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  1. Interesting hypothesis.... But my point is if you're playing rugby, that doesn't mean you're gonna get hurt or injured. You're gonna be sore but there's no garuntee you'll get a broken bone. So why break your own hand if you were probably never gonna get hurt anyway?
  2. What's wrong with not being able to go the day without eating any meat? Meat good for ya!
  3. This isn't the matrix. It does apparently have custom wardrobes. You could do worse than shades and a trench coat. I suppose....
  4. What a bunch of wankers! ................I just had to say it Surely under the circumstances they were not! They broke their fingers so they wouldn't have to play rugby. Sounds like a wank to me
  5. Let me get this straight.. you're saying that because it's a videogame cringeworthy dialogue shold be forgiven? Pretty much.
  6. I saw The Hurt Locker, which was surprisingly not boring. A pretty good movie, I say.
  7. Maybe because it's a video game, not a movie.
  8. What a bunch of wankers! ................I just had to say it
  9. *puts Predators on the list of movies to see*
  10. Makes sense to me. But I bet Kate nearly crapped her pants, haha.
  11. I liked Waterworld. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the world who did I liked Waterworld as well. Kevin Costner himself is an awful actor, but he's done some pretty good movies. Kinda like Brad Pitt. He doesn't always do a good job, but the movies he chooses tend to be pretty good. Except for Benjamin Button. That really is one of the most boring movies I've seen.
  12. No...he's a hockey player there's a difference Yes. Mad people aren't always violent with it. Bloody sportsmen. I knew a feller at my school who kncked a piece off his ****ing spine playing rugby, and despite him having exposed spinal column the very first thing he wanted to do after a year of painful recuperation was play rugby. Mad. That sounds disgustingly painful.
  13. "I'M SORRY ASH. I HAD TO MAKE A CHOICE." Brilliant dialogue. Just pure genius. Moved me to tears. In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. It doesn't change the fact that he had to make a choice! Makes sense to me.
  14. True...true.... But it doesn't hurt to just think up ideas for the fun of it.
  15. The reticule is based off of how much skill you have in the gun. For example, as you level up in pistols your reticule will shrink till you have pretty much pinpoint accuracy. That makes perfect sense! I love this game even more....
  16. How about you don't post in a forum about a game you're not interested in.....
  17. What about a knife?
  18. Eh, it's better than nothing. Sing away, Killian dude!
  19. I wish I could hold and shoot a gun. Especially if it comes to zombies.
  20. He wasn't "dipped" .........he was drowned! Pretty big difference if you ask me. And we don't even know if that was what made him "evil".
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