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  1. What, you don't like clowns? Clowns are awesome. But not yours. Yours looks like it crawled out of hell...
  2. Yeah. They take away the body. Every single time I sit down for dinner. So you're into cannibalism?
  3. They protect us from trolls..... And what is up with your creepy avatar pic???
  4. This reminds me! I gotta go Pre-order Alpha Protocol soon!!! It's gonna be the best game EVER!
  5. Why in the world is the AP forum so dead? Where's everyone?
  6. Yes, please stop doing that. The singing wasn't that bad.... could use some lessons though.
  7. Man, I remember when this game was delayed last year and I was pretty mad. But the game can only have gotten better. But now that we know the game will be here in a little while who's getting pumped again? Spies and espionage mixed with RPG will be awesome. I can't wait!!!!!! This forum looks a little dead so I thought people who are still excited can just do a quick post to support the game.
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