team thinking about DLC or better an expansion pack like awakening (disc base)?
  5. Sorry for the late replay, busy playing fallout vegas=< The engine run so clean and good on the ps3 that it looks like the game using Morphological Anti-Aliasing for ps3 version. I will be getting ps3 version
  6. To the developer, is the ps3 version using mlaa?
  7. That video was a live stream and I don't think they put it online after the stream unfortunately. I found this though. Seems to run pretty smooth, to me, but see and judge for yourself. Thanks bro=> Going to preorder this next month
  8. Thanks for the reply :> Do you have a link to that video ?
  9. Didn't won't to start a new thread, but how good does the Onyx engine run on the ps3 and xbox 360?
  10. So did Obsidian release any ps3 gameplay yet?
  11. They said the code is on my receipt..but how do I enter it? All I see is 4 numbers
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