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  1. Seriously, I can never understand how they can get CAPTURED by some thugs... VCI and G22 should be better than Brayko's lacky in every way. I don't even know what the F was Albatross doing to get captured? When he was my handler, and he shouldn't be anywhere close to the mansion. I feel bad for Mike. Mike infiltrate / assault the mansion, everything is going well. Until those 2 supposedly highly resourceful person got captured... SIE should have been able to take care of herself against those low life, and for god sake she has a Stryker against some gangsters... Albatross shouldn't even be in the operation site when his highly G22 troop taking care of business (not to mention Mike is there). Then they got interrogated, and none of their men went to rescue them. When Mike make it inside the mansion in the beginning, Brayko was already interrogating SIE or Albatross. Honestly this is just pathetic, completely ruin reputation if anyone in the same line of work heard about this incident. This whole getting capture thing seems like a bad writing or bad excuse to make Mike make a choice. I mean, it is so out of character that it is hard to believe it is realistic.
  2. They should be fixing problems B4 adding or tweaking. Fix the gear upgrade menu, fix the clearing house, fix mouse lag, fix chain shot colour and make it possible to fire 1 shot only.
  3. Ya I prefer Scarlet over Mina any day BUT my concern is that I don't get to kill Westridge. Although the cutscene after you kill/spare him is stupid as hell. Leland came out of no where, with blood in his face? He wasn't even there in the first place.
  4. Its not ugly at all. It is however uninspiring and lack of polish makes the graphics so criticized. Also screenshots don't show how bad the animations are.
  5. If I save Mina, and let Scarlet be my handler in endgame, while I have "romantic" moments with all possible female, and I kill leland, who would be on the boat with Mike?
  6. no one ever question how in the world Mike survive the sniper shot and still have time to flirt with Mina? Its like the shot was BBs, and all those blood were ketchup.
  7. Taipei => Moscow => Rome. Here's why. First of all, the reasons for going these 3 places, Taipei issue was the most urgent, an assassination plot. Where else the others are more unclear as to what is going on. In Taipei, you meet 2 important characters that have a big impact in the plot. Scarlet and Albatross. Yes, you will meet Albatross in all 3 hub, but the part where you bug the server was clearing a surprise to you, and it serves a great set up for the secrecy and powerful G22. During the rally, it became clear that things are more than meets the eye. You learn that someone else is pulling strings on both side, and both are set up to screw each other. This is the point where Thorton can confirm Halbech is setting you up on purpose in Saudi, and in Taipei once again. Reinforcing the point that Thorton is indeed meant to be Rogue in the beginning. When in Moscow, you finally get to choose sides for either G22 or VCI. G22's agenda and purpose become clear to you, and you can either ally or against them. This is also where you know Halbech have contacts to sell weapons in a lot of places. Further underlining the fact that they are behind all this. Finally in Rome, you encounter Leland's right hand man, who plot to bomb a museum for chaos. This is where you will fight more directly against Halbech, where in else where, you were just fighting random factions. This is also where you make a big game changing choice, and 1 that possible have the biggest impact. This is also where you will fill with anger and hatred. Which then finally leads to endgame in Graybox. I know the game can be played in different order, but what do you think makes more sense?
  8. If the AI just stand there not doing anything some of the time, thats a bug. If they just stand there EVERY time, thats just the AI being made stupid. In this case, its bug. As for the see through wall and solid objects, well that's just an AI made lazily without much effort into it.
  9. Please don't blame professional critics. Ultimately, reviews are just personal opinion about the game. You can say they are corrupted and not giving the game enough credits for whatever reason you think is good, it might just be your opinion that it is good. AP got a 60%ish score on average, and this is a score I would have given the game as well. I do enjoy the game a lot, and I've just finish my fourth playthrough today. Roleplaying different kind of Thorton was fun, trying different choices was very interesting and impressive. Yet I will still give it a 5/10. This game is incomplete, in fact I think this game is only 70% done. The 30% is polish and game testing. And just because of the lack of that 30%, it deserves a 5/10. AP might have the great ideas, and other nice stuff, it lacks the package, the professional feel to it. When I saw the screenshots, I already said they need to do something about the graphics and artt. When IGN made a preview and praising the game what its good, they say the bugs will be dragging this game down to hell, it did. Obsidian and Sega knew this is going to happen, but they don't care. The shareholders definitely don't care (which is stupid to say the least). I am pretty damn sure they made a profit with AP, and they are satisfied. From what AP became, I knew they didn't put a lot of money into this and it is already a profit to them. What developers and publishers need to know (they probably do, just have their own reason not to do it), is to make a solid game. Thats it, no need for crazy ideas, or crazy new innovations, or high budget voice acting or the best engine or anything. Of course don't just copy and paste a game, but a SOLID game should come first b4 anything innovative. Because before you manage to make a game creative, you need at least be able to play it well. A well polish game beats a great innovative game any time. This however, only apply to Obsidian. From all their products, it is clear they are not good at making solid games, but are decent in innovation stuff. That is why they need to make a solid game instead. Call it practice or trial and error, you need to have a good foundations for anything, especially games. Trust me, a solid makes more money and more welcome than a broken game with potential. Because that potential is lost anyways.
  10. You can up rep with Leland, but I never what was the purpose of it. But yeah, if there are any DLC, expansions in the future, I hope they fill the holes on the sub plots and stuff.
  11. After 3 playthrus, I have yet been able to put a cap in his bottom. I did things different;y each playthru, but no matter what I chose, he always escape when in rome. He is also missing after I was captured and sent to be killed in Graybox. How to trigger him not to escape? Or at least have a chance to kill him after?
  12. Sis don't need to talk and she is already cool enough to be a much likeable character. Honestly you don't see a lot of goth girls in video games, we need more.
  13. Duel Revolver is my kind of Bond/Thorton girl. Also it would be good to have a "Bond Girl" who can take care of herself, so we dont have to make those mina, madison choices, and end up losing something almost as important.
  14. If G22 is involve with that mission, Sis will be there. But then again, there isn't a lot of missions with G22. I want more Sis too!
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