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  1. Fallout 3 have horrible animations, no one criticize that. Both Fallout 3 and Oblivion are buggy as hell, no one criticize that. Mass Effect 1&2 have ****ty combat and little depth to it, Mass Effect 2 even got its depth striped from it. Both are one of the best game ever made in the pass few years. AP are buggy and have bad graphics, lots of people flamed it. Fallout 3 was great because of its imagination and creating the bad wasteland as a playground. The same goes for Oblivion. Mass Effect was great because of its story telling and dialogs, and rich universe, but fell short at some othe
  2. I disagree. I think that them trying to break into something new and fresh should be encouraged. Even if the first attempt doesn't go over so smoothly. I mean I've come to trust Obsidian and will still play and love this game. But I think if they ironed out the flaws and issues, then the sequel would be astounding.
  3. Haha. So I guess everyone here in the States are too spoiled these days.
  4. Game Trailers video review: 6.4/10 GameSpot video review: 6/10 Just Push Start: 2.5/5 1UP: B+ So 3 out of 4 are pretty negative. This worried me. But in all honesty I think the negative ones were a bit unfair at times. Havn't heard what Game Informer has to say yet. It"ll probably be negative too. But I have little respect for them these days. These being the people who gave Bioshock and God of War 10s. I don't give a damn personally. I'm still going to play this game and pay my 60 bucks for it with a smile on my face. This won't be the first time I loved a game that the
  5. I just hate that Sis isn't one of the gals up for Mike to woo. I mean I think it'd just be bad ass if you could romance EVERY female character in the game who isn't just some random NPC. Like the actual story girls you should be able to swag all of them. *sigh*
  6. Alright. Thanks guys. I was just curious if I could flip flop between characters.
  7. Sorry if this has been addressed already. Will Alpha Protocol have multiple save slots?
  8. Could someone please use some software to get a picture of that? haha
  9. In the Developing Your Skills vid. That SICK knee to the dudes face at the end. Michael Thorton was trained by Tony Jaa. LOL
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